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  1. [The first few pages contain a number of unfinished sketches, everything from people and animals to rocks and trees, and what looks like a colony of anthropomorphic mushrooms. The drawings soon stop, however, and give way to smooth script.] Today I went to my mailbox and found that I had a parcel and note from Father. It's the first I have heard from him since Mother died, which was over a year ago. In the parcel was his mace, and here is the note he wrote. Aldiran, It's time you stop acting like a child and begin acting like my eldest son. You're far too old to have no responsibilities. Enclosed is my mace. You are young and have to potential to put it to better use than I. Contact me again when you have learned how to use it. Your Father. Father always was more than a little bit overdramatic. The mace is heavy as hell and I have no wish to swing it at anything. I'd rather keep my hands clean. But I'm sure Father's expectations are low enough for me to meet, so he can't be too disappointed. Maybe I'll carry the mace around Silvermoon and use it to impress women. He said to learn how to use it, and there is more than one way to use just about anything.