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  7. Fullname: Lady Sylphemia Bloodvalor Nickname: Sylphie (affectionately), Brat. the Young Captain (somewhat derisively) Age: 68 (Around 16-17 human years) Race: Sin'Dorei Gender: Female Hair: A dark purple almost black, she wears it loose so that it flows in rambunctious and rebellious waves about her shoulders. Skin: Supple and pink, flushed with the blush of her youth. Eyes: Engulfed with green fel-energy or the sering gold-white of the Light. True colour is unknown. Height: She is young and slightly immature for her age and thus has some growing to do. She is a foot shorter than some Knights, half a foot to most and thus is quite easy to spot in a line up. Weight: She is a whisp of a girl, trim and athletic and though her small form is suprisingly strong from her training there simply isn't too much of her there. Place of residence:: The Bloodvalor Estate, adjacent to BloodKnight headquarters. Place of Birth: Silvermoon Known Relatives: Father, Knight-Lord Bloovalor. Mother, Lady-Knight Artemis (deceased). Brothers, Sullarius, Myron and Lucien (all Blood Knights). Occupation: Blood Knight Rank: Captain of Dawn’s Rising Vengeance Company (approximately six dozen Knights) Weapons of Choice: A deadly sharp Sin’dorei warblade or a Blood-tempered Ranseur. She uses only two-handed weapons, which is perhaps an amusing sight considering her diminutive size. Personality: Self-confident is an understatement, Sylphie carries herself with an air of complete and utter arrogance as a Knight. She is outspoken and quick to judge, using her sharp intellect and scathing tongue against enemies both among her people and without just as often as her blade. Rebellious despite the Knight she is, she eagerly flouts custom and ignores titles of nobility to insult, engage and expose those among the Sin’dorei whom she believes are opposed to the interests of her people. To the Knights and those she believes it is her duty to protect she is selfless in her devotion, if somewhat overbearing even impulsive at points in her methods. To her enemies among the alliance and others she is rutheless and unhesitatant, utterly merciless in her eagerness to spill their blood and yet possessed of a strange sense of honor in the way she persecutes them. Her friends know her to be surprisingly playful when honor and duty are put aside, the Knight just a girl underneath all the armor. Perhaps unfitting of a Knight, she is known to have something of a temper as well, wearing her emotions on her sleeve rather then hiding them as is ‘proper’ among the ‘esteemed’ nobility. Reputation: The Bloodvalor Clan is looked upon with something of scorn by the tradition noble families of Silvermoon. It was only granted noble status following the sacking of Silvermoon and thus it is viewed more or less as ‘upstart’. Further, as its members are almost exclusively Knights they are viewed as ‘soldiers’ that should follow orders rather than have a say in politics. Under the leadership of Knight-Lord Bloodvalor, the clan has aligned itself with the more militaristic, reformist factions politically opposed to the nobility at large and in favor of granting more power to the regent and his council. This has not endeared them to their political enemies. Young Sylphemia’s behavior has only exacerbated the tension. Barely more than a child, she has confronted wizened Sin’Dorei nobles in the Bazaar or outside Sunfury Spire with scornful words and her brazen demeanor, enough to make even the most stoic noble red in the face. She is similarly scornful of the wizened magisters. Her Father, though more reserved than his daughter has shown little desire to curb her behavior beyond the occasional demanded formal apology, in fact all signs show he supports her accusations if not their means of delivery. Having been granted the rank of Captain in the Knights she is the youngest holder of such a position in the Knights short-lived history. Though outsiders may see this as a sign of the Knights desperation and chauvinism (She must have been given the rank because of her Father…) she is held in high regard by her fellow Knights – admired, loved even as a symbol of the Blood Knights vision and goals. Her dedication and leadership of Dawn’s Rising Vengeance company has been superb if not flawless, indicating her Father’s knack for commanding Knights. She prides herself in her swordsmanship and is a fierce competitor in the tournaments of skill the Knights hold, having won several of these competitions despite her youth in the past years. Rumors of her being cultivated for higher position once she has a few more decades to mature abound and yet though she is quickly approaching marriageable age no word of courtiers has reached the public sphere. Background: Before the fall of Silvermoon, the Bloodvalor clan was merely a loosely unified group of soldier-vassals serving as soldiers of the city and members of the Royal guard. Gradually, the appeal of service in the Knights of the Silverhand drew many of their number. Among these was Knight-Lord Bloodvalor, a former Royal Guardsmen and his wife Artemis, a lower class Elven member of the army. Both joined the Silverhand together, and over the course of the wars became esteemed Quel’Dorei Paladins. Bloodvalor’s sons followed in his footsteps, and his pride and joy, his only daughter, just several weeks before the fall of Silvermoon became a squire. Yet, that fateful day crushed the solemn elf’s hopes and dreams for his family were crushed as were many when the scourge armies proceeded unopposed by the Alliance on Silvermoon. It was Bloodvalor, his family, his daughter at his side, who amongst the brave few protected the lords and masters of the city in their mass exodus as the vanguard. It was then too that they found the powers of the Light gone, and forced to depend on martial prowess alone. Many Elves died, and so too did the Bloodvalor clan suffer. Lady-Knight Artemis was slain and taken by the scourge, and several other members of the clan as well. Feeling betrayed by the very light they served, Bloovalor and his sons were among the first to push for the formation of the Knights. And the day they were created, his young daughter joined him amongst their ranks as a formal Knight. For their service and distinction, the Bloodvalor clan was granted nobility, much to the scourn of the other noble families. As a Knight, Sylphie progressed quickly through the ranks and though rumour of her father’s influence being the reason for her rapid progression followed on her heels no fellow Knight could doubt her merit and devotion. A fierce advocate of the Knights manipulation and control of the Light, none could doubt her loyalty to the Knights cause. Her bravery and cunning on the battlefield in the plaguelands earned her the special appointment to captainhood and true leadership of Knights. Due to her youth, her appointment had to be approved by the regent and thus was much spoken about in the city. And though her youth will likely keep her at her position for at least a decade, she shows nothing but promise to have a glorious and illustrious career among the Knights. After all, she seems to have wanted nothing less her entire life.