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  1. Thrysta's dimunitive frame was nearly lost amidst the large high backed chair in which she sat. The fabric of her seat had already grown dark with stains of ichor and viscera as she sat staring into the fireplace of the Grim guild hall. The vestments of the priestess were torn and tattered, her dessicated flesh displaying ghastly wounds to which she was completely oblivious. The air around her was heavy with the scents of copper and death. Hugging herself tightly, a wan smile crossed the face of the priestess, dark blood leaking from the corner of her mouth. "Perhaps they will," Thrysta murmured softy, "Perhaps they will kill me." Closing her eyes, Thrysta pressed one taloned hand against her frail chest. She sighed, the soft sound building into a shuddering cough. One of her thin ribs broke with the sound of snapped kindling. Thrysta giggled wetly. Leaning back into the large chair, her body creaking, the priestess stared into the crackling flames. "That would be acceptable," she whispered to herself. Closing her eyes once more, Thrysta smiled, her sharpened teeth wet with blood. "They will join me, for we will pull one another open until the screaming stops," she murmured. "...and it will be so very fine to rest."
  2. (( Evanthe, are you concentrating on Arenas, world pvp/BG's or both? This will make a big difference in your build and tactics. I would be happy to give you advice if you would like it, as all I've done for the last seven months is PvP as both Holy and Disc specs. But, I'm going to need to know more about what you're focusing on. ))
  3. (( On the contrary, I don't give a damn about either of your hang-ups regarding the acquisition of your gear. My point was that if you feel silly in your chosen attire, you are doing it wrong. Both of you can cry about looking like schoolgirls or circus clowns or flightless birds. In the meantime, I'll continue to play a scary-as-hell toon who wore the same gear that prompted your whining. ))
  4. (( Then you are doing it wrong. On the main subject, I am currently leveling as a disc spec, and have swapped out three times now to try out another disc spec and a pve holy spec just for giggles. I am not having any trouble leveling beyond simply having little time to play. If there are specific questions about how to level as a healer, I'd be more than happy to give my two cents as I'm working not only on Thrysta, but on another healing class alt as well. If, however, it's just two non-healers with little experience in that area asking "can you level as a healer", I'll just say "Yes" and be done with it. ))
  5. (( Don't get disheartened. Get to know the community and some of the folks here. Who knows what might happen? Look at it this way... ...there's no shortage of evil for you to struggle against. ))
  6. (( I love that leveling out in the world environments has exposed a large number of people to involuntary contact with the opposite faction rather than the inside of a raid dungeon. I feel like a wolf in a henhouse. I also love run-on sentences. ))
  7. (( Welcome. I would suggest checking out the RP Guild/Associations section of the Gazette. In addition, you're welcome to read a bit more about The Grim, TN's oldest existing roleplaying guild, on our website. ))
  8. (( Leveling as Disc. Healing better than Evanthe. I also have a sunnier personality than her as well. Free hugs for all Alliance. Except when your name is red. ))
  9. Thrysta


    “There are…appropriate moments for…reflection…introspection…” Coughing wetly, Thrysta stared up at the figure standing over her as she sprawled in the snow. “…perhaps this is…one such moment,” Thrysta gasped, her voice giving way to another gurgling cough, blood and ichor running from her ruined lips. With a moan of pain, she tried to rise, only to have a mailed boot planted on her chest, her broken body pinned back to the ground. Looming over Thrysta, the armored human glared down at her, his face a mask of grief and rage. Ignoring her indecipherable gutter language, he raised a massive two-handed sword over his shoulder, preparing to administer the finishing stroke to the fallen undead woman. Staring up at the warrior, her bones broken and limbs slack, Thrysta smiled, revealing sharpened teeth wet with blood. A girlish giggle escaped her as the human tensed for the deathblow. “I believe I will…rest now,” Thrysta reluctantly murmured as she closed her eyes. A light whisper of sound whistled over her and the soft rush of air on her desiccated skin accompanying it was followed by the wet thump of impact. “Don’t reckon I care much for the way yer eyein’ my girl, fella.” Thrysta opened her eyes. The human still loomed over her, swaying slightly in his heavy armor. His mouth hung slack, a black void framed by his golden hair. The hilts of wicked knives protruded from each of his eye sockets. With a last rattling exhalation, the human fell over backwards, crashing down into the snow with a clatter of metal. Thrysta