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  1. Hey guyz! it's just a game. But it looks like you guys need more burt
  2. You basically need a DK for Malygos. A DK for hard mode Anub is nice as well. Hard mode anub without a holy pally is insane. snaring the zombies for gluth. Oh yea, priests mind controlling Instructor? Sounds like its basically already in the game.
  3. If raids are too easy I would see everyone doing ToGC
  4. I really hope you guys stick to the guild. I like it so far.
  5. Someone said 3 buttons, I proved them wrong. Also, that shows its much more than strafing around and putting down a frost trap. *sigh* why bother arguing with dusk watch, what a waste of time. ToC time.
  6. three buttons? want me to name them? concussive shot, frost trap, scatter shot, disengage, deterrence, freezing arrow, master's call, flare(if you want to count it) and those are just the defensive abilities. Edit: wingclip Edit edit: feign death Edit again: this is not counting the talents you get if you go BM
  7. Go play a hunter, you will see.
  8. Meaning it takes skill. You don't hit 3 buttons. You have lots of macro's and it is all about crowd control. Kiting around in circles, behind pillars. If you let a hunter just stand there then you = bad. It is like a mage, but harder to kite. What makes paladins so hard to play? Have you played a hunter before in some type of pvp setting? I have played every class in pvp.
  9. Hunter: hard to play in pvp Lol ally paladin: bubble hearth after getting owned.
  10. burt showed up, then all the humans died. burt win.