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  1. The large Pandaren considered her for a moment, then reached out to brush aside a bit of her hair. "Green? I don't see why that's such a bad thing, but no, your eyes are an earthy brown," he said, carefully. "Do you still need to see that priest? And was that your stomach I heard rumbling, or was it mine?" Emti chuckled. "My offer of fish still stands, the clothes too..."

    It's clear this woman is unstable, and she needs help. A priest might be able to help her, but the only ones around here are Goblins... Bilgewater Goblins, too... Hmm. We can try that, but I think it'd be best if we eat a bit first, and she really does need to put on those clothes. How do I convince her, though? Why does she have to be so difficult? What action should I take here? His thoughts troubled him. This woman was rather strange... everything about her was unclear. Her race, her motives, her emotions. Poor girl, I know not where she came from, but it seems it has taken a large toll on her.

  2. "I am a sort of bear, yes," Emti let out a hearty chuckle. "I am a Pandaren, of the Wandering Isle. I am no priest, just a fisherman, but I can direct you to one. You may first want some clothing, though, and I have a spare outfit in my pack... fishing is often a wet business." He set her down as he said this, and, keeping her within his sight, sidled over to his satchel. The clothes he pulled out were around ten or fifteen sizes too big, but thankfully they came with a sash. He handed the outfit over to the small woman.

    "You may look a bit silly in that, but it'll be better than your current nudity. The sash should be enough to hold it to you... if you roll up the pants a bit and tie it over the shirt," he said. "Now, would you care for some fish? I can stir up a fire and cook a bit of yesterday's catch."

  3. Emti let the woman beat him. Her small stature meant she wasn't much of a threat to the large Pandaren, not unarmed anyway. He closed his eyes for a moment. I must act. I must take control of this situation. This is all a misunderstanding and she will come to her senses in a moment. Determined, Emti opened his eyes. He grabbed the small woman and despite her struggling, he managed to get her off of him and hold her at arm's length. She squirmed, struggled, and shouted at the Pandaren.

    Calmly, despite her continued shouting, he started to speak. "Would you--Would you please... I'm not--I'M NOT YOUR ENEMY AND I APOLOGIZE FOR CALLING YOU SMALL NOW WOULD YOU PLEASE STOP TRYING TO KILL ME!"

  4. As this scene played out in front of him, Emti could think of only one thing: was this going to scare off his fish? He pushed it from his mind as he reeled in his line. Carefully, he set aside his prized fishing pole and stood to better appraise the newcomer.

    Would she give away his secret spot?

    Is she friend or foe? Horde or Alliance or neither?

    What is her name?

    Why is she here?

    What was that strange thing she appeared out of?

    Where are the Ironbrows of yesteryear?

    Questions zipped through his head as the girl stood, yelling at the sky. His meditation had been interrupted, his concentration broken. He furrowed his brow in frustration. Now isn't the time for meditation, he thought, The old Huojin masters always encouraged me to act! Emti composed himself, stepped forward and hailed the woman.

    "Hello there, little one... would you like some fish?" He smiled as he made the offer, trying to look friendly.

  5. Emti Po-ket drew in the scenery around him with a deep breath. This was his hidden alcove, a nook stuck inside what seemed to be two halves of a rock. He stood nearly as tall as the shortest of the three trees, a few inches over the average height for a Pandaren. His dark fur was striking against the white sand, and his round, heavy form had left imprints of his seat from previous trips. Cool, clear blue water held the promise of many fish, while the warm reds and oranges of the leaves reminded him of his hearth fire at home. Azshara was beautiful in the fall.

    He searched around, and when he was satisfied that it had remained undisturbed since his last visit, drew in a deep breath, stretched, and let it out. Fishing had always been a meditative practice for Emti, and this place in particular had fostered such spiritual growth within him. It was particularly serene today, the air still, the sea gently lapping at the sands. A smile spread across his face as he sat at the base of his trees. He laid his pack down next to him, and let out a contented sigh. Emti cast out all cares and worries with his fishing line. The winds whispered to him that his catch, today, would be particularly large...

