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  1. "I'm surprised the ink still runs in this vial. Oh gods, how to explain this..." "I awoke in some warm cottage on the outskirts of Northrend. A dwarven hovel - some miner or gatherer or whatever. Regardless, his corpse will have to suffice as a writing surface as I broke the only table he had in our struggle once I awoke. Apparently he assumed I was some blasphemous Quel'dorei." "I restrained myself long enough to learn from him that I was discovered trapped inside a prison of ice. Apparently my disservice to the Black Dragonflight didn't set well in their minds, and they sought to imprison me as 'punishment'. I can still see the mark on my hand... How long was I trapped in that frozen tomb? I'll have to find out on my own..."
  2. "He's got a sense of humor." "Lets hope he brings me Alliance blood as well."
  3. "She fights the Alliance with a fervor that I find appealing. It's good to see someone who used to serve the Lich King strike down members of the blue banner with such skill - fighting as a member of the Horde."
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  5. "My time with the Grim has come to an end. I will carry on the Mandate in my own path, and in my own way." "The meeting held tonight was quite out of my expectations. I was expecting the Mistress to disclose something about my plans to the Shadowblade, but neither made an appearance during the start of the meeting. I'm sick of waiting, and I'm sick of being brushed aside. With the exception of Leyujin, and Kiaralansee.. I can tell when prying eyes dislike my outlandish ideals and forthcomings. I feel as if I am merely a tool here... Not an ally. Not a true Grim." "I am done wasting my time." "It is time to find new allies that hold the same keen bloodthirst to bring the battle to the Alliance without letting up for such extended lengths of time. I will forge my own force if needbe. The Horde will bring war to the Alliance by my hands one way.. or another." "The battle continues."
  6. "I'm having more of the nightmares lately. It seems every time I lie to rest, the images of destruction and chaos flood my mind." "I will not be corrupted. Neltharion can have his damned powers, I've no need of it." "Qabian and Nymare's wedding was unexpected, but in a sense I suppose it should of -been- expected. I wasn't surprised on how the event folded out, however. I didn't have much to say until I was addressed... Most of my words were best kept to myself." "I shouldn't dwell on such things, but lately I've had a barrage of upsetting turns of events - some of which I can't help but grow furious over." "The priestess. How could I of been such a fool to not see her treachery? Leyujin and I infiltrated Stormwind on our own that evening, intent on bringing the girl to her knees. I was driven with anger, hatred, and revenge for her deceit." "And to top it all off, the mistress paid me a visit. Apparently she decided it was time to display her distaste in my profession, something that seemed best left to her own damned self. But nonetheless she's got my position in Grim in question. At this point I could give a damn less what fate befalls me. I'm sick of giving my efforts to a bunch of careless braggarts with little visible interest in opposing the Alliance as I do." "The Mandate is all that leads me now. That and my thirst for revenge against the Silver Hand." "I have been thoroughly thinking of what my next chapter will be. I will bring it to bear against the Alliance soon."
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  10. "It's been nearly a month since I wrote in this." "The third Chapter went surprisingly well.. We battled the Alliance atop their own flying battleship, the Skybreaker." "However, nearly a week has passed and I still feel like things are missing. The Grim is not as well set as I had wanted to believe. I feel that my recent musings are a sign that I should be striving for something greater." "Not just the Grim. The Horde as a whole need to take the battle to the Alliance in swift, brutal strikes." "I must speak with Leyujin. Since Nymare and Qabians departure, he's the only respected ear and friend I have left in Grim." "My Chapters may not go on as I had previously intended... But they will go on."
  11. <p>Now how did you know it was me~</p>

  12. You might know Durant if: -You've ever worked with the Silver Hand before Kael'thas formed the Blood Elves -You've ever worked with Kael'thas before the Scryers formed in Shattrah -You've ever worked with or fought against the Grim in the past few months -You have a strong connection or relation with the Black Dragonflight
  13. Durant stepped through the numbing chill of the Dragonblight, slowly dredging along with his mind enveloped in deep thought. "It's cold. I can stand the cold." The Knight of the Dusk had thought long and hard about his endeavors against the Alliance, as well as his endeavors to better his efforts for the Mandate - and the Grim. Recent activities executed by both Alliance and Horde have sent him searching for answers. And search he had, nearly in vain. Durant stopped in his tracks, removing his helm to gaze off in the distance at Wrathgate. He remembered the losses encountered there, and pondered if he would fail in such a dire manner. "No. I won't let something like this come to pass. Not to the Horde." A sudden sharp wind sent a shiver down his spine - causing his silver hair to blow about recklessly. Durant heard a whisper. "You seek power. You seek vengeance." The knight narrowed his eyes, slowly pivoting around in an attempt to locate the voice that came seemingly from nowhere. "Come. I can promise you these things." Durant fixed his gaze on the Obsidian Dragonshrine, feeling compelled to investigate. His own feet followed the voice, walking the ironclad Sin'dorei into the depths of the Maw of Neltharion. The knight in black armor unsheathed his blade, his suspicions telling him to be at his guard. No signs of life in sight - he delved deeper within the cavern of the Black Dragonflight, seemingly searching for something he wasn't quite sure what was. He followed the voice. "Durant, I can feel your anger. Your hatred. It runs deep within you." "Show yourself!" The Sin'dorei frowned, whirling about looking for seemingly nothing. It was just him and the voice there in the darkness. "You are standing in the domain of Neltharion. The Destroyer welcomes one with such potential as yourself. You seek to eradicate life - but are filled with the false necessity that is direction. You seek to destroy the Alliance." Durant took a step back, gaze shifting to the ceiling of the cavern, for lack of a better place to look. "Who are you, and what do you want with me!?" The voice echoed louder throughout Durants mind. "It does not matter who I am. What matters is that you are here now - The Black Scourge calls for those with malice in their blood. You answered such a call. Embrace the darkness, Durant. It will grant you the vengeance you desire and more." Durant frowned with distaste at the concept and gripped his blade firmly in both hands. Taking a step forward into a battle stance, he growled in response. "I don't need the help of a voice in some bloody cave - This is the Obsidian Dragonshrine. You mean to tell me I should serve the Black Dragonflight? The nerve! Deathwing went mad with his lust for destruction! I will not take part in such a foolish ordeal! Leave me, voice of the mad! I will not be your pawn!" Durant shifted his gaze as the voice responded with a deep, resounding laughter. "You lack insight, dark knight. You will see the power that will reign over this world. You will succumb to its might - Your desire for power and vengeance proves this. I will show you just how weak you truly are by giving you a taste of this greatness. You will come back for more..." Durant narrowed his eyes again at this. Taking another step back, he slowly edged towards the exit of the caverns. A bit too late, unfortunately. The moment the knight turned his back, a bolt of dark energy struck him sharply in the chest. Falling to one knee, he gasped for air as he felt fire start to crawl through his veins. "What... What are you doing to me?!" Durant howled, dropping his blade as he gripped his head, the voice booming even louder than before. "Fear, pain, anger. Yes, take it. Feed off of it. Go. You have much work to do." "NO!" Durant reached down grabbing his blade with both arms, flinging the sword into the wall with all his might. He felt a heavy weight on his chest and mind - causing him to slip into unconsciousness. "All in due time... All in due time. I will succeed where the Demon Soul failed." Durant awoke several hours later, groaning as he tried to rub out the throbbing headache he now possessed. Reaching to retrieve his sword, he gasped as he noticed a glowing symbol inscribed around his finger. He quickly fled the Obsidian Dragonshrine, never bothering to look back.