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    Silvera may be a Grimmie, but she's a good Grimmie, and even if Daddy says no... I'm still going to come play with her hair. And give her hugs.
  2. *She blinks at the picture, screwing her face up to see him better* Yellow Hair was just jealous cause me and Llulu were friends... but he didn't hurt my daddy... so I won't wear his heart as a necklace. *She giggles* At least not right now.
  3. ((*Cough* Decides that it's taking too long and has her character melt through the chains with her... ah... acid... something that she stole from Thalarios, and runs out the cave opening. Yeah. <.< ))
  4. The elf's shoulder's slumped as the blood elf flew out of sight. There went her hope. She sighed, her eyes searching the room for something. She looked down. The dwarf hadn't removed any of her clothing, so she should still have some tricks up her sleeve. Her hands twirled in the cuffs. They were tight, but not to the point of cutting of circulation. The chair was wooden and it's leg's weren't screwed to the floor. Promising, but she had to wait until the opportune moment to strike, or else the dwarf may know her plans and she'd be stuck. So for the moment she simply looked downtroden and sad.
  5. Kairiel noticed the elf's eyes first and then it clicked: he wasn't in on any of this. He looked far too shocked to know what he was about to walk in on. She tugged at the chains and started shaking her head 'no'. Her golden eyes were frantic. There was no way this elf could walk out of here. She'd be done for. Silver hair fell in her face as she continued to shake her head back and forth. Please Forgotten Gods, let him understand.
  6. The elf blinked a few times. What kind of torture was this? Music? She blinked a few more times, but wasn't really getting the point. She actually enjoyed the music, if that's what it was supposed to be. It was a bit annoying at first, but once you got over the wailing, it was rather pleasant. She found herself hummin along softly. Not too bad...
  7. Kairiel chuckled darkly, her eyes a dangerous golden hue. The dwarf seemed upset enough, and really, that was all she could ask for. The gag didn't bother her, nor did his apparent torture machine underneath that sheet. Years of training and more training had taught her only one thing: It was amazing what one could live through. Besides, she hadn't survived this long to find her mother and father to only be taken out by this sorry excuse for a man. Dwarf. Thing. Laughter filled her throat and then bubbled out through the gag. It was a cheery sound, despite the current circumstances. Was she afraid? A bit. But in the end, if he killed her, she would haunt him the rest of his days... and he thought the screaming was bad...
  8. Kairiel snorted at the dwarf. She didn't like big meals, had never really had time for them, so the fact that he thought he could danlge food over her head was amusing to say the least. She eyed the worg a moment. Well, he didn't look all that threatening... A sigh escaped her lips as the last bits of tranquilizer wore off. She took a deep breath, cleared her head, and screamed as loud as she could. For a rogue who dealt in silence, she made quite a bit of noise. Oh, he could put her back under for all she cared, but if he thought this was going to be pleasant, he was sorely mistaken.
  9. The elf watched the dwarf for a minute, her gaze dead and cold. "And with all the baddies he wrongs, and still survives, what makes you think he won't kill you on sight?" She smirked then, a very Illsade-esque moment. "And you're stupid. If you kidnapped me with no plan in mind, you really are just digging yourself a grave... one that I'll dance on when the day is through." Though she spoke with venom, the fact that she was chained to a chair made it hard for her to be that fierce.
  10. The elf's eyes turned dangerous for a moment. "You're kidnapping me for money? And I thought my profession was low." She looked around the room, too angry to continue looking at the dwarf. It was a nice cave, small, but nice. Oh, who the hell cared how nice it was? She was chained to a chair in the middle of nowhere. And she was hungry. She turned her face back to the dwarf. "You know, you're going to be in a lot of trouble when my Da finds out..." She smiled at the throught of her fathers hands around the dwarf's neck. "Who put you up to it, anyhow? I mean, not a lot of people know me, haven't wronged a lot of people..." Yet, she though to herself as she smiled at the dwarf.
  11. The elf woke slowly, her eyes blinking open as she took in the room with a blurred vision. Where the hell was she? Her body felt heavy and sluggish as she tried to move, it was then that she noticed the chains. Her brow furrowed as she took this in, her mind still catching up. What had happened? It was then that she remembered the dwarf, and the repeated tranquilizing darts that had been sunk into her skin. How long had she been out for? Her yellow eyes then caught sight of said Dwarf, and her face instantly sunk into a scowl. She didn't like him very much... not at all. When she spoke her voice cracked. "Why the hell did you do this to me?" Though still woozy, she could make out something underneath the dwarf's arm. Her muscles tightened as much they could in her half-drugged state. Whatever was going on, she didn't like it.
