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  1. Proposed compromise to offer Blizzard: Just give me a queue and an idea of how long. They do it with BG's, they can do it with instances. At least then I can go do something productive instead for that hour or so.
  2. You know, with such a radical change to the "vanilla" stuff, isn't it possible that they're just going to create a brand-new WoW? World of Warcraft 2: The Cataclysm? A full overhaul of the old world seems to me almost like asking for outrage from people who have never experienced old-world stuff (post-Cat new guys), and people who enjoy the old-world stuff so much that they tend to get Loremaster of the continents before they go near Outland? ...But then again, Blizz HAS been doing a lot of crap that results in outrage from the customers, so I guess that's not a valid point. And to those who say that race-class restrictions are unbending: it seems to me that you're arguing that people CAN'T change what they believe. Now that, say, tauren are meeting humans (especially through the Argent Crusade) and seeing that there's something TO this whole Light business, it's possible that tauren could turn to the Light, isn't it? And vice versa for humans and dwarves and whatever else. I'd like to see more flexibility.
  3. To clarify something: I -would-, however, think "hero classes" would be better served if you had to "sacrifice" another character of suitable level. You know, the old "prestige class" kind of thing? There'd just be no going back.
  4. I'd take worgen and goblins over another blasted hero class any old day. And I want to roll the first gnome paladin!!! Taffey Lightseeker FTW! And now, I'm going to attempt a thread hijack and mention that old "third-faction" suspicion that's reawakened in me and is now growing again. Why did Blizz take down the "wall" that prevented people from rolling both factions on the same PvP server? Maybe because splintering off DKs into a third faction would require such a mechanic...?
  5. I guess they've given up on lore and RP at this point. "Well, we've managed to contradict ourselves fifty gazillion ways in our game, so screw it all. Let's just upgrade Ony." 1. You know, almost nobody runs BC instances anymore, yet somehow, we still wound up spending almost an hour trying to get into SH. I smell cattle feces. 2. Locking out even more people who want to instance is a GREAT solution for instance campers! That way, MOST of the instances can be...uh...hmm. 3. A better solution would be, say, a time limit on instances based on full-clear at slightly less than level recommendation. I'm pretty sure people would be only TOO happy to help them measure that. But such ideas require thought, consideration, and logic--none of which are standard for human beings. 4. "The way we can give people more of what they want is by not giving it to them! BRILLIANT!"
  6. Time to think of more positive things. The house is feeling a little empty these days, with Aveia now installed in her new home. She still comes around frequently, to ask for help and advice, and they come around for dinner sometimes, but it's not quite the same. I think I begin to understand what it's like to have a child grow up. Derakor's actually expressing a great deal of interest in cooking. I always figured there was something of the artist in him, but never really appreciated it until he showed how much he loves Aveia. He's still a thick-skulled blockhead, but he's HER thick-skulled blockhead...and what more can you ask? He treats her well. My back is giving me increasing grief. I can't even go from standing to sitting without something popping loudly. We won't be able to travel much longer. I'm actually looking forward to maternity leave. My temporary "house arrest", I think, went a long way toward reconciling my doubts about my utility should our efforts for the world be put on hold. Now I can approach being "just a mom" for a while with a sanguine attitude. The hard part might even be going back to our travels... My evening sickness has found a cure; Terraya had once given me a potion for Melerra's colic, which we wound up not using (thank the Light she recovered quickly!), but I took a swig of it the other night, and I felt much better for it. I must let her know this. Still expanding the cookbook. I wonder how long it will be before these "recipes of necessity"--invented to make weird meats edible, much less palatable--become delicacies and gourmet food? Perhaps when people spend less time up north, and more time at home? I look forward to that. Peace would be good, for a change. Still have to dispense some justice, though. Can't be any peace while the leaders of the other side countenance atrocities...because atrocities happen when you let yourself forget that your enemies are people, too. How can we forget, with Melerra in the house?
  7. Server load's not bad? Try ricocheting off the entrance to ST for 35 minutes on a Tuesday night. Try ricocheting off the entrance to SH for 55 minutes on a Thursday night. Blizzard. Less new content, more access. We're not all running Ulduar yet. ...That's my piece, all I gots ta say.
