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  1. Hi all, I know this won't resonate with the great majority of folks still posting here, but my dear friend Matt, who played on TN for around a decade as Eudos and Miltonian, passed away last week after a relatively short but fierce fight with cancer. For those of you who knew him, I shared some words after his service. For those of you who didn't, you really missed out. He was 37.
  2. We're moving over to Jung Ma - I'll be on Daelin to start, not sure on Milt's new toons yet.
  3. RP-PVP Ven Zallow with Eudos/Milt and eventually Haldren. Taking things very casually for now.
  4. Long are these days spent in drink and remembrance. It's strange to think of how much energy I've spent over the years attempting to remain anonymous. I am a ghost, an encryption, and a fabrication, but never a man. All of it my own doing. My ultimate goal. I am feared and fed by scores of scuttling shadows who would not recognize me if we spoke face to face. I am the wind; only made real through my effect on the world. And yet, somehow, I find myself unable to overcome the melancholy brought about in realizing that no one will remember me. It is a hard thing to know that the great majorit
  5. I'm race-changing my main character to a Worgen in hopes that some new RP life will make the game fun again. From an RP standpoint, I'm having a tough time figuring out if my old Knight-Captain rank is something I can display in-character, though. Part of it's from the fuzzy time line regarding Gilneas. Is my math/timeline correct here? (Based on Wowwiki) The current year is 36 The Alliance formally broke up around the year ~20 It would have taken at least a few years to actually construct the wall, recall all the soldiers, and seal Gilneas. For reference, Hadrian's wall took 6 years to bu
  6. I believe I'll be back soon after Christmas...I was told not to buy Cata by Eudos, quite soon after my wife said she was calling him for Christmas ideas. He's excellent at keeping secrets.
  7. I found myself looking toward the night sky, focused on a wonderfully yellow moon just short of full framed by tendrils of gray clouds. I put forth no false pretenses that the sight moon often sets my mind to romantic or nostalgic tangents, but I consider it an understandable indulgence given the circumstances. My revelry was short, however, as I was snapped back to more mundane matters by a voice inquiring as to my identity. "Mr. Grey?" The voice was a woman's, sheepish, though pure in tone. I must admit that the heart-shaped face from which it sprang was quite lovely in the wavering lampli
  8. You shut your mouth when you're talking to me. The Crow (comic and first movie) is ace. I challenge anyone to find a better villain one-liner than, "KAW! KAW! BANG! Fuck, I'm Dead!"
  9. It's even more heroic when you look at the statistics for how often a person naturally swerves away from impact to save themselves out of pure instinct. Overriding your own survival mechanism is awfully impressive.
  10. A family facing foreclosure on their home found the Holy Grail of comics in their basement: Action Comics #1, AKA Superman's first appearance. Discovered while the family was literally in the process of packing up their things to move out, the VG+ (Very Good) quality rating of the book should fetch around $250,000 at auction. In better Condition, other copies have sold for between $1-2 million. http://www.asylum.com/2010/07/23/superman-action-comics-1-saves-family-from-foreclosure/
  11. There were massive creative differences during the filming of the last Hulk movie, so it was never very likely that he was coming back. Most fans are pretty disappointed, and the root of the problem was Norton's cut of the film which was by all accounts a much better, more character-driven piece than the popcorn flick that Marvel wanted being discarded.
  12. MMO's are unique in their combination of social, recreational, competitive, and creative aspects of entertainment. By far, the hardest of the four to grow and sustain is the creative portion of that equation. The others are easier, full of tangible (some irony there) rewards and instant gratification within the codified system of the game: your guild gets bigger, your chat channel busier, the other guy gets deader, your pixels become shinier, and arranged in progressively uglier shapes. To be creative in an environment that at the same time offers inspiration but refuses to support artistic en
  13. Mark Ruffalo is confirmed as the Hulk. Good actor, but I'm still cheesed that Norton couldn't be kept on.
  14. ((The idea behind the shift is that the third-person portions (of which there might only be the one) are reliable narration, meant to give short glimpses into scenes that represent recurring motifs of the story as a whole. The first-person views are suitable biased as they're from a character's perspective, and thus less reliable and prone to supporting mysterious aspects of the story.)) ((More soon.))
  15. One The fort on the coast had been growing for hours on the horizon, its beacon shining out across the water, a snake of light rippling back toward the coast. The days in the marshlands had left me stinking of mud and something vaguely fish-like, and Tiri was worse by degrees. She stirred on my back in the early morning's blue glow, let out a croak of a breath before setting down again. Rain had given way to a thick fog at some time during the night, and I drank every breath as I crossed another of the knee-deep rivulets that cracked the soggy landscape. As I reached the high ground my boot