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  1. Just dropping by to say hello! Of course, the return of classic WOW and a new rp-pvp server has me intrigued.
  2. I suspect Blizzard is behind it all- marketing strategy to sell Authenticators...
  3. Yes- I think I have been hacked.. I got an email today that I have changed my Aion password- I don't even play Aion at the moment- I sent them the email to let them know that someone has jacked my account- What's weird though, is they would have had to pay to restart that account? I admit - I have used the same "name" and password as my account for multiple games so, yes, someone can go around and restart my account in several games- I'm not sure what good this does them... so strange... So now- What should I do? Wipe my computer clean- factory reset it?
  4. I edited it so that it wouldn't be a link but I think you can see what it was- donotreply@blizzard.com the "l" is a typo
  5. I made the discovery of the canceled account trying to log into the game- It pops up and says, "this account has been permanently disabled" - I clicked manage account and went straight to the official WOW forums and tried to log in- a notice there says this account has been disabled, please log out. I checked my personal email and found the notice from Blizzard with several links directly to the Blizzard site refering me to their various policies- none of which I violated- but which are the reason my account has been banned- and a link to a FAQ about being banned and the address to email disputes too. I emailed my dispute and got an immediate " we have your email please do not email us anymore until we contact you again and this could take several days form letter" sent to my personal email. I am the only one who uses my account, ever. I am currently reinstalling WAR- at least I can through some scenarios and kill people... <EDIT> the emails, by the way, are all from [-donotreply@blizzard.coml-]
  6. They sent me an email saying I was involved with exploitative behavior- I exchanged real world currency for in game goods- I have never done such. I am staunchly against this type of activity. I hate gold farmers and report gold spammers every chance I get. I cannot begin to express how angry and upset this makes me. I cannot even fathom how they would even think I was involved in such. I wish I could reach them by phone but I am having to deal with an involved email process that could take days... As much fun as I was having coming back to this game I cannot say for certain whether I will even stay around at this point once this situation is resolved. I realize few of you folks here even know who I am, but still, you were part of the community I played in and I would say you are the heart of the Twisting Nether server. Yes, I am angry and want to rant and no, I'm really not very good at ranting-
  7. Ah yes.. operation:longrifle - good times Thanks for the replies! Riling up the dwarves is like playing with ants- Can you imagine sticking a giant stick into Ironforge and watching all the dwarves climb up the pole in a futile effort of retaliation? I believe it was Ironforge Regiment that lead the assault? By the way, what guilds from that time have survived? I am more familiar with the Horde guilds: Sanctuary, The Grim, Infection... Back in the days of that wonderful Horde secret society of guilds which, while never as popular as one could hope, was still lots of fun for the Eye of Kilrogg to participate in.
  8. Anyone remember a dwarf invasion of Tirisfal Glades- as I recall they were hunting down a specific Warlock to kill her... good times- I remember guarding at the bridge with my small coven of Warlocks "The Eye of Kilrogg" and watching this gathering of characters all for a singular cause- It was fun watching everyone roleplay while they anticipated what surely happened rather quickly and was over far too soon- but still- good times- Not sure what happened with the story- Anything like this ever happen these days? Anyone interested in such fair? Anyone know what I am talking about or have I finally gone mad? heh heh...
  9. - If you plan a date/time, and he is available.. Ponga enjoys the music and dancing in Senjin- He enjoys tribal storytelling too- He reveres the old ways, and much prefers sleeping on grass, stone, sand - embracing the heartbeat of the earth- to the unnatural smells and confining customs of the cities...
  10. It had held for many years. An entrapment paradox, a poison hex prison, binding the old orc out of time and out of reality. Long he meditated within the voidhold, working the threads of the spell, testing the the boundaries of his cage, and nurturing a deep hate for those who held him captive. Long his mind fueled the flames of his inner rage and the undying embers of his hope. He bent the spellbind and warped the enchantment but it held and his mind turned in on itself. Folding back on time, he gazed long through the acidic smoke, the tears of his torment burning his eyes but deeply he gazed there into the sulfuric fog. As madness began to creep many-legged about the shadowed crevasses of his brain he found it- The Eye. The Eye of Kilrogg. Or perhaps it found him? Followed the Eye he did on his sojourn through void, moving but never going anywhere- deep into the flames he waded, ignoring sanity and following his iconic savior. In a tavern, in the wastes of the Barrens, the flames of the fire in the hearth surge and expand out into the room. The patrons are shocked and move back- but just a quickly as the event occured, the flames draw back to normal, revealing an aged Orc, in tattered robes has appeared. He looks groggily about the room and seems a bit out of sorts. He licks his lips and smiles. "Someone, bring me a cigar."
  11. Thank you Villayna! For the curious, I am enjoying some time in Warhammer these days on Dark Crag playing a goblin squig herder- Bagfog Rottenbottom http://forums.warhammeronline.com/warhammer/board/message?board.id=server_dc&thread.id=7508 http://forums.warhammeronline.com/warhammer/board/message?board.id=server_dc&thread.id=4732 I wanted to move some of my Greenskin poetry over. Again, thank you very much Villayna!
  12. Sorry Advurb - I don't know Irontoe. Sorry Villayana- you can go ahead and delete all my posts in this thread ((although I would have loved to see you dressed as a nun ha ha )) I worked 14 hours, slept 3 - I really shouldn't be anywhere near this thread at all in the first place. I'll wander back down to the Warhammer section- and sneak about the stories and biographies- but first, I am going back to bed.
  13. I am amazed and stunned. I am sorry but I enjoyed the TNG and coming here and I will miss it. I am a roleplayer and perhaps in the future, in Warhammer we will cross paths again. Goodbye.
  14. Dearest Mystagogue, It is with great pleasure that I inform you that I will indeed be able to take you into my tutelage. There are, of course, many that seek my council, but as I have said I am fond of you and was able to make certain sacrifices to be able to take you under my wing. Feel no obligation, at this time, as I am certain we will come to mutual satisfaction at our arrangement. There are three books I would like you to begin reading: The Book of Sixes, Ansu Nadi Nameology, and the Diablonomicon. I have included the texts with this letter. Do be careful and remember to read the Diablonomicon from 1st page to last or you risk permamanent madness. I will come to you soon to begin a more formal training. There is a caucus of Warlocks which will need to form shortly for annual discussion and such- I do hope you would be so kind as to attend with me. I can introduce to you a few Warlocks and such and explain to you the politics of becoming a Master Artisan of the Dark Arts. Do be careful, information is power! The trick, as they say, is to always give less than you get. But there will be more time for such lessons in the future! - Master Ulfguard Belzebeus Darkheart "Mr. Bells"
  15. Belzebeus read the letter alone in his room at the Silvermoon City Inn. He set it down on the nightstand next to the small bed and moved, stepping out onto the balcony overlooking the city streets. Below, Blood Elf women hocked themselves among the shadows in the wee hours of the morning. Strange perfumes and city scents wafted on the warm breeze. From his sleeve, Belzebeus produced a half smoked cigar and clenched it in his teeth. With a flame he conjured in his palm he lit the odourous stogy and puffed away into the thick air. "It begins," he thought and then coughed. "Am I getting too old for this?" he laughed to himself. "Now in the twilight of my time... things begin... So much to be done... " The air about him turned a shade cooler and he shuddered. He pondered, briefly, and returned inside. Sitting down at the small writing desk he picked up a quill and began to write his reply.