  12. ((Oh sure! I have no problem with that. ))
  13. And it's times like these that I wish I had a scanner. Or a tablet... or pencils... all my pencils are gone. T_T
  14. I think your thread has quickly become one of my favorites. I woke up all my roomates with my laughter. *Hangs head* I am ashamed. But I've found out that I love orc women. See? You're helping people.
  15. You have such pretty artwork! I love it all! Moar! <3
  16. *Her face darkens considerably* He's after my mum, and I don't like that... not one bit. He's a self centered, inconsiderate prat. I hope the Grime get him, I do!
  17. Deceased Full Name: Kairiel Shadesong Nicknames: Kairi, Kiddo Date of Birth: 22nd of May Age: Unknown, though she's rather young. Race: Kal'dorei Gender: Female Hair: A white-silver color, and long. Skin: Pale with a touch of lavender. Eyes: Golden yellow. Height: 6'2" Weight: 135 lbs. Place of residence: Dalaran Place of Birth: Ashenvale Known Relatives: Mother- Trystanel Terkerinor, Father- Illisade Shadesong, both living. Kind of. Religion/Philosophy: She's a follower of Elune for the most part, though her faith in religions is flimsy at best. Occupation: Rogue, Mercenary, and a side-line hero. Group/Guild affiliation: --- Guild Rank: --- Enemies: She hasn't come across that became too much of a problem. Not enough to hold a grudge. Likes: Quiet, reading, the thrill of the hunt and broken things. Favorite Foods: She loves fruit. All of it. Favorite Drinks: Alcohol? Yes. Favorite Colors: Red, yellow and black. Weapons of Choice: Daggers or swords. Sometimes fist weapons, though she's still getting the hang of them. Dislikes: Anyone who badmouths her parents. Hobbies: She enjoys running to keep herself in shape. Physical Features: She’s slender and tall with an athletic build. Her cheekbones are high and frame oddly colored eyes. A smirk can be seen on her lips more often than not, and is rather reminiscent of a certain Rogue. Special Abilities: She’s very adept to the life of a rogue, and when she doesn’t want to be seen, she isn’t. Ever. She has learned how to blend into the woodwork, both figuratively and literally. Positive Personality Traits: She’s very passionate about what she’s doing. If she sets her mind to do something, she’s very rarely put off. She can talk her way out of almost anything, and has done so many times. Negative Personality Traits: Stubborn, impatient, speaks before she thinks and loses all of her emotions at times, turning her rather cold and uncaring. Though it’s harsh, it makes killing so much easier. Misc. Quirks: She has a soft spot for people in trouble, though her instincts tell her to stay out of it, she finds herself helping those in need. Without even being paid! Theme Songs: Miss Murder- AFI History: The daughter of Illisade Shadesong and Trystanel Shadowglade, Kairiel was born to parents that were never there. After she was born she was given to friends to be watched over and cared for as her parents faded from her memory. Despite rumors and stories, Kairiel grew up loving and even idolizing both of her parents. She was a sneaky child, robbing from the Temple of the moon when her and her foster family visited, and sneaking extra servings of food when no one was watching. To put it simply: She was born to be a rogue. As she grew up, she found that more and more devious things because natural for her, and she began to train to become like her father and mother; a shadow. After a while, her need to know where she came from overcame her and she left her home in Ashenvale to find her parents and reacquaint herself with their now-grown daughter. After stealing her mother's Blood Elf orb to get into the city of Silvermoon, Kairiel became quite attatched to a Tauren by the name of 'Diomades'. He found out about her true nature, and after a while was instructed to kill her. She had known quite well what a friendship with a member of the Horde meant, but she continued to go back and seek him out. On the plains of Mulgore she drew her last breath, and was sent to the stars with a symphony of thunder and lightning.
  18. *The elf smirks* Mhmm, that's my mum. She's the best, isn't she? Though, I'm not sure about some of the people sha hangs out with... they don't seem so nice all the time. *Shrugs* I guess she knows what's she's doing...
  19. *The elf bounces on her toes to get a good look at the picture. She smiles faintly, more of a smirk.* So that's what my Da looks like? *She tilts her head to get a better look.* Does he always wear the mask? I think he has a pretty face under there, he just likes to hide it, y'know? I had to have gotten my eyes from him... if only I could see what color they were...