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  1. The large Pandaren considered her for a moment, then reached out to brush aside a bit of her hair. "Green? I don't see why that's such a bad thing, but no, your eyes are an earthy brown," he said, carefully. "Do you still need to see that priest? And was that your stomach I heard rumbling, or was it mine?" Emti chuckled. "My offer of fish still stands, the clothes too..." It's clear this woman is unstable, and she needs help. A priest might be able to help her, but the only ones around here are Goblins... Bilgewater Goblins, too... Hmm. We can try that, but I think it'd be best if we eat a b
  2. "I am a sort of bear, yes," Emti let out a hearty chuckle. "I am a Pandaren, of the Wandering Isle. I am no priest, just a fisherman, but I can direct you to one. You may first want some clothing, though, and I have a spare outfit in my pack... fishing is often a wet business." He set her down as he said this, and, keeping her within his sight, sidled over to his satchel. The clothes he pulled out were around ten or fifteen sizes too big, but thankfully they came with a sash. He handed the outfit over to the small woman. "You may look a bit silly in that, but it'll be better than your current
  3. <p>Boo! Hello, Aleria! I hope this reaches you by email, or something. It's been a long time, and I wonder how you've been? What are you up to? Are you still playing good ol' World of Warcraft?</p>

    <p>You're good people, and I've often wondered what happened to you since I left this forum.</p>

  4. Emti let the woman beat him. Her small stature meant she wasn't much of a threat to the large Pandaren, not unarmed anyway. He closed his eyes for a moment. I must act. I must take control of this situation. This is all a misunderstanding and she will come to her senses in a moment. Determined, Emti opened his eyes. He grabbed the small woman and despite her struggling, he managed to get her off of him and hold her at arm's length. She squirmed, struggled, and shouted at the Pandaren. Calmly, despite her continued shouting, he started to speak. "Would you--Would you please... I'm not--I'M NOT
  5. As this scene played out in front of him, Emti could think of only one thing: was this going to scare off his fish? He pushed it from his mind as he reeled in his line. Carefully, he set aside his prized fishing pole and stood to better appraise the newcomer. Would she give away his secret spot? Is she friend or foe? Horde or Alliance or neither? What is her name? Why is she here? What was that strange thing she appeared out of? Where are the Ironbrows of yesteryear? Questions zipped through his head as the girl stood, yelling at the sky. His meditation had been interrupted, his concent
  6. Emti Po-ket drew in the scenery around him with a deep breath. This was his hidden alcove, a nook stuck inside what seemed to be two halves of a rock. He stood nearly as tall as the shortest of the three trees, a few inches over the average height for a Pandaren. His dark fur was striking against the white sand, and his round, heavy form had left imprints of his seat from previous trips. Cool, clear blue water held the promise of many fish, while the warm reds and oranges of the leaves reminded him of his hearth fire at home. Azshara was beautiful in the fall. He searched around, and when he
  7. That's funny, I'm thoroughly enjoying the RP meetings RC does, not to mention the epic story Bioware has written.
  8. On Republic side I am Wynne, a scoundrel that may or may not be a healer in the near future. On Empire side I am Fnord, a Sith Assassin. Levels 23 and 10, respectively.
  9. I thought the same thing, then when I realized that "Tol Barad" wouldn't be in general discussion, I thought of Totalbiscuit (even though I think that guy is a fucking tard). Tuberculosis is cool. I think coughing up blood would be much cooler than shitting it out, so it'd be a pleasant change for me.
  10. <p>Definitely. I feel like if people don't think it's amazing (like me) then we're assumed to think it's awful. Which I don't.</p>

  11. <p>Well Necroxis, the only adult thing to do in this situation is to argue about it until we both hate each other or one of us dies.</p>


    <p>I dunno, I think the main reason I can get into the story more is partially because my character is already kind-of established from the get-go, whereas in ME or DA, you've got a completely clean slate of how you'd like your character to act and respond. I mean personality-wise, not story-wise. I like that my character (in the story) kind of has her own personality (a witty, self-interested smuggler) that I can then spring from and create something more, or customize to my liking.</p>

    <p>The story itself may not be as good as DA or ME, but I don't think it's too far off, even judging it of its own merits and not "well, it's good for an MMO." Because it's an MMO, the story does take a hit (for instance... in Coruscant, as a Consular, the main story quest feels extremely contrived), but beyond little things like that, it's still engaging and well written.</p>

  12. <p>The only storyline I enjoyed was the Inquisitor because I thought that Sith chick was pretty badass. Vash? I think was her name.</p>

  13. <p>Yeah, I have played SWTOR.</p>

    <p>I stick to my assessment. I cared much, much more about the storylines in Mass Effect and Dragon Age.</p>

  14. <p>Uuuuuggggggggghhhhhhh.</p>

    <p>Minimum wage jobs are the shittiest thing in the world.</p>

  15. <p>*tacklecuddles*</p>

    <p>Wow is good now that I can play more. Screw workin' for the man for...minimum wage. *stabs face*</p>