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  1. <p>Oh no.......Your guild tag burns my eyes......</p>

  2. <p>It's about damned time! /squeezes until head pops off</p>

  3. <p>Hello everyone, was told of this place and finally decided to join up.</p>

  4. Full Name: Ravictavius, no last name Nicknames: Rav, Ravi Age: 20 Race: Undead/Forsaken Gender: Male Hair: None Skin: Pale white Eyes: None Height: 6' 2" Weight: 130lbs Place of residence: Dalaran Place of Birth: Andorhal Known Relatives: None Occupation: Rogue/Assassin Group/Guild affiliation: A Taste For Death Guild Rank: New Blood Enemies: Alliance Likes: Killing, killing, more killing, and a good drink with stories Favorite Foods: People in general Favorite Drinks: Bourbon Weapons of Choice: Daggers Dislikes: Beggers, those who have no will to save themselves Hobbies: See "Likes" Positive Personality Traits: Generally nice to everyone, unless they come to him with a bad attitude, which is rare, but does happen. Is willing to answer people's questions and give them tips. Negative Personality Traits: Has an insane side, that just wants to kill, could honestly care less of others.
  5. <p>Oh hey I know you</p>