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  1. We know how everyone feels now and there's no point in discussing it for the billionth time. We'll keep a record here of blue posts or acticles containing statements from Activision-Blizzard for people who are interested in this.
  2. I can understand that. Come TOR, RC is going Republic, EG is going Sith. There's no saying everyone from TN will end up on the same server. I couldnt play with half the people I wanted to on Aion because they were fuckwits who went purpleskins. Also on topic: 41, 842 posts / 2,093 pages - No response from a US Blue since post 6,476. Oy. Also, if a long time passes and they don't expand Real ID, I may consider coming back (Because I dont care about the forums) but the shoddy customer service has shaken my commitment to that.
  3. Okay. I missed that. Tired and going to sleep in a second so yeah... Whoops. I will look into FFXIV. My Experience of FFXI was ruined when I hit level 7, died a second after, and instantly levelled down.
  4. You forgot SoE and NGE. Sorry to harp on about it, BUT NOW YOU SEE MY FRIEND. Kind of interesting, in the article Yat linked, it was EA who saved Bruuuuuuuuutal Legend. Video game companies right now are like frikkin' wrestlers. I DONT KNOW WHO TO CHEER FOR!
  5. Dio: WE know that. That's not to claim Kotick does. Keraph: Everything dies and everything has it's time. One day, you will lose WoW and you will lose all the people you play with, most likely to TOR. It's really hard to accept (Because EVEN I AM HOPING Blizzard hates this and is demanding ActiSatan recinds it) but it's going to happen. It sucks though.
  6. The original posts will show that, if you take TNG as a demographic Blizzard should feel quite the impact. Also, I fully intend to play Diablo but you'll never see me in their multiplayer sections. A lot of the joy of Starcraft comes from multiplayer.
  7. If they lose 1million people, but gain 3million from Facebook, that's an acceptable loss (For Activision). We both know Kotick doesn't care about us, he cares about £$¥€. P.S: Join the Ebon Guard Sith Side in TOR today!
  8. <p>The PvP looks sweet, sieging guild cities... PvM doesn't seem very alluring.</p>

  9. <p>Good luck. I tried Conan, didn't really like it.</p>

  10. <p>I'm going to try out Age of Conan before I try LOTRO (mostly because AoC is such a disk hogger and I don't have a lot left, so after trying LOTRO I can know which one to install/uninsall)</p>

  11. I stated at the end why it was locked. It was locked because of petty bickering. We'd become like the general forums. I did say as well I'd reopen it once we got a substansial word from Blizzard. This seems pretty big though. Copy Pasta for those who can't read the site: ----- Blizzard has recently announced that it is making use of real world names and other data mandatory on the official forums for Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty, the long awaited strategy game sequel set to arrive on July 27, and for the World of Warcraft MMO, which should get the Cataclysm expansion. After a rather hostile reaction from the community of players, the studio revealed that it would be continuing to talk to players about the system but that it would nonetheless go ahead with its implementation. A representative from Blizzard talked to Gamasutra about the Real ID concept and about how it would be implementing, saying that his company “will be carefully monitoring how people are using the service. Real ID is a new and different concept for Blizzard gamers - and for us as well - and our goal is to create a social gaming service that players want to use.” He added, “It's important to note that both enabling Real ID in game and posting on the official Blizzard forums are completely optional. Players can continue to read the forums anonymously regardless of whether they choose to post in them, and their gameplay experiences will not change if they choose not to use the Real ID communication features in game.” It seems the company is comfortable with the fact that a lot of players might migrate from the official forums, asking questions and participating in other Internet-based communities. It might have some problems as bug reports from the player base are crucial to the ongoing task of World of Warcraft, the best MMO. Blizzard is also assuring gamers that the moderating team will be more vigilant than ever when Real ID is being implemented, trying to limit all the incidents that can arise from the use of real world names on a gaming forum with a player base as big as that of World of Warcraft. Still, the potential for abuse is high and the official forums might feel much more empty in a short while. ------
  12. <p>Oh god damnit you locked the thread before I could make mention that even the small ass paper I work for wrote and article on the whole activision realid thing. I found that highly amusing.</p>

  13. As did I from you, we have both failed to deliver! Excellent! And as this thread has now hit nothing but bickering, it will be reopened when Blizzard offer an announcement. Until then. BAINED.
  14. 1. Actually, you pay for access to the server. Any patches following that are given to you for free. If they wanted to charge you for these, it would seem they could. 2. If a publisher offered you a game but offered absolutely no forums you'd be okay with this? 3a. How long do you think is acceptable to respond when your business model is costing you subscriptions hourly? 3b. Do you really think it takes over 24hours to respond to the question "Why are you not implimenting this with screen names?" asked by not one but three of the Blizzard MVPs EVEN IF you ignore every one else (Though this sentiment has been echo'd thousands of times). 4. So your saying, in people not deserving a damn thing that poor customer service is the answer to defeat people who feel "entitled" to a response why their real names will be placed in an internet forum for a fake video game?
  15. I can agree with that. On a statistical basis, but I think the number of people displeased is larger, and I also think that there's a number of people who's displeasure has shifted from "OMFG FORUMS" (And remember, I for one said I didnt really care if this was -only- the forums) to "Wow, they just dont care". If you are down (And for this purpose, we'll go with 50,000) all this subscribers, what kind of comminity will you have? Will you really achieve the better forums you supposedly desire, or will you just have a barren void where unless you're John Smith or Paul Brown you're not really confident to post. Again, I completely agree. If you think Blizzard won't take it further and you have no desire in the forums and you really just can't be bothered to be concerned OR you just feel this isn't your particular issue. I can respect that opinion, really, I can. All I'm asking for from anyone here is that my opinion is treated with the equal respect while we're discussing this (Because honestly, I haven't seen anyone with an "OMFG RAGE QUIT" post here.)