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  3. ((Bump again because of some updates.))
  4. On Shattered Wings: A Fallen angel on Shattered wings is what I am. My wings are stained with crimson blood and shattered beyond repair. I may appear to be mortal but I have fallen from the Heavens above. The Light has long since left me, and now only Darkness remains.
  5. From the Ashes: From the ashes of the Phoenix I rise, time and time again; only to burst into eternal flames when my rebirth comes once more. There I sit gripping the branch of my chosen perch with my flaming talons. High above I watch the songbirds and the beasts below with my keen eyes. Hear the mighty Fates roar and feel their tears fall down upon the soft earth below. And here I sit on my chosen perch until the Fates see it fit to send me hurtling down to the depths of hell below, and it is there I wait until once more I am reborn from the smoldering ashes of my once former self.
  6. I left the ranks of the Stormwolf a while back and now serve under a group called Corvidae, I don't know much about them or the members of the group but I want to be of use to someone and this group is as good as any a group to lend my skills to. I haven't seen the Warrior in over a week, I can only hope that he's safe. A few nights back, I ran into a Sin'dorei whose name I can't recall, however he seems nice. We spent the evening together just talking and having a few light drinks. Sunrise will be coming soon, I best start on my way to the Spire and check up on the patients there. I should try and track down that Warrior I met a while back, if only to check that he's safe and well. Anar’alah, Dilana Dawnsinger
  7. I've finally come out of hiding after about a week of seclusion, the House that I was serving under has long since crumbled, no idea why. I now lend my skills with a bow and the jaws of the beasts which I work with to a group called Corvidae. I can't say that I know much about them or have even met that many of their members if any. My last experience with love has left me shy and wary of ever giving my heart to anyone else ever again. I've noticed that the string of my bow is starting to become loose and I can't have that happening. It's getting late and I still need to go out on an evening hunt to keep my skills sharp; may my arrows forever fly true. --Yumiko Sunstriker
  8. Questions and Answers The thoughts and writings of Illissa Firestar; the wandering, fire wielding Mage Chapter 36 “A diamond in the rough” I forget to mention in my several of my earlier entries that I met a Quel'dorei or perhaps he's a Sin'dorei who was recently changed. I'm not entirely sure... Either way he seems to be quite nice and I do deeply care for him. I think that perhaps it's best if me and Tarodis remain friends at least for now, after all he recently told me that his love may be alive and if she is then I am truly happy for the both of them, for all I wish is for him to be happy. My memory is failing me and I can't recall the fellow Elf's full name but he has referred to himself as Thel and to me as Illy. I'm worried about him, from the first time that I met him, he's seemed jumpy a unnatural degree except when he's around me. He seems so at ease when he's around me, he even took to laying his head down upon my lap during an evening visit between me and him and falling asleep there. From the first time that I met him I noticed a new part of me, another side of me coming out. For as long as I can remember I've always been very mild mannered and reserved. However around him I'm always finding myself keenly observing the world around me and ready to react at a seconds notice. I won't let any harm come to him, I refuse to let any harm come to him. I suppose the most accurate way of describing this new side of me is becoming some form of protector. Quel'dorei and Sin'dorei aren't that different when all is said and done; yet so many seem to fail to understand and wouldn't hesitate to kill Quel'dorei on sight. I'm sorry but I can't let that happen; I don't wish to seen as a betrayer of my own people but pointless bloodshed is one thing that I won't allow to happen, even if it means my own life ending by the hands of another. I'll protect Thel regardless of the risk to myself and if any threaten to harm him, I will make them regret ever daring to hurt the one that I care for. Farewell until I write again. --Illissa Firestar
  9. Questions and Answers The thoughts and writings of Illissa Firestar; the wandering, fire wielding Mage Chapter 35 "Misplacement, among other subjects" I don't even know where to begin this entry. Just thinking about all the events that I have taken place in my life over the past month is giving me the headache from Fel. I've left the ranks of the Stormwolf, I just couldn't handle the stress that serving under them was causing me to suffer from. Not knowing what else to do I went and joined a House which fell apart only after three weeks of me serving under them. Talk about bad luck... I now serve under a group called Corvidae, however I am not sure of my place within their ranks yet. I've doubled my training in hopes of becoming stronger. I need to be of use to the group whom I now serve under. On a bright note, I learned that Rogue's name. He calls himself Tarodis. However for some reason I've taken to calling him Taro, I'm not quite sure why. Now onto some not so good news, I think that I may have feelings for him but he's taken, providing that his love is still alive. I find myself constantly worrying about Tarodis's safety and well being. Love... What a damn fool I proved myself to be for ever allowing my heart to feel that emotion. If only us Mages had the ability to manipulate time on a permanent basis; yet we don't and we never will, for no mere mortal can forever stop the ever moving hands of time as they move the world forward. It's getting late and I still need to find a quiet place to settle down and do some evening studying before I can retire for the night. Farewell until I write again. --Illissa Firestar
  10. <p>No rush, just send me an invite when you get a chance. I hope this message finds you well. --Kirana</p>

  11. <p>Still haven't been near a computer to add u to realid (I do 100%I of my tng on my phone lol)</p>

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  12. ***I am truly starting to think that my brain is trying to betray me when it comes to my writings. Anyhow...here is a freshly written passage.*** Closed Book: My life is a book, never to be read by prying eyes. My eyes speak the words in a tongue foreign to all but myself. My mouth speaks yet no words flow from it. This life that I live is a book of my heart, my soul, my mind and my emotions; never to be read by those around for me, for the tongue which I speak in means nothing to anyone else around me.
