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  1. Vuudu


    I met Lupa when I first joined Citadel. Lupa was on her way out as the guild "ambassador", and Torg asked Vuudu to take over. I only got to know Rick and his characters in passing, but I was amazed at what a wonderful guy he seemed to be. I found out about Rick's illness and death today, when I visited the Avalon forums on Scarlet Crusade. Even though I am far gone from Twisting Nether these days, hearing about his death brought me to tears. Rick made that much of an impression on me. God bless his family, and all of us who grieve his passing. Dave (Vuudu)
  2. <p>* Misses de Vuudu *</p>

  3. <p>AH GAHD!</p>

  4. ((Any updates? I just got back from being out of town for a few days (as I told Cristok ahead of time). Is the game still on?))
  5. <p>*gnaws*</p>

  6. *Vuudu steps up to the stage* I am the Vuudu. I shoot creatures with arrows. Then Humar eats face. *she bows and steps down, making way for the next contestant* ((Can you write a Haiku about your character? Remember the syllables have to go 5-7-5. Step up on stage and show off!))
  7. <p>zomg Vuudu!</p>

  8. <p>Hello! You friended da Vuudu! Dis is good ... most people stay away from da Vuudu. Dat makes me sad.</p>

  9. Vuudu

    TNG1 or TNG2?

    For some odd reason, TNG and TNG2 doesnt change anything on my screen. EDIT: Never mind, fixed it. Cartoony FTW!
  10. ((I'd love to get involved in some good RP and intrigue again! Not sure how Vuudu can fit in as a troll, but if I can figure it out, please count me in. Or if you need a female troll for some part of your story, please let me know!))
  11. If all goes well ... Vuudu may be there! But ... do I really want to dress as my character? Hmm ...
  12. More to the point, what color are trolls UNDER the fur? Fur is not usually the same color as the skin. Oh god ... if we are pinkies I'm gonna shoot m'self.
  13. (( *Vuudu semi-OOCly polishes her fingernails* I am around ALL the time ... someone is obviously not looking very hard ... )) ((BTW, this game is awesome ... thanks for coming up with it!))
  14. *reads over the note* Well ... if the Hand of the Grim has dropped something ... I may as well be dere to pick it up. *she signs her name to the parchment* Citadel Warchief Vuudu
  15. Vuudu

    The Bulwark!

    You know, you still have THEGA for OOC LFGs ... *pokepokePOKE*