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    Full Name: Nyzara Delgado Nicknames: A few who were close to her once would call her "Nyz" Age: Early adulthood Race: Sin'dorei Gender: Female Hair: Auburn Skin: Tanned, flawless upon first glance. Eyes: Deep Emerald Height: Fairly short amongst other elves. Weight: Roughly 120lbs. Place of residence: Eversong Woods Place of Birth: Unsure Known Relatives: Unsure Religion/Philosophy: Nyzara has seen both the light and the dark of her powers, and struggles to separate the two. Her recent breakage from the Baron has left her empty and unsure of where to step next.. Occupation: Priestess, however she has not been requested for quite some time, mostly due to her withdraw from mostly everyone. Group/Guild affiliation: ((Currently in Angels of Death, but leaning towards and seeking perhaps a more Roleplaying atmosphere)) Guild Rank: ((See above)) Enemies: There are a few, but they remain unspoken. Likes: Learning. She rarely ever turns down a new experience or adventure. Favorite Foods: Tasty Cupcake, she loves cupcakes, and often has enough to give to others who might need a smile. Favorite Drinks: Honeymint Tea. She never drinks alcohol. Favorite Colors: Purple Dislikes: Waiting. She is highly impatient Hobbies: She has none, although she quietly has been desperate to learn the skill of fishing. Physical Features: Very long and soft auburn hair, sweeping across her back with ease. A tattoo on the inside of her right wrist, small yet noticable. A faint scar can be seen on her left shoulder should her robe be displaced slightly from battle or other excessive movement. Special Abilities: Nyzara was born with a special gift, but her years of deathly destruction and her walk with the shadows have covered all the knowledge of what use to be; what could have been. Positive Personality Traits: Extremely understanding in most every situation. Does not give her word unless she plans to personally see it through. Moments of playfulness. Mental strength and intelligence. Negative Personality Traits: Lack of confidence. Faithless. More dreamy than realistic. Emotional weaknesses easily exposed. Misc. Quirks: Quiet and reserved, but always well prepared for anything planned in advance. Always timely. Always ready. Theme Songs: Remorse - Lovex. (( Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6v1Kg8vY7k )) History: "It's too soon. She is not ready." Whispers can be heard in the next room, followed by nearing footsteps. "We have no choice! Our plans are accelerating sooner than expected. We have to act!" She can feel the presence of men in the room. Her heart races... "Send her. She will make sure the job is done. She must not fail. Understand?" It was time again. Time for her to fulfill her duty. Time for her to kill. "Awaken our Priestess of Death, our Wielder of Retribution, go forth and act as our will incarnate." And so stood an imposing figure; lean and riddled with scars. Her body wrapped in a robe of leather and cloth. Each fiber, finely tuned to react within a second, almost as if they had a mind of their own. Each step she takes is deeply calculated and efficient; nothing is wasted with this individual. Darkness looms over this woman's visage. Her eyes, emotionless and passive, as if she was devoid of a soul entirely. -- Waking up in a cold sweat, she strives to catch her breath as shadows dance around her in the darkened room. Again, the dream haunts her night, one more laugh at the mockery of her life. She is that woman no longer. Facing the Baron and destroying his power over her personally, she had not expected the evil to linger. Slowly standing out of her bed and stumbling through the dark, something catches her eye. Looking over her shoulder, she quickly turns, her back to the wall as she is frozen in the fear that most remember as childish. "Ridiculous" She mutters quietly to herself as she breathes out a deep sigh and lights a candle. Since she is awake, she might as well study. For there will be no way for her to close her eyes again tonight, an all too familiar situation. ((Perhaps more will be added at some point, however, I only wanted to offer a glimpse into the past and present in hopes that Roleplaying will open up more details in both.)) ((Also, I have been out of the RP world for awhile, which is saddening. I joined the game four years ago hoping that RP would play a significant part of my gaming experience. Anywho, hopefully that will change! ))