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  1. Well, seems that I need to update my projects. It's been a while since I posted anything. Below is an online comic I am working on, free to those who wish to read the trilogy. It's dedicated to my OLD Alliance Guild, Skyblade Command, in which I MAY just bring back to life.
  2. New Art Projects As They Come Ok, here is the "almost" full view of the portrait i'm doing. Just a few more pencilings and i'm good to go with painting it, using an acrylic media. These are of Mavericks, toons, Spectre and Lumie/Maverick, back to back. Spectre, is a warlock, and as you may have guessed. Lumie is a Druid. I havn't decided what the back ground is gona be. Maybe you people can give me some ideas. Don't need it being to busy though but any ideas are welcome!! BTW the portrait was actually too large to fit on the phone screen so the wargens' hand was cut off <.< Updates and MORE to come as I get them.
  3. LOL the colors are what people want, and the Horde Symbol can be changed into Alliance. Or a custom symbol like a guild crest or what not. And yeah there is a typo in that one, the original had been fixed already...*shakes Head* Why I didn't link that one is Beyond me. FIXIE TIME!
  4. Hello, everyone. I figured that many people love to use Signature images, so why not use custom designs? I have been throwing together graphics for signature for quite some time now, but never WoW until now. Below I have 3 including my own that I use here. If your interested on gettin one made. Look at the Commission information below the images. Otherwise ENJOY the eye candy. MORE DESIGNS TO COME! Commissions: For any commissions, either faction, I accept in-game gold as well as paypal. Paypal: Pay amount when image is done. About 3-4 hours if doing a signature from scratch. $10 a Signature. In-game Gold: Half up front, rest when image is done. 1000g per signature. Total time for a finished product varies by how many I have before "yours", being client. No more then 4 hrs per signature, depending on customization. INTERESTED PARTIES: Mail/whisper me in-game on Reighkalel, or email me using ghostclau@gmail.com. I will get back to you within 24hrs if i'm not online.
  5. Ok people, it's been like forever since I posted anything here. I got off my arss and have a little something. Just little projects for my guild, and for Spectre/Maverick although it's just a sneak peak of what i'm doing for him! This is a sneak peak of a 16"x20" Portrait. It's actually almost done but i'm not showing him the full project till it's done. *evil grin* Here on this one is some graphics I pulled together on a short notice. It was for my guild web page. Needed to change a MANY things since we had gone home to the Horde.
  6. <p>Yes yes, I sure am and brought the crew with me from Alliance.</p>

  7. <p>Betty, Horde again? Wonderful news!</p>

  8. Very true, however we can play it by ear, or set a new day.
  9. Count the members of The Faceless Blade in on this. Just hit me up in-game with any other information regarding this event.
  10. It is a name that is heared only in rumors.... It is a name that symbolizes fear, death, and misery. It is a name that strikes fear into the heart of every man, woman, and child that hears it mentioned. Some say it's a myth of a madman. Some say it's a Legend forged from the nightmares of man. But what few know or are willing to admit...... Is that "The Faceless Blade" is very, very real; and if the price is right, they will find you, and they will end you. "The Faceless Blade" a Order of Mercinaries, Warbringers, and highly trained Assasins. They live by the Motto "Fearless; Swift, Silent, and rutheless. By the time the prey knows what's coming, it will be too late. We are A symbol of death, a tool of destruction, and a means to bring forth the vengance of the betrayed, and the judgement of the condemnd. "We are The Faceless Blade!" Welcome..... To our dark brotherhood....... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The type of guild we are: We are indeed a PvP-RP, Guild/Order. We do light PvE. Our standing is "neutral" although we serve the Horde. Some may say we can't be trusted. But what do they know? Rumors don't become of us, but...then again...some do. Guild History: The Faceless Blade Unleashed ( Updated 2012 ) Betraylyn has returned from the very pit of hell she called the Alliance. *After being brainwashed and controlled by means not of her own, she retreated to the home land of the new Warchief. *There she regained her composure and standing in the Horde society keeping her image as a malicious vessel of death and destruction. *Now she has lifted her Assassins and Warbringers again reforging her Faceless Blade, creating a new nightmare which has already been set loose on Azaroth. ( 2008 ) After the hunt and assassination of Betraylyns' stepfather, she founded a merciless band of assassins known as "Order of the Blade". They hunted, killed and enjoyed it. After Betraylyns disappearance, shortly after the fall of the Sunwell she was capture by one of Arthas's Lieutenants. The small group of highly trained assassins scattered and the few loyal to Betraylyn; who never gave up hope, kept the clan alive but dormant. After her miraculous return and many months of convincing, Betraylyn reclaimed her clan of Mercenaries and continued to reign death once again, but this time under a different name. "The Faceless Blade" resurfaces in nightmares as reality sets in of this untamed crew of cold hearted killers. With in time, this clan found out there was more to this hybrid of death. She grew with her loyal followers and Mercenaries, taking in the weaker who had potential, as they were cast out to the streets as riff raff. The Blade had become an inseparable family of death dealers to the Alliance and opposing forces of any kind.
  11. <p>Haha love you too! Jeda master Deja!!</p>

  12. (( Update since her return to the alliance ))
  13. <p></3 I don't even deserve a response???? /wrist</p>

    <p>Fine! </p>