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    "I heard he was a traitor to the Horde." He glanced at his cuff link, "what do you think of that?"
  2. {Full Name}- Eliu G. Sur t'san {Nicknames}- 60 minute man, gold member, bloodthistle on legs... etc {Age}- Late adolescence/early adulthood {Residence}- He lives off the patronage of others and is satisfied with roaming about. {Known Relatives}- Professor Menion Leah but this is not well known. {Philosophy}- Money can buy you happiness and flattery will get you everywhere. {Occupation}- Gigolo (male prostitute) {Group/Guild affiliation}- None. He benefits from working alone. {Enemies}- Anyone who isn't paying his wages. {Likes}- Married women with lots of money and expensive taste. {Favorite Foods}- Fruit, especially exotic and tropical variety {Favorite Drinks}- White wine {Favorite Colors}- Pink {Weapons of Choice}- Swept hilt Flameberge {Dislikes}- Anyone who is of lower class or wastes his time, he dislikes boredom and drudgery and has an odd distaste for others of his profession. {Hobbies}- Spending money, fencing, and perfecting his "art". {Appearance}- Unfairly attractive and he knows it. Nastrus has a light but rosy complexion and is full of youth and vigor. His face is boyishly handsome with upturned nose, small but well-shaped body, and a crown of cascading orange-red hair. He looks dissimilar to his half-brother, though they share the same build and hair texture. {Special Abilities}- He specializes in charming women and giving pleasure. {Negative Personality Traits}- Where to start... he's greedy, dishonest, selfish, insensitive, immoral, narcissistic, tactless, two faced, pathological liar, trickster, murderer... need I go on? {Positive Personality Traits}- Few if any {History}- Eliu was fathered by an exiled Magocrat who sold him as a young adolescent to a prostitution ring. He was; however, purchased by a wealthy widow woman who spared no expense in spoiling and educating him. His upbringing isn't well known as he goes by pseudonyms and weaves many lies to prevent people from finding out too much about him. Though determined to have revenge he sought out his father and bled every drop of information the old man could impart, and thus learned of his sibling. Afterwards he promptly murdered him and ransacked his estate. Currently he seeks half-brother Menion Leah, and plans to acquire hierarchy and the family fortune by means of sabotage. {Netherlegend}- Nastrus' Guile
  3. <p><span>"Ravage </span><span><em>me</em></span><span>? Oh that is darling..." he weaves out of the way of her pointed dagger, chuckling playfully. </span></p>

    <p><span>"I'm afraid it's the other way around, my crow-ling."</span></p>

  4. <p>She yanks her hand away and pulls out her dagger, waving it in his face like a mother would with her finger, "What do you expect me to do? Fall for these disgustingly sweet compliments and ravage you right here? It doesn't ALWAYS work that way."</p>

  5. <p>*spreads your arms out grinning wickedly*</p>

  6. So I waited with great boredom for the ancient one to step out from his bedchambers. Perhaps he had finally croaked; I thought, the curmudgeon old fool... And it was that I began to think they never left their lair when it was not he, but she; her Lady Sabeinne Dej Dynastus, that emerged. I watched avidly from the courtyard as she came about, divinely dressed for such a menial task. I cannot express enough how it pleases me when a Lady wears her purse on her sleeve, so to speak. It lets me know who is worth speaking to. Other and more important business called to me this night; however, and I began to sip from the potion that I had acquired, well out of sight. I continued to watch her steadily, making sure she did not leave mine.
  7. <p><span>"Hey asshole. You </span><span><em>pay</em></span><span> first!" </span></p>

  8. <p><span>{cusps chin gently}</span></p>

    <p><span>"You're absolutely speechless, how darling."</span></p>

  9. Consumed by jealousy, clearly.
  10. Last Sunday I had a grand ol' time at the basket social, intermingling with many of the well-to-do. In my own personal time I do enjoy ponds, mirrors, windows, manicures... anything that casts my reflection.
  11. <p><span>{yawns into his manicure}</span></p>

    <p><span>"Well," he mutters under his breath, "at least he's richer than dirt..."</span></p>

  12. <p>Well! *beams proudly, ignoring the "grandpa" comment* I AM after all akin to a very proud Dragon, I should say. Why, perhaps I may even BE one!</p>

    <p>*he nods, clicking his cane into the ground* You KNOW, young man, I should THINK that, were it the case, I'd even be in command of mine own flight! You know, "chromatic dragonflights" and all that. The Violet Flight, perhaps, as per my very STRONG connection with Dalaran. After ALL, ...*he trails off, not ceasing to babble on about himself*</p>

  13. <p>"..but.. what? Hey!"</p>

  14. <p>Naughty, naughty, teasing all the little boys like that...</p>

  15. <p>"Wanna bet?" *slams you against the wall exposing your back*</p>