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  1. The horse's hooves clacked slowly against the stones of the city as the inhabitants passed by, paying no heed to the mount or it's rider. Stopping near a moderately traveled causeway, the rider dismounted slowly, his bones creaking as he stretched to reach the ground. He casually ambled towards a suitable spot on the wall. He reached with a gauntleted hand and brushed the spot on the wall; removing some debris from it. ~~ Satisfied, he reached behind himself and removed his shield, setting it down on the ground in front of him in order to access his pack. He‘d left his mark in the three other major cities, this one being the last chore of the day. Ruffling in the pack for a few second he withdrew a tattered piece of parchment. ~~ With a light sigh, his bones creaking more as he knelt down and picked up his shield. He strapped the shield over his left arm, and lay the parchment on the face of it. Looking over to his horse, he nodded and promptly slammed the shield into the wall. A few of the denizens stopped and noticed him now due to the loud noise that signaled his existence. He withdrew the shield and righted it on his back, before returning to his mount and continuing deeper into the city. ~~ The passerbys who were intrigued enough, walked to the parchment on the wall. It was hanging in the center of the imprint his shield had left. Written, in Orcish, was this : Job Opening: To all parties interested: an organization has recently created several job openings for various individuals of talent. Primarily they are seeking blades for hire whom are interested in a long-term contract. Pay will be negotiated upon interview, requirements and benefits listed below. Requirements Obedience to Contract Owner(s) On-site residency Non-violent interactions with coworkers Supply your own equipment Benefits Medic on-site around the clock Headhunter working to find contracts Stable Living Facilities Fair Wages If you wish to apply or wish a personal meeting deliver a letter either personally or by proxy to Thassos Duskrunner or Lord Korhan Vasser. Signed, Lord Korhan Vasser (OOC Notes) Heavy RP guild IC Channel for Guests OOC Channel No level requirement Website contains more IC information http://www.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=304772&TabID=2554570 (work continues on the site, bear with.)