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  1. It feels a lot more distant without the shoutbox around anymore. I'd like to see it return too! Like Vly said, maybe introducing ads or a place where you can introduce donations could help fund the shoutbox? I'm sure folks would be happy to show their support.
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  7. "Coward," Evellin muttered as she watched Tuuroto leave. She made no move to depart herself, eyes turning to the portal and beings that stepped forth. Two of them. The minion's explosion shook her, though it was a tactic she'd seen before; frost enveloped her and pushed outward, minimizing any rubble or glass that would find its way clattering against her armor. It was simply one less problem to deal with. Smoke poured into the room, discolored by the magic that fueled it. She held her breath, but she did not have to breathe. One down. Evellin drew her sword finally; the blade shone with a
  8. Evellin leaned quietly against a wall, behind the small army of paladins and other Light-lovers who were gathered around. Her armor, unlike the usual black, was a generic silver trimmed with blue; she didn't want to attract much attention, especially in a place like this. Ah, the Cathedral. It was a smart battleground, on the one hand. Instead of entering Altherion's territory, they would be dragging him to theirs, and he would have the field disadvantage. Or at least, that was the idea; Eve felt the buzz of Light in the air, down to her core, and it was deeply uncomfortable. Still... There
  9. Water splashed alongside the ship and froze along the hull, forming a winding array of swirled shapes that served as handholds for the Death Knight below. She climbed the ship, slowly and carefully; she didn't bother calling for a rope. After a few minutes of scaling the vessel at a snail's pace, Evellin stopped at the top, listening to the tail end of the conversation. A sigh escaped her, followed by a budding sense of anger. This wouldn't have happened if those idiots had listened to her warnings. Evellin gripped the edge and hoisted herself over, on deck.
  10. Evellin had spared no time to dive off the ship; it wasn't hers, and there was no way she was going to go down with it. Her boots connected with semi-solidified ice that hadn't had enough time to harden, cracking at the impact and forcing her right foot through. She growled, yanking it out, a path of ice forming out in front of her. She lunged a few steps forward and hesitated, glancing over her shoulder. Gone. Where had they gone? She didn't know, she didn't care to find out. She hadn't come here to witness a clash between an army and gigantic monster summoned by a Draenei whose blood was qu
  11. Evellin slammed her gauntlet into the face of a doubled-over enemy, following it up with a quick thrust of her cutlass; she would have preferred to fight with her broadsword, but the smaller, nimbler blade was more suitable for close quarter combat aboard a ship. Already she sported dented plate armor and a fresh cut above her eye that would have been gushing blood had she been alive. She considered going to the hold and ordering the gunners to fire upon the guns of the other ship, but it would be too late to change anything now. She looked to the side. The bear was busy fighting one of her o
  12. Evellin hesitated with her fist against the door. Though she wanted to go inside, she felt vulnerable being unable to see what was going on aboard the enemy ship. It was blind herself or stall and be aware of her surroundings. The Death Knight stepped back, looking out just as the scene played out. Even from this distance she could see the unmistakable slaughter, as Altherion sliced the head from his wife's body, kicked the corpse into the ocean, and effectively orphaned their elf-child. Even as Altherion bellowed his threats for all to hear, Eve wondered if they would finally pay attention.
  13. Evellin had braced herself, grabbing a hold of the ratlines as the ship was yanked to and fro like a hound's favorite chewtoy. Once everything settled, she looked out across the water, to the accursed vessel they faced. The Death Knight grunted unintelligibly. There, there at the top of the vessel was their prize; or what was supposed to be their prize, had they not frolicked into his own damn territory. Now she wished she'd stepped off the ship when she had a chance. They were surrounded by vile waters, the likes of which she wasn't entirely certain she could safely cross on her own. Eve fin
  14. Evellin leaned against the ship, peering out at the frozen wasteland that was Northrend. Two weeks was a brutal length of time for a trip like this, especially at a time when she had mostly been staying with family. Her radio had cut out a week ago, whether it was from distance or the noticeable increase of chill in the air... either way she felt disconnected, and alone. More than once she'd questioned her wisdom in coming here, though she did not voice her doubts. She didn't speak much at all, really; the Death Knight didn't care for the crew, their games, and what motivations spurred this on