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  1. Maybe the Naaru could use some kind of diamensional device in outland in conjunction with a newly discovered Titan device on Azeroth in order to merge Outland with Azeroth, or perhaps in a future expansion the Naaru have stabilized Outland and from Shattrath send adventurers to other worlds in preparation for the final battle with Sargaras and the Burning Legion.
  2. Metzen said in the Blizzard lore panel that he wants to give Varian a huge and epic allaince-only questchain loosely based on the labors of Hercules, with your character serving as his squire. Basically you and Varian would do certain tasks only Varian is capable of dealing with for each of the Allaince races. This would all lead up to Varian becoming a respected and very capable king. Chris Metzen revealed this after he was asked by someone in the audience "so when does alliance get to kick ass?"
  3. I don't disagree that maybe Arthas did appear too much, but it would have been nice if our characters had at least a couple interactions with Deathwing and our characters exchanging words.
  4. From a story perspective I liked how things centered around the main villain. While I don't mind a change of pace, I do hope they eventually go back to a villain being the main focus again. They should do things more like they did with Arthas, his diologue with your character and constant taunts difinitely gave me the feeling the Lich King was my own personal nemesis. I did not get that feeling leveling in cataclysm from 80-85, instead I felt more like the Twilight's Hammer was my own personal enemy. As silly as it sounds
  5. I will agree that not having a big bad this time in my mind sort of takes away some of the epicness that came with the plot of each expansion. I was hoping our resident expert warlock mad scientist was right and Ashera would be the expansion's villain. If they were going with an oriental theme this expansion, the Naga fit in since the Naga in WOW are Indian, and the naga originated in Hindu mythology and legend.
  6. It is disapointing that Blizzard will never have an event like the zombie invasion again because of all the people who complained, and blizzard's new "play it your way" philosophy. I think the Cataclysm pre-release event was pretty stale, and I have no doubt the next event will be as well. In order for an event to have a big impact and be fun there has to be at least a small amount of disruption of the usual routine.
  7. Actually the Dungeon Finder was probably the number one reason I quit the game. It really bothered me for along time after 3.3 patch came out. I thought it was stupid that Blizzard had spent all that time developing a rich world, only to have people sit in dalaran all the time waiting to be teleported somewhere. After Cataclysm that trend continued until finally I decided to leave permanently. That decision was solidified when I read about the upcoming raid finder. Rather than complain though, I choose to vote with my feet. They wouldn't need the dungeon finder or any of that if Blizzard both
  8. Well by ancient culture I meant ancient china. China dates back to around the same time as the pharoahs ruled ancient egypt, so I think that qualifies as an ancient culture.
  9. Honestly I think Swerto has a point about the broken promises, if anything annoys me about Blizzard it is that. -Abyssal Maw was previewed on the official cataclysm site if I remember correctly. Something about Neptulon's Trident and the allaince and horde attempting to get their hands on it. It was said to be "an item no mortal should possess". That got me excited. It sounded exciting. Then sometime before patch 4.2 came out they said they had canceled it because "We don't want a deluded fire and water theme for tier 12 armor". I was thinking, "What the hell! Seriously?". -There was the "ep
  10. I've seen the arguments, and honestly I can see afew of them being valid reasons. Lets take a look: -Kung-Fu Panda is what most people will think when they see the Pandaren race. A portion of the WOW playerbase will see this as a huge change to the image of the game. Think about it, they are going from a nearly destroyed world and HP.Lovecraft inspired villains to a colorful, bright, asian inspired land. -The addition of a pokemon style battle system will further cement the idea that Blizzard has decided to change World of Warcraft's target audience so that it reaches a younger demographic.
  11. Wrathion seems like a very interesting character. I wonder if he is part of something bigger we will see later on.
  12. One of the set bonuses could let warlocks instantly kill anything by sneaking up on them...maybe.
  13. They need to make a future Warlock tier armor based on a Fel Reaver.
  14. Good because otherwise that would be a major recipe for guild drama on a level this game has never seen...
  15. Just curious but does that mean if a guild's members collectively don't like their guild master, and prefer one of the officers or someone else for the role, does that mean if theres a vote the existing guildmaster is "dethroned" or is it only for inactive guildmasters? Also the patch content for 4.3 looks nice, but sadly it is not enough for me to resub, changes to the game and just the fact I'm burnt out with WoW mean I won't log in again for along time. The final patch for Cataclysm does look great though.