  13. Faces in a Lake Illissa Firestar had always leaned towards wielding the very element to defend herself and to even seal some of her wounds with it, decorating her body with several noticeable scars that could easily be noticed if anyone caught her without her typical battle attire on. However most of the time she kept these scars hidden using simple illusions to keep those around her from ever knowing that her appearance had been marred. Now it wasn't the physical sight of the scars that she wanted to hide. Fel, half the time she didn't even try making, herself look acceptable to most of the world around her, save; for the Crew and those she wanted to give a good front to. However from time to time some of the Crew would catch her with her morning hair, pulled up into a messy ponytail, bags under her eyes from yet another sleepless night. Most of the time she didn't pay them any heed, instead slipping back into her cabin upon the decks of the Stormwolf and going about getting ready for the day ahead, her movements sluggish until she had gotten her coffee in her. On the most recent docking of the Ship, Illissa was more than overjoyed to dash off it and just be able to feel solid ground underneath her feet once more. She loved her time on the Ship of the Stormwolf and there was no doubt about that, however she'd spent all her time before she had met the Captain and the Crew with her feet firmly planted on solid ground; not trying to adjust her balance and keep on her feet due to ever changing air currents. She would often be seen walking around the decks of the Ship with her nose stuck in some sort old and musty tome, trying to decipher its contents. Now she wasn't a scholar by any means, in fact most of her training was self taught and she wasn't the best Mage out there, but she didn't seem to really care about that. After all being the best means that sometimes you're in the highest demand and that was the last thing the Sin'dorei wanted. Light only knows that she was under enough day to day stress as it always, dashing to and fro on the decks of the Ship, her robe lapping at her heels and her cape fluttering behind her. As the Ship was secured to the dock, she wandered off and after several hours of traveling found herself by a secluded lake. Water... One thing the Sin'dorei had never been fond of. However in this case something seemed to have piqued her interest, seeing as she made her way over to the edge of the like and sat down on its shores, before slipping her shoes ans socks off, and then allowing her feet to dangle in the waters of the lake. A soft contented sigh escaped her delicate lips as she rested her hands behind her, arching her back slightly, much like a feline would to stretch. As she righted herself she focused or her gaze on the water, her eyes as calm as the surface of the lake; hiding any emotions that she may have been feeling at the time. A school of fish jumped nearby, several of them breaking the surface of the lake and leaving a pattern of outward flowing ripples in their wake. As those ripples faded a series of familiar faces appeared; one by one. First a Warlock who went by the name of Jadé, her first true love, one that had ended when he had vanished without a trace one day long ago…And now despite the fact that he was back in her life, she was hesitant to ever trust him again, at least as much as she did when she had first met him. The second was Silaen, a Sin'dorei Mage who she had fallen for and had hid her feelings from him, which had caused her to lose him to another individual. One of the biggest regrets in her life was not being by his side but perhaps it was for the best. After all he was a brilliant individual and a scholar, or at least what Illissa would call one. He was so much more educated than her and she knew this all too well. Yet rarely if ever were matters of the heart ever clear, least of all with him and her. The third face that the surface of the lake reflected was that of a Sin'dorei Hunter who the Mage cared for deeply but she just couldn't care for him anymore than that. Yes, he was a nice individual but she wasn't about to let herself ever love again. Illissa slowly brought her hands back to her sides again, before hiking up her robe to keep it from getting soaked and walking away from the lake, pausing only briefly to bend down and grab her shoes and socks, before she continued to walk off into the woodlands that surrounded the shores of the lake and off into the now fading sun…Reflections of the past is what she had seen reflected upon the surface of the lake and now those faces were haunting her mind. A single tear escaped her as she wandered deeper into the woodlands, she wouldn't be returning to the Crew for the next few days. Her mind was far too shattered and her emotions far too unstable to be of any use to them at the current time. It was better if she avoided them at least for now. As the last fading rays of the sun were swallowed by the first signs of the coming night, she vanished from sight, no sign of her presence left behind save for the creatures of the woodlands that had seen her, and they weren't about to talk; for beasts are just simple beasts and they do not communicate with mortals nor titans.
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