  8. <p>Hey, I never mentioned this to you before, because it kept slipping my mind.</p>

    <p>Good grief, you're one tough guy. To take on two of us at once and almost win? That's crazy-good.</p>

    <p>I hope you didn't think I was popping Ice Barrier because we were going to attack you, though. I just figured you might actually be as kick-butt as you really are, and didn't want to risk getting chewed up should you be feeling frisky.</p>

    <p>Good fight, man. Good fight.</p>

  9. UPDATES! ((OOC)) Dunamis has now implemented "Instance Nights", on Tuesday and Thursday. We will take up any Old-World or BC instance that our members need, hopefully two in a night if we can manage it. Also, we are beginning patrols of hotly contested areas. Peaceful Horde have nothing to fear from us, as always, but may the hostile beware! We are also forming our Heroics team! We have a wide variety of candidates just within our ranks, and perhaps we can even form two teams! We are looking forward to some shakeup in our RP environment. Some familiar faces will be slipping to the background while fresh ones will take their place, and now more than ever, we will be giving opportunities to our membership to take the lead! Excitement is coming! Finally, we have acquired a satellite guild, using that vault for even more of our crazy overflow. (So this means we now have seven bank tabs and three bank alts to hold all this wealth.) Members above a certain level are encouraged to create alts to access it, although nothing is kept back from them! Fortune is smiling on us; if you can commit to our vision (visit dunamis.guildportal.com), and you want to be a good guy rather than an anti-hero (for a refreshing change of pace), contact any of us, and we'll set up an interview!
  10. Well, Cytiana left us. We rather expected that she would; despite our best efforts to make her feel welcome, it was fairly obvious that she wanted to spend more time with Trigin. She never came around on her leave anymore, anyway--and before she left, she did something that really annoyed me, a very shabby treatment of Drikner, like a servant she treated him while she...but it doesn't do any good to think about it, I suppose. Being upset won't change the past, or make her repent of it, or encourage her to be better. Now I'm hearing rumors that he and that thug group decided to "defend the Alliance" by sneaking into Orgrimmar and ambushing younglings coming through their portal. Ambushing those who haven't a chance? I hear they do this a lot. What kind of dishonorable scum has he fallen in with? He wrote to ask us to visit with him, but I think I don't ever want to see him again. I don't think I could bear the disappointment. From all accounts, he's reverted to exactly what he was when we met him: a drunk, a butcher, a user, a thief and a liar. Is his integrity wholly dependent on the company he keeps? If so, that's not integrity. He's found another mother, one who, rather than expecting the best from him, will cheer him on as he follows her down the path of destruction. The woman's hand leads him away from the Light, just as my dream foretold. I hate being right. Why is the world so full of lying, cheating, self-absorbed beasts masquerading as people? The Dusk Watch will always have the accolades of the world, but they will never see Paradise--because they seek to impose Hell on Azeroth. Issachar reminds me that we do not have our base in Stormwind--and that he does not use his title if he can avoid it--because he does not consider the Alliance to be worthy of our complete dedication. We serve the Light, and this leads us to aid the Alliance much of the time...but we are not of the Alliance. We have aided the Horde in the past as well...There are those whom we would aid again, even against some of the Alliance... We belong to something higher. We belong to the Truth. ((NOTE: Don't take this stuff personally, people. Tir has her definite opinions IC, which sometimes differ from mine. I'm fairly sure that most folks in Dusk Watch are decent people OOC--like Omy or Wechsler, just to name a couple. If you feel yourself personally injured because my character doesn't like yours...maybe you're taking this game too seriously, maybemaybe? *cute smile*))
  11. ((Yeah, I'm not keeping up my journal very much. I'm spending a lot of time cleaning my house and getting it the way I want it. It's actually kind of fun--but then again, I've always been mildly obsessive-compulsive. ((I'd rather clean my house than sit around all day listening to people whine about how "it's not faiiiiiiir" that they got busted for driving around just this side of an alcoholic coma. Don't let anyone fool you into thinking that law is a glamorous profession.))
