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  1. <p>Wow, I don't check here hardly ever <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/laugh.png" alt="xD" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/laugh@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /> Sadly, I don't know of any other TGC elves who play anything outside of Ultima Online, as far as MMOs go. I do know that Camris plays play-by-post games on Paizo.com (Pathfinder RPG), but that's about it.</p>

  2. Your pretty lil award winning flowers are now my new desktop wallpaper. It makes me sigh contentedly just looking at it. ^^ Are the flowers pure imagination or did you base them off some sort of real blooms?
  3. I tried to lean in and smell the coffee picture. Totally agree with Galahi. This would look great as a framed print for a kitchen or even blown up to put on the wall in one of those funky little hole-in-the-wall coffee shops.
  4. I do to, with each individual name I make a note about exactly which naming rule is being broken. The couple name changes I've paid for to revamp a character have never taken very long. Basically I pay for it on the sight, log back in and it's ready to go. Your siggy reminds me of a saying: "You can always run out of arrows, but the only way to run out of sword is if you are already quillons deep into your foe." ^_~
  5. No such luck. I also tried dragging the image into the search bar to see if that would pop up anyone gallery. /le sigh
  6. I used to have to be at least semi organized about collecting names, keeping track of who had been reported, what GM handled it, which names weren't addressed, how I formatted the report sheets ect. Now I can cruise around, almost on auto pilot just clicking the #^@*!& names as I encounter them. Gota say, it's a wonderful change. A little nagging part of me wonders if this new report feature is actually being used to change things and I am fighting the urge to make a small list of particularly bad sample names to check and see if they were fixed in a week or so... 'cause I'm paranoid that the ease of use might be just to make us shut up with out actually doing anything.
  7. I was wandering around looking at a wallpaper web sight and then... HOLYCRAPIT'SJENET! Yes, Jen is technically a blond, but I dye her hair red on a fairly regular basis. This girls hair is messy, even the earrings are right! ...but main thing that blew me away was the proper eye color and the face that is exactly what I've always pictured. The problem is I don't like using images with out knowing where they came from or who drew them. That way I can look up the artists policy on adoption and/or reuse of an image. Plus, I know it's polite to link back to a gallery at very least. There don't seem to be any water marks or sigs on this. I was wondering if anyone recognizes this image and could maybe point me towards the artist so I'm not just nicking this.
  8. There is nothing IC about reporting names. It is as completely OOC as the names themselves. I observe them breaking the rules and report. It's not like Jenet is sitting in Stormwind making notes about the floating letters she has started seeing over peoples heads. Simple fact of the matter is, the people who are breaking the naming rules of the role play server aren't even here to role play. Clearing out people who, at best, aren't going to add anything to the community, and at worse grief.... is like weeding the poison ivy out of your vegetable patch. Most of the names I report are both offensive and very obnoxiously stupid. Delren, I chose to bring this effort to TNG instead of the "official" forums because it is much more likely to get supported here and not just burred under flamers and other nonsense. Most people on this forum are role players and more likely to want to keep their playground clean. There are a few obvious exceptions, but for the most part, responses have been positive.
  9. I have a suggestion for people who struggle with feet and legs. This may sound silly but Disney's Pocahontas really gives some awesome references on legs and feet. That girl is all leg and constantly barefoot. It's a bit of a simplistic style, but really helped me get rough proportions and shapes down as far as female legs go. Calf shape, and how to do that tricky ankle-to-foot connection. There are lots of pose to chose from, she sits, stands and runs so pretty much any leg model you'd want you can find in the movie.
  10. It's simple, be the change you wish to see in the world. If you want to help create an atmosphere conducive to role play, you will help get rid of names like Valvoline and Juciyfruit. If you want to pretend this is only a PvP server... kindly leave and find yourself a place that dosen't have RP in the realm description. These are the rules, and we WILL make them stick.
  11. Good news everyone! With the latest patch you have an option to report a characters name simply by clicking on them. There are a few catches, they have to have said something in a channel, party or whisper. Brings a whole new meaning to "trolling trade" since that's the best place to look for Non RP names.
  12. Wonder if they are swiping that from Col. Clink on Hogan's Heroes. I think that was the shows name... that German guy "I zee nothing! I 'ear nothing! I know nothing!" Anything Clinky and Sproingy has to be acceptable in a world with gnomes and goblins. ^_~ In other news. The massive lay off of GM's means it takes days, or weeks, for a ticket to be seen. Gone are the days of getting in one or two full reports per day. Was fun while it lasted at least.
  13. The lovely GM Animelousan handled this report and yet all of the names are still active on our server after a weeks time. You would think there would be a little bit more concern for covering their butt! Two of these names mock black leaders, one is copyrighted and the other... ok... Cancer fine, no butt coverage there, but STILL!!!
  14. I've tweaked my original report form with some info from the one Slag suggested Beli. I would like to report infractions of your naming policy. Twisting Nether is an RP server. In accordance with the RP server naming guidelines, outlined by Blizzard (http://us.battle.net/support/en/article/roleplaying-policy. (insert ten names here) These name violates the following of Blizzard's Naming Criteria: 1) Non-Medieval/Fantasy 2) Real World Referencing 3) Partial Sentence