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  1. <p>last time i checked to be a demon hunter one only had to.. well.. hunt demons... with the power of the light cascading from my hands, they fall beneath my onslaught. What i am good at, I was made for.</p>


  2. <p>You seem like a nice person. Your character has the occupation of demon hunter, yet you are neither night elf nor blind. I think you will do quite well.</p>

    <p>Welcome to TNG.</p>

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    A write the following to give a glimpse of Asbrey, his motivations and ways of thinking. For the purpose of your entertainment and my character development. Asbrey Waywarden Paladin of the Light, a life of service. Asbrey dislodged his sword from the skull of the demon he just felled. It seemed to him to have been only a little while ago when he was hunting kobolds near the Northshire abbey. How far had he come? He remembered the last time back in Azeroth, back in Stormwind visiting the temple there, passing by the orphanage that had been his home when he was young. He had trodden his warhorse past the door, seeing the children look out at him in awe, blinding them with the sunlight reflecting from his armour. He had smiled, remembering how he had once stared out at the passing paladins as they returned home to the temple. Now he could barely remember those times, the evil he had witnessed in Azeroth and the corruption and defilement of Outland had made his heart heavy. In a strange way he felt that even thinking about home while surrounded by the death and depravity of the demons , it would somehow corrupt his memories and turn them into twisted dark thoughts, and that these then would somehow tarnish and threaten the places he loved. But Outland was not all darkness. Whenever he returned to Shattrath city he visited the inner chamber, where A'dal resided. He had spend many days meditating in the presence of this being, and until reaching outland in his service to the light had never felt so convinced of his mission, the rightness of his cause. Yet in some way, seeing the light manifest so evidently had also taken a bit of his faith. His doubt was always a source of strength, his commitment to a cause he was not certain of gave his life meaning, because it was he who ultimately decided to trust in something so contrary to what he witnessed, an order in the world, the light. But the beings of light, there was no doubt about them, they existed, and they seemed to be made of that light, that order, that defiance agains darkness itself. Asbrey wiped the sulfurous blood from his blade before returning it to his scabbard. He did not know if he had not witnessed the Naaru, if he would still be fighting the fight, if he would have given up in the face of the darkness. this is what made him sad, his uncertanty regarding his faith, his strength of will. Another thing he liked about outland was riding his gryphon high in the sky, higher than any gryphon of Azeroth dared to venture. After a day of fighting demons and monsters and fel-orcs or even agents of the Horde who felt it appropriate to take their petty rivalries to this other world, he often retreated atop one of the floating islands above Nagrand. Making camp, watching the sky and the stars and the sunrise and sunset, this made the demons in his heart and mind subside. "this is where I shall spend tonight, and then tomorrow I shall return home to Azeroth, to stormwind, and the temple. perhaps I shall visit Uther's tomb, I have not payed homage there in a while." He spent the night atop one of the floating islands, bathing in the waterfall, a baptism to cleanse him of his fears. He cleaned his equipment and organized his supplies. Then, curled up with his gryphon Southwind, warmed by her feathers and body heat, he fell asleep while the sun set on the horizon of this strange, alien, world, which somehow was feeling more like home than home had ever felt. soon he would return to Azeroth, because a new threat was looming in the North of that world, a threat he was dutybound to confront.
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    Full Name: Asbrey Waywarden of Stormwind Nicknames: none as of yet Date of Birth: unknown Age: 25 Race: Human Gender: Male Hair: Black Skin: Fair Eyes: Green Height: 6'2'' Weight: 191lbs Place of residence: Stormwind Place of Birth: unknown Known Relatives: none Religion/Philosophy: Follows the tenants of the Paladin, servant of the light. Occupation: Adventurer, Agent of the Alliance, Paladin, Demon Hunter Group/Guild affiliation: Alliance, Guild Rank: n/a Enemies: none specific Likes: Virtue Favorite Foods: Nothing like a roast of wild boar Favorite Drinks: the darker the beer the better Favorite Colors: sometimes red, sometimes blue, cannot decide Weapons of Choice: Sword, one or two hands, no matter, but a warrior should not be too attached to his type of weapon lest he becomes useless with anything else. Dislikes: Vice Hobbies: competetive Riding, Singing, music, mountaineering. Physical Features: nothing that stands out. Special Abilities: none that are known of Positive Personality Traits: he is a paladin... Negative Personality Traits: well... he is a paladin... Misc. Quirks: despises gossip. Played by What Famous Person: Gerard Butler? Theme Songs: TBA History: TBA
  5. thank you all for welcoming me. In my NWN days I had my share of forum activity, i think I remember how it all works. I usually stay clear of the drama and politics, enough of that in the real world hehe. as for guilds, thank you all for your advice. As i said I will be trying to stay unaligned for now, since I consider joining a guild a comitment of some depth both IC and OOC. But that doesnt mean we cannot start roleplaying and developing relationships. I will do my best to make it to the Wandering Tavern, it sounds like a great time, so please send me a reminder in game or via message on the forum. now I have to get my old story writing skills warmed up, since I will be needing some "character" to go with my Character. cya all ingame!
  6. Hello everyone, I thought I should introduce myself. Ive been playing wow for a while now, and my casual approach has rewarded me with a single higher lvl character (lvl 70 human holy spec paladin, named Asbrey) after months of play. But I have yet to get into the intricasies of the game, such as raiding and high stakes pvp. I have been roleplaying for a while however. Started d&d when 3rd edition came out, still play 3.5 regularly, played neverwinter nights online for years on RP enforced servers. I recently transferred my character to the Twisting Nether server, with the hope of getting involved with a roleplaying community. Ive had a look over the various guilds advertising on the Gazette, and I am very excited, but I suppose I want to shop around and enlarge my friendlist first. Any help that gets me involved is appreciated. If anyone ever needs the help of a paladin ingame, please do not hesitate to call on Asbrey. -Qonos