watched him fall away to reveal a figure standing with arms wide, head cocked at an angle. “Miss me, darlin’?” Wilek drawled, smirking mildly at the fallen forsaken woman. Thrysta glared at the posturing rogue as she murmured words of healing and mending under her breath. With wet pops and the grind of bone on bone, Thrysta’s broken body began to mend as she spoke softly to Wilek. “You are…insolent…” Wilek shrugged, moving to the corpse of the human warrior, crouching down at the body’s shoulder as he grinned wickedly at Thrysta. “Now, if that's meanin’ one hell of a fella, then I reckon I am!” Wilek laughed. After a moment, he grew a bit more somber, looking away from the priestess. “Had some unfinished business, darlin’,” Wilek said, “didn’t reckon it needed involvin’ you and such.” Thrysta struggled to sit up, her mending body still assaulting her with delicious waves of agony. “Nevertheless, the timing of your…return…is acceptable,” she stated, matter-of-factly. Thrysta watched the rogue pull his knives from the eyes of the human as Wilek looked up at her, flashing a mischievous rictus grin. “Well, don’t you just say the sweetest things to me, darlin’,” Wilek chuckled as he cleaned his knives carefully before sheathing them at his waist. “You slippin’, Thryssy-girl?” Wilek smirked, looking down at the human’s body as he rose to his feet. Toeing the corpse with his boot, he eyed it up and down. “Didn’t reckon a fella like this would put you down, girl,” Wilek remarked, looking at Thrysta pointedly. Sitting up, Thrysta rotated her shoulders, the bones setting back into place with loud pops. “I believe the other one was his mate,” she stated flatly. “Other one?” Wilek questioned, smirking at the recumbent priestess. Thrysta pointed across the clearing, to a mangled pile of jagged bones and torn viscera a short distance away, then to another patch of human gore across the way. With a last gesture, she pointed to a third pile of torn flesh. “He arrived in time to see me finish the girl,” Thrysta murmured, “I do not believe he enjoyed what I revealed inside of her.” “His…exertions…grew more strident after I tore her open,” she continued, “the girl was...spirited, as well.” "Figured as much," Wilek chuckled. His laughter finally trailing away, Wilek looked at Thrysta, his face suddenly serious and somewhat apprehensive. “Darlin’, I got somethin’ to tell you, and I don’t reckon you’re gonna like it.” Thrysta stared at the rogue flatly, before finally rising to her feet. Her vestments were torn, wet with melted snow and blood. Her body had mostly mended, but still the effort of rising to her feet was slow and pained. “Tell me, my love,” she murmured. Wilek looked at her sadly. “Darlin’, I think I’m gonna have to show you,” he said, reaching into his belt pouch for the figurine that summoned his spectral steed. Seeing the rogue’s intention, Thrysta reached for her own figurine, her taloned hand withdrawing it from a tattered belt pouch. “Where do we travel?” she asked. Wilek tried to attempt a smile, then looked away from her. “Home, darlin’,” he said sadly, “We’re goin’ home.” ------------------- (To Be Continued)
  10. (( A discussion about Disc Priest Mana Burn mechanics that does not include a Disc Priest. How about we change that. The key items that affect Mana Burn's 3 second cast are: Improved Mana Burn: 2pt Tier 4 Talent, at 2/2 shave 1 sec off cast time. Power Infusion: Increases casting speed by 20%, reduces mana cost of spells. Borrowed Time: +25% Spell Haste to next spell after casting PW:Shield Aspiration: Reduces cooldown on a number of spells, including Power Infusion. Now, these talents require a deep Discipline build, so they won't help a Holy Priest. I will leave it to you folks to crunch the numbers. I'm results-driven. In addition, for the sake of the discussion, let's recap what PW:Shield is like for a Disc Priest: Silent Resolve talent: Decreases the likelihood of your spells being dispelled by 30% Improved PW:Shield: Increases damaged absorbed by the shield by 10% Reflective shield: 45% of damage absorbed by shield is reflected back at the source. Rapture: A percentage of your max mana is regained by damage absorbed by the shield. Borrowed Time: Increases the amount absorbed by PW:S by 40% of your spell power. You get the idea. ))
  11. (( During a fight, as a discipline priest I am patiently working to bring about that one moment... ...that moment of clarity when you suddenly realize despite all the damage you've done, all the dps you've put out... ...that you're not going to drop me. Worse, you realize your mana is gone, your cooldowns are blown and you've got nothing left up your sleeve. Then the Shadow Word: Death hits and I feed on your corpse. Mana Burn helps me to accomplish this. ))
  12. (( Because vestments are just basically awesome. And a discipline priest in plate would make you all break your keyboards. ))
  13. (( Explaining how your character is putting their ding-dong in another character is not a higher form of roleplaying. ))