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  1. Swerto, I'm not considering ganking out in the world to be IC. If the player doesn't consider themselves to be IC, then thats not what I am complaining about. However, if a horde player considers their presence in Stormwind to be IC, and abuses a load time where you can't see the person attacking you, that is my issue. Stockades is abused on a regular basis, by some people who consider their presence IC. The Mage Tower has its issue of passing between portals. But it can't rightly be called in IC ambush when my computer can't load as fast as someone elses.
  2. Okay, during a rather extensive time dying to Horde in Stormwind, it finally occured to me of a rather odd gameplay mechanic many have been abusing, whther it be alliance or horde. Neither are innocent of it, and I'm not going to point fingers, but the question needs to be asked. How can you consider yourself IC when you abuse a computer mechanic? Between the stockades and the oh so famous mage tower, many people who consider themselves ICly raiding Stormwind will hide in an instance when apprehended by a stronger force, or camp in the top of the mage tower, preying on those who can't load fast enough to fight back. I'm not aware of any spots besides Ragefire Chasm that function in a similar way in any horde citys, possibly the translocation orbs between Undercity and Silvermoon, but how can you truly consider yourself IC while abusing these functions? Its not as if there is nowhere else you can use to your advantage, and as much as it shames me to say, you're never going to have to worry about most Alliance fighting back. Most are just content to Blue wall and watch you. So why refuse to adhere to IC status by fighting like you are actually in character? There is no 'perception delay' in real life. When you walk through a door, you see everyone there, save for if its a rogue, so you can't argue that your character knows this. Albeit, this is an issue as much as in the game design as is the players using said mechanic. But a little decency isn't that much to ask, hm?
  3. Marravus watched the procession of soldiers returning from the fight at Sunrock Retreat, muttering to himself from in the trees outside Goldshire. He had found that flyer floating in the wind the day before, and only laughed at it. Seems my conclusion was right. The Raven Cross was ready, and no mater how they choose to portray it, they won. He turned to walk back in to the forest, readjusting his helmet as he looked back. Ah still, it would have been fun. I guess its back to fighting off the inevitable attacks again.
  4. Marravus stopped to read the parchment posted near the cathedral. Not often did he stop in to Stormwind to good news, but this had topped it all. "Ha ha ha, Irontoe gets what he deserves. Can't help but say its about time." Noticing quite a few citizens had stopped to stare at him, he took the parchment off of the post and continued heading back to the stables. It was about time someone cracked down on that dwarf. Still, he couldn't help but feel for those he would take with him. Such a shame.
  5. The explosions the Paladin heard in the distance clued him in that the battle had begun. After dragging the caravan out of the ditch it had ended in, he turned the reigns over to the remaining refugee's and begun the ride again. He would not miss out on this fight. As the two soldiers that had rode with him mounted up, they took off towards Southshore, riding to follow the coast. As he approached the town, he saw the carnage of the last remaining defenders. Dismounting his horse, he began inching around the back of the inn, coming to the edge to get a look at the forces. The Forsaken at the middle of the line caught his eye, though he couldn't help but notice the silence he held. This attack was long in the planning, and it would be a hard fought battle to win. He motioned to the soldiers behind him as they drew back their bows and began to take aim. One well timed shot would put the forces in panic.
  6. 1. How long have you played WoW? Original, stopped at BC, picked up one month before WOTLK release. 2. How many hours a day do you usually play? What is your /played? 10-12 hours a day, dunno my /played. (No WoW access right now, will edit it in later) 3. How much of that time do you usually devote to socializing? (Vent counts if you're logged into the game.) An hour a day unless RPing, then about 3-4 4. How do you prefer to socialize? (ie. in groups, over channels, with your guild, etc.) Guild or OOC Channels or parties 5. Do you feel like you're close with any of your online friends? Have you met any of them IRL? Yes, and yes, I personally know one 6. Would the WoW experience feel complete to you if the online aspect was taken away or you were able to play offline?Seperate characters for offline play, but too many aspects would be missing. 7. Have you learned anything about yourself or people in general from your time spent in WoW? (ie. Leadership skills, new facets of your personality, a greater appreciation for different people) I'm much more evil than I am good 8. If you RP, how do you work it into your play sessions? What kind of characters do you prefer? Most is just pick up and go. I prefer plotting, though less physical characters (The evil maniac calling the shots and letting others do the dirty work. Blood is just not elegant[sp?] .). 9. What is your favorite aspect of gameplay? (ie, PVE, Raiding, levelling, grinding gold, PVP, RPing, etc.)RP-PVP. Having a reason to kill, not just harassing those who are easy kills.
  7. On the question of why a human is depicted in Ulduar when humans were not created, I present the following thought... Perhaps the Titans were humans. Now, I haven't been through Ulduar or seen many pictures depicting a Titan, but if the Titans were Humans, that would explain why the statue was there. This is of course really affected by my incessant watching of Stargate and how you find out the Ancients are Humans, but thats beside the point. But I believe that the Titans themselves were also effected by the curse of the flesh, which is also why their creations were afflicted by it. Just my two cents, but I'm also working on scratch here.
  8. I dunno, but if you could think up a Murloc Death Knight, that would be awesome. And I was I had the skills with 3DS Max that you did. This is all just pure win.
  9. You might know Marravus if: -You fled from the Hillsbrad Borders before the beginning of the third war -You find yourself in the Stormwind Church on a regular basis (He is usually stuck with his nose in a book more often than not) -When not in the Church, you find yourself around Winterguarde Keep regularly
  10. Marravus couldn't help but grin as he mounted his horse to follow the departing soldiers. No matter that the Paladin who came bearing the news paid no heed to any but himself, though who would complain with the look on his face. He couldn't help but feel...excited. It had been a long time since he had been in a battle. As the army rode towards Hillsbrad, the scene of more refugees fleeing in terror caused him to ride forward. Marravus kicked his horse, racing to meet the first refugee. "What has happened? What are you fleeing from?" The terrified man could only form a few words, difficult to understand through the jumble of syllables he could string together. "" As he continued running, Marravus turned his steed around, yelling to the two closest soldiers, "Follow me, we ride to defend the caravan!" Charging off with the two soldiers, he closed on the caravan, praying to the Light that he could save any that were left.
  11. As Marravus wandered through the lands of Arathi. he couldn't help but notice the gryphon flying with an extreme sense of urgency. As he reared his steed towards Refuge Point, he caught sight of civilians rushing from the west. Civilians fleeing the Hillsbrad Foothills? Hm...not good at all. Perhaps I'll catch them in the Point. Kicking his steed, he rushed to catch up with them, making his way into the small crevasse as the gryphon landed, depositing the Scarlet armored man who quickly approached the Sons of Arathor. As he heard bits of the conversations, it was clear that the civilians had made their way from Southshore. "It seems that this day has finally come...may the Light shine brighter now than ever before...Hail, Soldier! Might I offer my aid in riding to Southshore's defence? It seems you could use every man you can get."