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  1. Welcome to TN Kayllia, very glad to have you aboard.
  2. Pah, a "true RPer" would welcome the added threat and realism offered by PvP realms. I find it hard to believe that people would simply ignore you for going to an RP-PvP server. I guess people who are like that probably aren't really RPers, but artsy elitist egomaniacs. Besides, one would think that after 60 levels + end game in the super easy and boring non PvP environment, the people would be wanting for the next challenge level. Put the two together and you have elitists who are afraid to leave easy mode... I find that amusing.
  3. Has anyone thought about trying to recruit new TN players from other realms? Perhaps posting a call for RPers on the RP server forums and the other RPPVP forums? The stronger the RP base is here, the easier it will be to isolate the RP harrassing guilds *cough* echelon,infamous *cough* I really do not understand why they stay here with all the griping about how crappy PvP is on our server. Maybe we could make it unbearable until they leave somehow *ponder*
  4. This exact question is what made Clan of the Crimson Hand begin to question it's purpose and look at how to carry on. We examined several options, and decided that our situation warranted a merger. We were lucky enough to find the Pentaverate which seemed to be in line with our original charter. The merge was fairly smooth, and we were given a warm welcome. While this merge will only put us at 20 man raid capable in the not so distant future, it was a good move IMO. All of the people I enjoyed interacting with are still there, and quite a few new people who I have enjoyed interacting with over the last couple of days are now near.
  5. I hope that the GM banned those people since it is against the rules of RPPvP to harass Roleplayers. If not, then WoW is lost to RPers as there is no safe haven, and no rule enforcement. Could someone please post a list of names so that I can add it to my personal blacklist, or do I just need to blacklist all of Infamous?
  6. Moolberry sits silent as more Horde begin to enter. The first, who's name is Fallacy introduces himself to her, and she returns the introduction. They do not have time to talk for long, however, since many more existing members of the Council enter and begin to discuss business. Moolberry gets out her notepad as the meeting begins. There is some talk of new guilds joining, but most of the discussion is about communication and a charter. It does not take long for Moolberry to feel lost in the thick conversation, and she tries frantically to keep notes. There is discussion about boosting membership in smaller guilds, and keeping guilds together which brought to mind the situation of her own Clan and the way it fell from glory. A few times she would try to politely interject with a comment or idea, but her voice must have fallen upon deaf ears because she could discern no attention given to them. The meeting comes to a close and she watches as people file out. How confusing this is. I wonder how a fellowship with this council will positively impact the Crimson Hand. How could it hurt to be a part of the Nether Council? She looks up and wonders if Malebrignon is still around.
  7. "Alright then, what if we do not intend to remain small forever? Is there room for larger guilds upon the council as well?" "Also, while I understand that every relationship is give and take, some find that the most meaningful generosity comes when it is not expected. I for one feel better helping of my own volition rather than because it is mandatory. Please detail for me the mandatory attendance and actions required to maintain membership." The strong tauren woman takes a seat upon the stool and removes the massive, heavy axe from her back.
  8. Moolberry appears confused at the nonsense coming from Malebrignon's mouth. "Well thank you er, mage?" Her eyes travel his purple robes. "But you should know that we haven't yet decided to join. We would like to see more of the Council, and what it represents first," she says as she looks about for what seems to be the most unimportant seat. "Do you mind if I sit there?" She motions towards the stool she has chosen.
  9. As the events leading to Malebrignon's greeting begin to unfold, Moolberry's left brow rises to an arch. "I wonder if perhaps I should be asking you that," she says as she finishes climbing into the hall. She turns her gaze to the Tauren with a duster. "I am so glad I chose a career in breaking things rather than cleaning them," she thinks at the scolding. "I am Moolberry, of the Clan of the Crimson Hand." she states flatly with a hand outstretched to assist the Forsaken to his feet. "I am here to represent my Clan at the Nether Council. I believe you have been in correspondence with Runehorn."
  10. Moolberry


    Send a tell to Runehorn, Lorog, or Heliosturr, and they can tell you about Clan of the Crimson Hand. We are RP-lite, balanced with PvP. We have a shortage of mages , so on top of RP, you would be very needed.
  11. Okay, I had to bite. Made a sig.
  12. Moolberry is wandering about in Orgrimmar looking for some meeting that Brother Runehorn had asked her to attend as a representative of Clan of the Crimson Hand. Noticing a sign in the Drag advertising "Nether Council Open House," she lets a short sigh and turns toward her newfound destination. After nearly getting knocked over by a pair of orcs on worgs, and a troll on a raptor, she had come to the entryway. "Where's the fire!?" She shouts angrily as her assailants continue around the corner. Both curious and unsure about this Nether Council, Moolberry stands on the second rung of the rope ladder and pops her head up into the room to see Malebrignon.
  13. Well, I post stories under Journal (since that is what they are). I like to see continuity between RP threads and in game events. An example would be that if I join the open RP Malebrignon made just now, I don't think that anything hashed out in the thread should need rehashing in game. This method could provide a way to RP the gathering of a raid, or the forming of a group, the merging of guilds, etc. Example: If someone wants to start a group to visit Sunken Temple tonight, they could start an open RP, interact on the forums, then go to the temple later when everyone can log in. My problem is that Im not so great with Freeform RP. I know how to nail down a personality, and be that personality, but my imagination isnt so hot when it comes to making up plotlines and NPCs and drawing others into it. It is really silly because I can run a game of Dungeons and Dragons without a problem, but freeform RP tends to lock me up.
  14. I played in a Play by Post RPG based on the court of King Louis IV with musketeers and fops, intrigue and espionage, duels and political maneuvering. Players posted quite a bit in the... 2 years I was there. Only the main moderator broke 1K posts. I was working on 300 when I left if I remember correctly.
  15. Why so many ranks? I think that overcomplicates things. With that many ranks, I would never know what meant what and would have to refer to a chart . I recommend keeping it simple, and making the upper ranks difficult to obtain so that it reflects true prestige (or a propensity for trolling and baiting)