  6. I think now that I have my bubble, two heals and a couple knock backs/controls I am going to take my squishy little sage in and throw some rocks around.

    On a non-pvp note, my 13/14 sage got to help take down that giant robot boss in the Market of Coruscant yesterday. It consisted of me tossing my baby heals at whomever needed them and running away when I got lazer linked.

    I wanna fight that guy SO HARD!

  7. "...'I wish for something to eat!'

    But he looked all around,

    There was naught to be found,

    Save for rotten old meat.

    'I know what I'll do,

    I'll make something new!

    Something not bitter,

    But sweet!'

    So he pulled out his rod,

    Gave it a stroke,

    And thrust it out at the sea

    Then from the tip

    Sprung the very first fish

    And the rest is history," Willard sang as he fished. After a round of "The Old Man and the Sea," he was certain the fish would be biting, but all he'd managed to catch was an old boot. He had hoped that Deadwind Pass would allow him to fish away from the public eye, but after several hours without any bites, he doubted that there were any fish here at all. His buzz was beginning to fade as he packed away his fishing gear. Captain Rumsey's Lager was a welcome addition to every fishing trip he took, and he took a large swig from his flask before packing it away with the rod. It was a long walk back to Duskwood, then a flight up to Stormwind, and he'd be damned if he was going to be sober for any of it. With all of his things packed, he concentrated for a moment, and turned into a bear. He tromped his way up the path to Duskwood when he heard some strange noises up the road. He sniffed for a moment, then sat down, confused.

    He smelled... murlocs?

    Willard became a panther and stealthily prowled up the path a little ways. He couldn't believe his eyes.

    There were murlocs riding spiders up the road. He shook his head and looked again.

    There were murlocs riding spiders up the road.

    "What, by the tits of Elune, is that? I... I have to see this," he thought, and began to follow the murlocs.

  8. Sorken Sizzlefinger stared blankly out his window when he heard a knock at his door. "Come in," he called. A dirty-looking boy walked in, pulled out a scrap of paper, and shouted "HIS MAJESTY OF THE ROYAL FAMILY, WILLARD GREYMANE, BROTHER TO KING GENN GREYMANE, MAY THE LIGHT WATCH OVER HIM FOREVER!!!" Sorken looked at the boy, puzzled, as a man walked in and looked around nervously.

    "Alright, where's my money?" the boy asked insistently.

    "It's in the err... usual place..." the man replied.

    "There is no usual place!"


    The boy made an obscene gesture and swore revenge at the man.

    Sorken watched the scene, slack-jawed with amazement. "Uhh... why are you here... Mr... Greymane?" he asked uncertainly.

    "Ah yes, I'm here for my interview. I heard there was... some sort of... newsletter thinger, and I figured that a... man of my standing might... uhh... become the talk of the town. Yeah." Willard glanced around nervously, then took a seat.

    "Well, we do do that sort of thing here, sir. Let me get the form, and we'll dive right in."

    Full Name: Willard "Greymane"

    Nicknames: Will

    Age: 26

    Race: "A red-blooded Gilnean Noble of the Royal Family"

    Gender: Male

    Hair: Black

    Skin: White

    Eyes: Blue

    Place of residence: Stormwind Docks

    Place of Birth: Gilneas

    Known Relatives: "Well, that'll be Genn Greymane. I'm his adopted brother, I do swear it by my mother's grave."

    Religion/Philosophy: "I believe in the balance of nature in all things!"

    Occupation: "I'm a... err... druid."

    Enemies: "The Undead, those bloody bastards!"

    Likes: "Oh... uhh... Fishing?"

    Favorite Foods: "Sagefish. Why, I feel wiser every time I eat one."

