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  1. it's pretty lame when you can't win rogue v rogue because the other rogue has guaranteed opener cuz bluewall. imo permaflag everywhere except under level 10 in friendly territory. hell even perma flag level 1s. but if they did that people would certainly qq too hard
  2. Funny satire is funny, and a little creepy. http://www.genpets.com/index.php
  3. Blathien


    A friend of mine has finally convinced me to pick up WoW. I wanted to try out roleplaying here so I made a little trial character on your server. A kind soul directed me to this site. I'm planning on rolling Alliance, but I need some advice! Human or dwarf paladin? Can't decide x.x The same kind soul said there was an alliance division of the forums here, so if an admin or moderator could direct me there, I'd really appreciate it! Looking forward to playing with you all.