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  1. Full Name: Kitani Zahrah Nicknames: Kit, or Kitty. Date of Birth: Unknown Age: Unknown Race: Draenei Gender: Female Hair: White, often turned up into a ponytail type fashion Skin: Pale as snow Eyes: A very light blue Height: Shorter than average Weight: Light Place of residence: None Place of Birth: Unknown Known Relatives: None Religion/Philosophy: The Naaru, The Light, The Dark Lord Kerahl Occupation: Priestes Group/Guild affiliation: The Cult of Kerahl Guild Rank: Novitiate Enemies: None Likes: Music, flowers, simple things. Conversation. Favorite Foods: Sweets Favorite Drinks: Tea Favorite Colors: Black Weapons of Choice: Wand Dislikes: Spiders Hobbies: Tailoring and Enchanting Physical Features: Her horns are short, some what stunted and barely poke out of her hair. Special Abilities: Telepathy, if you will. As a form of communication. Positive Personality Traits: Very Kind, warm. Negative Personality Traits: Naive, Blindly trusts people Misc. Quirks: Cannot speak but she can scream. Played by What Famous Person: Theme Songs: H.I.M.- The Path; Ladytron- Ghosts; Poe- Haunted History: I was born to a peasant woman out of wedlock. At a young age, the Divine Maidens came to purge my village of sin. As they sang their sweet song, my mother took me aside and told me that I would be leaving with them. It wasn't until I much older that I learned I was a bastard child. I grew up in their white temple of gold and marble. Eventually, my kind dreams turned to nightmares of a Dark God. I fled from the Temple, finding myself on Azeroth and wandering through Alliance cities and churches questioning my troubling dreams. One day when I awoke, a shade was beckoning me to follow him. From there I found the Lord Kerahl. It was then I began having even more questions without answers. And now, once more, I find myself wandering. Alone in silence.