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  1. <p><img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/laugh.png" alt="xD" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/laugh@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /> Ahahaha I'm glad!</p>


  2. Mhm, I definitely agree about the head and it's something I dislike very much, which is why it's just a sketch. It actually wasn't supposed to be (or look like) a finished piece. I drew the head first, and then later continued the picture. And the reason it ended up colored was because I just got a new set of watercolor pencils! I love them! Ahahaha Thank you for the tip! <333
  3. <p>Pay no mind. There are some alliance to save you.</p>

  4. After I posted the others I really wanted to draw again. Draenei and Troll baby sketch. I didn't want to link it... But I don't want to offend anyone, and this one is more suductive. LOL, I think the little Troll baby is kinda cute. :] I was going to do a chibi shammy but then I though 'Future Shaman' and it seemed like a cute idea. I know she's not totally right though. I checked afterward that they have three fingers. I couldn't remember how many there were. I haven't had much experience with them yet. ^^;
  5. 'Kay 'kay. I didn't really think about it since it's not, like, detailed or anything.
  6. Hey hey. :3 Okay, so I'm new to WoW and I've got to say, I love the characters. They're really neat. So I've been playing around, drawing my main and what not. I only have two sketches right now, and they're both BEs but I'm planning on doing a lot more. I've got a brand new sketch book. ;D So I hope you guys like them... They're not totally fabulous. x] And they are just sketches, so they're still dirty and stuff, but I might do cleaner works in the future. My main, Llantein. She's on Argent Dawn. Just a random girl. Heh, in the corner are boobs from a mailbox dancing Night Elf. x3 I couldn't help myself. I enjoy drawing boobs...
  7. http://coreykatsumi.deviantart.com/ I realllllly need to update. I didn't have a scanner for a long time though. There. My excuse. And it's a damn good one.......
  8. <p>:'o</p>

    <p>Ahahahaha I dun wanna die...</p>

  9. <p>I look forward to killing you, new person!</p>

  10. OMG.............. -whimpers and sobs in the corner of woe- iluyou. <3