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  1. Too long have we stood by the living, Too long have the living betrayed us. Putress was slain, Vamismarath also slain. Something must be done! I call for all who have broken free from the Lich Kings grasp to join our cause. Knights of the Ebon Blade, Forsaken, We Shall Stand in defiance against the grip the Scourge and the living. The Horde, The Horde aren't our allies they are merely tools. They will help us achieve our goal and then we will strike them done with the fury of the Forsaken...Remember Putress, Remember Vamismarath, Trust in the Plague...... (( This guild if you couldnt tell is focused around being followers of the New Plague and being a Undercity Guard type guild. We despise all living but we will contact with them and use them as tools to get what we need. Forsaken and Death knights are allowed only because Forsaken duh and Death Knights have Escaped the Lich Kings Grasp also the only Faction Aside from Undercity that we are truely in good relations with are the Knights of the Ebon Blade because they share the same goal of Crushing Arthas, If you are interested Contact Fetress Via In Game Mail or Whisper ))
  2. (( Sorry yall...My brother deleted my character off my account and then my guild got taken over by blood elves for some reason...? Anyway....sorry about this... ))
  3. Guild event number 1 Attended, Lintra, Scout Lazuka, Bloodthirster Runjin, Berserker Xunjin, Commanda If your wondering who the orc is that is the ambassador from Orgrimmar! The Assault on Tirgarde Keep was a success! We destroyed Watch Commander Zalaphil We make benedict look like a fool! Lintra also got promoted to the rank of scout! Dat be all dat happened on da assault mon! Signed, Commanda Xunjin Shatterspear (( I hope we get more people to join our guild. We really need all the help we can get number wise so please will you roll some alts and join us? We are struggling! ))
  4. Notice: Da Shatterspear Tribe is recruitin' all da Trolls who are up for da fight against da alliance! We currently have tree allies Da horde Da Amani Trolls and Da Steamwheedle Cartel. Our village resides in da hills of Darkshore. Very secluded very safe! We are a small tribe and we need ya to join and help us grow strong! For da Horde! Signed, Commanda Xunjin of Da Shatterspear Tribe (( We are a new guild only containing four members as I post this contact one of the following names in game Blooddrunk my rogue or Xunjin, for an interview we have our own personal secret city in Darkshore that has horde flagged mobs and it is our village...Whisper me in game if you want to know anything else! ))