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  1. <p>ILU and IMU.</p>


  2. Keke, thanks guys~ @Klimma, you better! <3 @Akula, don't be jelly! Just add a broody overhanging brow here, and an angled jaw there. Voila! @Reth, Don't be a rere, I paid the $25 to bring a second DK over.
  3. My DK Vlademar. If I may so say myself, YUM. ICly he's based on my favorite book character, Zarek of Moesia
  4. bigger! Thought drawing my Paladin would make me want to play her more. Boy, was I wrong.
  5. Bitches, get out your wallets. almost full size this bitch! (I accidentally saved the wrong size so tiny.) I drew my Paladin Raphael as an example of the $15 bust commissions I'm offering. Still working out the details of pricing, and all that, so bare with me lolololol I made Vaaldis into a pony. FiM FEVER! I forgot the link to the generator, sorry guys
  6. There's at least three different movies with the title Crash. I think the sexed up one has the guy from Secretary. Favorite recently watched: Chaos Theory! My hatred for Ryan Reynolds has turned into pure love.
  7. Funnily enough, the guild I've created with friends is for nobles, and wealthy citizens who have bought their way to nobility. Snooty and high class is what we're all about with a hidden agenda. I'm in, definitely on Vaaldis, and I'm sure I can rile up a few other members.
  8. I'm back with resized pictures. first off is Hamadryas, My best yet, if I say so myself. I've yet to master the art of textures without looking like a douche, though. Working on it. full size. Next is, the lovely Niktika <3 Played around with my usual lineart, playing more with weights, simpler shading, & being a douche with textures. full size. & rofl, have some Harvest Moon fan art. My waifu, Daisy from Grand Bazaar. I decided to use her as a quick example for my full body $15 commissions. More info on that is coming soon. I'm a broke ass dick and would like to stay
  9. Here, TNG, have a link! It's far too big to post the image, and it's 8am. No resizing until I get some sleep. Not exactly WoW related, but a dryad is a dryad. *crawls back into hobbit hole*
  10. <p>Well, shit. Lucky. <a href="" rel="external nofollow"></a></p>

    <p><img src="" alt="f2b5cdf8-9dae-4bbb-9d3f-f500e1abf59c.jpg" /></p>

  11. <p>I've built a beast of computer, at least for most games. Free to play totally gives me a wetty. This needs to happen because I'm a broke ass dick.</p>

  12. <p>I hear it's going free to play soon. Kinda hard on your computer though. It's whats kept me out post expansion. Still, I have my memories...</p>

    <p><img src="" alt="Brienus1-1.jpg" /></p>

  13. <p>...I want this game.</p>

  14. <p>Age of Conan loading screen. The part for my profile pic is just the dude I based my character on. Whole thing is just... Beautiful. </p>

    <p><a href="" rel="external nofollow"></a></p>