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  1. I initially pre-ordered it. Played the open beta and cancelled it. The game simply needs more time; they need to develop the game beyond the: go to this planet, fight 5 squadrons of these guys, beam down, fight some guys on land, beam up... mission complete. That is just my issue with content.... the bugs were pretty ridiculous at some points, but they *shouldn't* have a problem fixing most of the bugs. I will be waiting for april - june sometime to check the game out again, see how they progressed. I think the game has great potential.... now to see if they ever live up to it.
  2. Been playing the open beta. Its fun, I really enjoy the missions and the feel of the game. Im a tad worried about the content running out, but the PvP and competitive PvE (which are like resource battles) are fun. My biggest gripe by far is that it takes FAR too long to get out of the starter ship. Everyone is a light cruiser right away and its bleh. I just got my escort last night and space battles are much more fun imo.
  3. KQ5 was my personal favorite. my brother and I played it for hours together, it was so fun figuring out the puzzles before "ill just google it". Im not sure id enjoy it as much today, but when I was a kid figuring out that desert was really fun. I was also a fan of the QFG line. The first one I played though was the remake of the first one.
  4. Hmm I don't know about that. WoW is easy mode. I love the game, but it honestly and truly is. Aion by level 31 I had more buttons I actually used OFTEN than I ever did in wow by max level (on several different classes and specs). But... You are correct. When you press buttons in Aion your character often does very pretty animations, however that is supposed to make up for the lack of a Global Cooldown.
  5. Storyline - Decent, the beginning is not bad, the first 20 levels even are ok. Good quests etc. From 20-30, its not too bad, quite a bit of grinding, but not unbearable if you're really looking forward to playing a fortress capturing game. 30-40... DESTROYS THE SOUL. Its terrible. You pretty much have to grind unless you want to spend literally 48-72 hours of questing per level. Never got to 40 but I heard it is quite a bit worse. UI - Its playable, no modding though. You cannot have addons or anything. Community - ugh... I felt no connection to the community. PuGs were usually really bad. If you play find a group of competent players RP - None. I didn't see a single person RPing. There are no official servers that are RP and looked but found no Unofficial servers. Some additional notes: You might think, well me and some friends will roll templar / cleric / sorc / dps x3 (yeah 6 man groups). Well at 25 you get the first instance. You can run it once every 18 hours. Yes its great, its amazing exp, but the loot is completely random off bosses. I did I think 6 runs before I got to 29 ( when you can't do it anymore). I saw one drop. One blue (equivalent to wows blue). The next instance is 30 (recommended 33-37). I ran that instance 15+ times. We did not see a single piece of loot. On top of that the instance grinding was about 1/3 the exp of soloing. I did not go past that. This game sucked out my soul. I will see what happens in the next 3 months.. before I subscribe. EDIT: some additional info: I did a fortress capture. It was all zerg. There were no tactics at all. We won... im not sure how. I tabbed and threw dots most of the time and an occasional fear (if I could get it off before the person died - 2 sec cast).
  6. I got this from another forum I read. I personally find the pictures pretty awesome. They're just close ups of bugs in very high quality. http://www.lightstalking.com/macro-bugs EDIT: I also realize this if my first post, I usually just lurk and recently have started playing on TN again. My forum name is same as in game. I assure you I am not a troll.