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  1. Full Name: Hemma Hammerhand Nicknames: None thusfar Date of Birth: November 11 Age: 44 Race: Dwarf Gender: Female (gasp!) Hair: Strawberry blonde Skin: Peachy Eyes: Brown Height: Slightly below-average Weight: Appropriate for a buxom young lady-dwarf Place of residence: Footloose! Place of Birth: Kharanos Known Relatives: Her mother and father, and two younger sisters Religion/Philosophy: For the Light, for the Alliance, lots of idealism and traces of self-worship Occupation: Paladin-in-training, journeyman jewelcrafter Group/Guild affiliation: None at the moment Guild Rank: N/A Enemies: Nasty baddies Likes: Booze, snow, her reflection Favorite Foods: Meaty dwarfy things Favorite Drinks: Boozey dwarfy things Favorite Colors: Blue and yellow Weapons of Choice: Anything huge Dislikes: Hats Hobbies: Cooking, fishing, haircare Physical Features: Buxom and blonde Special Abilities: Can yell really loud Positive Personality Traits: Cheerful, extraverted Negative Personality Traits: Incredibly vain, not a very good listener Misc. Quirks: Has terrible fashion sense Played by What Famous Person: TBD Theme Songs: TBD History: Her life has been rather uneventful so far. Her father is a prospector, and thus is away for long periods of time. Because of this she has stayed at home to help her mother in watching her younger sisters. However, they have grown to the point now that her assistance is no longer particularly needed. Thus she's been encouraged to follow the path encouraged by her youthful idealism--and keep her hair neat in the process.