  12. ((The handwriting is different on this page, feminine but not loopy, rather pointed, tiny, and precise.)) Terraya, I've taken to runecasting and ley sensing. I can tell when someone's been fiddling with the ground around my chair. You'll have to do better than that. And you put those silly thoughts out of your head. Issachar tells me frequently that he is glad to have you back with us, that he trusts you more now than ever, and that you're very helpful. Don't go comparing yourself to other people. Your value is in yourself, not how you stack up to someone else, nor even your utility. Now, I'm not going to intrude on your journal again like this, but I'd appreciate it if you'd cheer up. You're one of us. You belong. And by the way, we have a nice little secret cubbyhole behind the donut jar. The only person you'd have to worry about finding your journal there is Geofforan--and as long as you don't put pictures of puppies in it, I don't think he'd find it interesting.
  13. Tiraline carefully popped a wheelie, lifting the stroller up onto the curb one axle at a time. She could no longer carry Melerra in a sling--her own baby had grown too big to accommodate both out front--so this contraption was a grand idea. She was grateful that Benaias had put it together for her. She was used to the odd looks now, even in Dalaran; the sight of a human woman pushing an orcish child in a stroller, a gorloc child bouncing at her heels, was not an everyday thing, after all. But life wouldn't stop; shopping needed doing, and Dalaran was better supplied than Shattrath. As she waited for her turn to haggle with Dominique Stefano for a discount on bolts of cloth--there were a couple of flaws in the patterns, not enough to prevent their being used for playclothes but enough not to be perfect--she listened to some of the chatter around her. One item in particular caught her attention, and she sent a thought to her husband. Issachar. Fordragon Imports is outlawed. Do what now? She felt the disruption of his thoughts, and even at this distance, she knew he was putting down his pen to focus on what she was sharing with him. They pushed it too far at last, I guess. A mental sigh and shrug. Inevitable. People are whining about it, saying things like "Who will protect us now? Who will do the dirty work?" Necessary evil, garbage like that. Typical. It never stops amazing me how quick people are to look the other way, when a crime stands to benefit them. Do these people really not understand what they're crying about? What they're crying FOR? Tiraline paused, then gathered Noo back to her by hooking her ankle around his waist. "Stay out of that. That's not for little fellas." Tir, it's the way people are: lazy and self-righteous. Ends justifying means. It's why the world is the way it is: screwed up and immoral. The Lich King exists now because one man decided that ends justified means--and it consumed him. Don't be surprised--and don't lose hope. Tiraline nodded, pulled a wrapped packet of rickrack out of Melerra's grabby hand, and grimaced. Dunamis would still stand firm and show that compromise is the way of the hopeless, that Good is not just a dreamer's ideal, but a viable way of living. And she would stand firm, too.
  14. Lady Tiraline frowned at the question asked again. "I've heard that he and his followers have gotten themselves in trouble with the law. She sighed heavily. "Light knows I don't want to sound preachy, but it's the way of the world. 'The integrity of the upright shall guide them: but the perverseness of transgressors shall destroy them.' That's from my husband's libram, and it really resonates, doesn't it? It means that one's own evil eventually catches up to him. "I am sorry for the deluded ones, and the ones who might not have known better. Irontoe should have been a better leader, I think--willing to walk rightly, instead of just taking the easy way out by ordering atrocities. That's the real burden of leadership: to set the right example. "Light watch over them, and bring them to see the truth."
  15. Lady Tiraline smiled. "The wonderful thing about Drikner is that you always know, no matter what company he keeps, that he's always himself--exactly who he presents himself to be. He is the same man always, and that man is to be proud of. "He is loyal to the core, and when he dedicates himself to a collection of ideals, he holds to them. There is no lie in him. A man eminently trustworthy."
  16. Lady Tiraline frowned at the question. "We've crossed swords with him a few times. I'd heard that he was much more honorable than we've seen; why he's suddenly turned his weapons and powers against those who would have peace if we could, I don't know. "Another example of the madness that seems to have seized many, but especially the Horde. Don't they understand that sating blood-thirst by murder, as with any other sin, only leads to shame afterward--unless you've made yourself such a monster as no longer to have a conscience? And when you've reached the point of being immune to shame, the only thing anyone can do is put you down..." She shook her head. "...Such a waste. I hope he finds his soul again, before something terrible happens."
