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  1. Elder Gortuk. A friend and teacher longer than I can remember. All that I am now, I owe to him. I only hope he finds his way easier than mine.
  2. A pile of black armour and spikes lay in a corner booth of the World's End Tavern. Or at least that's how it would have looked to a casual observer. A closer glance would have revealed an orc warrior of prodigious stature, seemingly fast asleep with his feet up on the table beside an empty tankard. A much closer glance would have indicated that one eye was open. And his grin was not that of a man in a pleasant, drunken dream, but that of a meddlesome boy watching something interesting.
  3. Two-shotted a mage yesterday. That was fun. One of the matches where Tak didn't even die Oh, and did Ukiah tell you about when the three of us got ANNIHILATED by a team of Ordo Letalis members? Tak immediately jumped to their channel and yelled at them for dropping our rating
  4. I started out drawing anime-style. Probably because that's how the first guy to teach me about drawing drew ... I've slowly evolved, and at this point I quite like where I'm at stylistically. But I definitely need to work on anatomy and proportions, and these will help!
  5. What the ... Dag? When did you get here? And yes ... I do feel guilty about my beloved Widowmakers.
  6. Yes, my handwriting is abysmal, I know. It always has been.
  7. Oh, Clys ... you may not have caught this, but I was Sojii. Yeah, he was always polite to Clys' face ... but she freaked the everliving hell out of him.
  8. Oh, and with regards to emo ... http://wow-tng.org/showthread.php?t=5496 He *is* emo, he just dun show it much
  9. But ... you've already seen them all ...
  10. ... how to use Taknar's scanner. First, the very first WoW pic I ever drew, in honor of someone my character was not at all fond of, but whose contribution to the RP community of this server I continue to admire. And secondly, 'eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's Oraias! It's not finished yet, and I do intend to finish it. But I liked it so far and wanted to post it. For those interested, the gear shown is the Warbringer Gauntlets (which I have), the Doomplate Chestguard (which I have and is a BITCH to draw) and the doomplate shoulders (which I want. Anyone wanna go to heroic underbog?)
  11. What the ... YOU were DAALA?! ... it's official. Your fingers have been in too many pies. Never eating pie again.
  12. Agreed. I'm not going to restate what everyone has said, except I FEEL TANK PAIN!
  13. Nadea, I'd say let's make a story together! ... but both of my characters would hate you