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  1. In my corp. there are a small handful of us that manage POSs If memory serves me correctly, we have 20+ all of which run on an every other day/every 4 day cycle of which they either need to have materials dropped off/picked up or fueled.
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  3. I've been playing EVE on and off for the past couple of years. I am a Gallante named Cykes, Apart of the CVA alliance. As far as how I like the game, I do find it a bit boring at times however I have found that if you start the game off slow, building up your skills for "Ratting" combat until you get to a point where you could make enough ISK doing that to support buying your skill books and ship mods for whatever direction that you wish to go from there psst also... missions are your friends I've enjoyed the game primarily because there are so many different aspects of the game that you can do and do well. There's great combat potential both PVE (ratting) and PVP. not to mention that even combat is sub-sectioned down to combat "rolls" like tanking, support, DPS 'n all that. What I also like is that you can get into the economy of the game and pretty much have your character make a living off of buying, selling, and making ship parts and mods. Also, a bit of information you may not know… ISK in game stands for Inter-Steller Credits… but it is also the abbreviation for Icelandic Kroner s; the currency of where the game was made
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  5. Full Name: Dazlith Sunshroud Nicknames: Daz Date of Birth: June 21st Age: 98 (approximately 23 in appearance) Race: Sin’dorei Gender: Male Hair: Dirty Blonde Skin: Pale Eyes: Fell Green Height: 5’11 Weight: 154 Current Home: Silvermoon City Birth Place: Scryers Tier, Shattrath Known Relatives: Ryernn (Brother: older) Nora (sister: younger) Occupation: Sha’tar disciple Guild Affiliation: <Remorseless> Background: Raised on the Scryers tier in Shatrath, Dazlith has been trained as early as he has been able to comprehend the Sha'tar teachings. When Dazlith reached adulthood, he was brought to Silvermoon City to continue his training beyond meditation and text books. As Dazlith developed an understanding the laws and boundaries between the Lights and Shadows, he focuses his efforts in gaining the discipline to strengthen his body as well as his soul. Healing those in need, and purging the enemy before him. As it stands, Dazlith is still striving to learn as much as he can. Taking on many deeds to challenge himself and continue further into his training. After having joined Remorseless, Dazlith has been blessed with a woman to love him, and allies to assist him when in need. ((updates as I think of stuff, and level grows))