  17. ((Wow, I leave my journal alone for a few days, and suddenly a bunch of stuff happens. Thanks, Sylennis, for cleaning it up in my absence.)) Rumors abound, and while I know they're not always to be trusted, it is worrisome at times. I heard that someone I love very much has backslidden into his old habits of drinking himself stupid and making a public fool of himself. Between that and joining that gang of what Ezekias calls "ne'er-do-wells"...it's hard to remind myself that this is all hearsay. Anyway, he hasn't been around to see us in a very long time; all of these factors combined suggest that he either stopped caring, or never did. Still, it's not fair to judge on rumor. But if these rumors are true, it's probably for the best that he doesn't connect himself with us and thereby bring embarrassment. I guess I'm a little hurt. Or a lot hurt. Oh well. Chalk it up to a bad risk. Not everyone is as wonderful as Issachar. Another piece of grist for the rumor mill is that Fordragon Imports finally pushed the envelope too far. It's good to know that the Alliance still has limits, even if those limits are almost non-existent these days. Still, I do feel sorry for them all. If any of them are tired of that life and ready to take up REAL justice, maybe our own order could find a place for them. Then I've heard that Svetlaena has vanished, going Light knows where. Maybe to atone for her sins? I hope so; we have enough monsters and unrepentant sinners. I hope someday we can be friends again. Keltag, it seems, has retired for the time being. He and Dyiana have a baby now; it's best he spend time with the family. I'm looking forward to that special time with Issachar myself. I hope the three of them can spend it untroubled, and that the Light watch over them. We've added a new member, Ayree, who was recently rendered blind by an accident. She seems to function fairly well, although not 100%. Might be something to do for her. We'll see. Engineers are remarkably clever... My back is killing me. Travel is getting harder, and I'm starting to tire easily. And the evening sickness is coming back. I don't think we'll last the month before we need to stop.
  18. Yeah, I agree. That's why I (and my characters) long since washed my hands of all this faction-loyalty crap. (The attacks on Horde leaders are more to do with bringing what Issa and Tir consider "war criminals" to justice than being "For the Alliance!" Even if there were no reward for it, they'd do it anyway after seeing the Apothecarium.) I'm actually in rebellion against Blizzard now. I've jettisoned my Loremaster dream because of some of the quests they've required us to do to achieve it. We may never see half of Icecrown, but oh well; nobody said sticking to one's principles was easy. Even if Blizzard doesn't think we should be allowed to be good guys, guess what? I will be, and screw anyone who tries to make me otherwise. Yes, I said it. Screw the people trying to make me evil.
  19. Okay, that's fair--but it's only Ironforge talking, innit? But IIRC, when the dwarves arrived to check out the location, the orcs attacked them, didn't they? So, obvious misunderstanding that everyone's too crabby to correct. One thing I've learned from you IC, Swerto, is that there can be no peace with people who won't put down the weapon long enough to talk. I dunno, maybe it's that whole "chop up Allied corpses and assimilate them into abominations" thing. Or Cannibalism. Or the fact that the Forsaken hate the living with a passion to rival the sun in its intensity of heat. Or that business with Bolvar. Again, who knows? It's called "Blizz's cheap excuse so all the emo kids can have their pity-poor-me misunderstood-antihero DKs and not give anything up." That's my opinion, and I stand by it. I still expect that someday, DKs will become their own faction and, as with all these other peace accords the Alliance tries to hammer out, stab the Alliance right in their open backs. Yes, the Horde, too. That's what you get for trusting angry undead people. There we agree. That's probably another one of those "expediency cancels righteousness" garbage situations that I hate so much. Pathetic spineless weasels will work with ANYONE as long as they perceive that the person is "not as bad" as the person you're opposing. I can't abide moral relativism; all it does is grind everyone down to the lowest moral level. So I'm not disagreeing with you. Hmm, maybe it's time that Dunamis got louder about being a religious-zealot splinter faction that doesn't answer to anyone in its pursuit of truth, justice, and the Azerothian way...
  20. I concur with the ambulatory rotting corpse.
  21. I'd like to see more tauren lore and such; if Issa and I ever decide to test the waters Horde-side, we'd roll tauren. I dunno; I'd also like to see more Earthen Ring stuff. (Yes, shaman group, but still.) As they apparently believe the Forsaken can be cured of the Plague, it might be interesting to see whether they have a reaction to the Wrathgate incident.
  22. <p>I had to blow my Ice Block earlier. I had three guards and a battlemaster on me, with no assistance and no chance to ask. And did that dump aggro? Nooooo...</p>