    Favorite Drinks: "A good ol' noble drink, like some ah... spiced wine...?"

    Favorite Colors: "The err... colors of... my house. Yeah. The colors of the Gilnean royal family, which is my house." The goblin reporter looks at Willard, "And what would the colors of your House be... Lord Greymane?"

    "Uhh... they're... well... Grey. And... I like Grey a lot. It's in the name, see, so of course there's grey in the House colors. Yeah..."

    Weapons of Choice: "Well, I can call upon the spirits of many animals, and I can summon the wrath of Nature to smite my foes... or at least that's what my old teacher told me I could do."

    Dislikes: "Vegetables! Faugh!"

    Hobbies: "Umm... I like noble things... like err... ... buying expensive clothes and drinking wine! And maybe ordering around common people, yeah."

    Physical Features: Looks absolutely nothing like Genn Greymane. Is decidedly common-looking.

    Special Abilities: "Special Abilities? I'm err... good at... horseback riding?"

    Positive Personality Traits: "I'm well connected to the err... upper class of Gilneas, since I'm a member of the royal family and all..."

    Negative Personality Traits: "How dare you! To have the... audacity?... AUDACITY to suggest that there is anything wrong with my personality."

    Appears to be delusional. ~S.S.


    "My history you say? Well... I uhh... I guess I'll start with how my family became part of the royal family. Yeah, that's it. It all started back in the... err... First War, see? When King Willard Greymane held the throne of Gilneas. He was going to be captured by orcs while he was out hunting one time, and uhh... my grandfather saved him. Chopped up them bloody savages right in front of the King and Queen, and made a right mess of it. My dear ol' granddad was so heroic, the Queen fell dead away into a faint, and the King asked him to come be the... Prince! of Gilneas. Genn Greymane was the true heir, of course, but we held all the rights and titles of the Greymane line. My granddad became the King's right-hand man, and when my father was born, we started the tradition of naming all of our male children 'Willard' after the old King of Gilneas."

    "Umm... Willard, was it? None of that ever happened."

    "You shut your lying mouth you bloody green monster. I'll not have you impugning the honor of my dear ol' granddad and the noble Greymane line!"

    Sorken sighed. In all probability, this was just some Gilnean looter who found some fancy-looking clothes and wanted to stop being a boring old commoner, but with Gilneas sunk halfway into the ocean now, there was no way to prove he wasn't nobility, short of speaking directly to the blasted nobles. Sorken decided not to push the issue. "Well... Lord Greymane... I guess we'll print this straightaway. I'm sure everyone will be happy to hear that such an important member of the nobility survived the disasters at Gilneas."

    "Quite right, I'm sure they will. I'll be off then, and I look forward to doing business with you in the future. I'm sure you'll be happy to... err... chronicle my heroic deeds."

    "...Yeah. We'll... do that."

    He rubbed his temples as Willard left. "I really don't get paid enough."

  9. I like the lore of the...




    Yeah, I never really got into anything. The Thousand and One Nights? Grimm's Fairy Tales? I guess out of video games, the only lore I ever really got into was the lore for "Demon's Souls." There's not a lot of lore for it, though, so I dunno if that even counts.

  10. Heya Admins, I've been getting a database error sporadically as I navigate the forums. I don't recall what the fix was last time this happened, or if it was even something I could do.

    If you need more information, just let me know. It usually works when I retry to load the page and stuff.

  11. I am largely unimpressed by this video.

    And by that I mean "I am largely unimpressed with mumorpugers in general and now that I've seen the gameplay of this, it looks like it's going to play like a mumorpuger," which I think says more about me than it says about the game.

  12. What the hell -is- that? I swear every class I switch to gets the ugly beat stick handed to it. Another helmet to spend eternity in the "not visible" category. And what's with the shoulders? Eh, I can't think of anything to do with shoulders, let's just not have any! That'll be unique!


    Just play as a Warrior. They've had pretty good armor models in almost every patch.