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  1. Laron, If I ever play Vanguard, it will be on the Florendyl server and I will look you up and say "hello". At present, however, I beta tested Vanguard from beta 3 or 4, before the pre-order people got in, up until it went live. I'm not jazzed about the corpse runs. Love the diplomacy, but hate the corpse runs. It's a beautiful game, my computer runs it pretty smoothly on half-way decent settings, and I LOVE the Kojan area and the dragon boats...but those corpse runs and the trains. I have nostalgia when I think of EQLive from the old days, but I'd never go back to it, to the days of corpse runs and having griefers wipe people with their trains just to be asshats and then have to suffer the death penalties and corpse runs because of it. Great game for people that those things don't bother, but they bother me.
  2. The one that gets me bouncing is StarGate Worlds: http://www.stargateworlds.com/ I loves me some Stargate, from the Movie to the SG:1 and now Stargate:Atlantis. I love the idea of exploring strange new worlds. Even as a little girl, I was walking around with one of my dad's metal tape-measures pretending it was a communicator. Best birthday present I got from my parents was my space helmet with a built-in walkie talkie.
  3. Other than the empty towns, I'd have probably played it a while, but I could tell Clys was hating it. Hard to play a game with the spouse when they are doing a lot of sighing. I could tell he hated it. But I loved it when it came out, and, well, *shrug* I wish more sci-fi mmorpgs would get produced for this sci-fi freak-princess.
  4. Yup beta tested and played SWG. Last time I logged onto SWG it was full of big empty ghost towns, the player cities were empty as everyone was in their spaceships off flying about, leaving the worlds barren, I'm afraid. My favorite part of SWG....well, my characters are clothing horses so I loved the clothing, I loved the houses and I loved being able to "hang" my clothes and display them in "closet space" area.
  5. Whoa... hostile. Someone apparently doesn't like me. I insinuated it has a similar grind, maybe, but ALL mmos have a grind. I wasn't trying to bash EQ2. It's a good game, one I played for awhile before realizing it's pace was a bit too slow for my tastes. I was just trying to throw a little humor in there. Regardless, I hope you have fun, and keep in touch on the boards. Of all the contributors here I'd have to say I regard you & Clys among the most imaginative, and passionate about RP, so TN is certainly losing a great member of it's community... but anyway I'll just go ahead and stfu now. Nah..it's okay, North *hugs* ...but I just dont' want anyone grabbing what you said and using it as an excuse to get a run-on hijack bashing EQ2 or any other game. I like most every game to a point, some more than others, and I'm a FIRM BELIEVER that no ONE game is better than another, but that some games are better for Gamer Bob while a different game is better for Gamer Joe. It's all a matter of taste and gaming style.
  6. I agree, WoW, was the best MMO for me as well. Best damn MMO I've played of the 13 of them. It's just the content has gotten stale for me after two years. Remember, I'm an ADHD Gamer. Playing off and on for two years is damn good for keeping MY attention. What would I like to see in the future? A sci-fi MMO on the same page as WoW but with the crafting of Horizons. I wanna see elfs and orcs in space, and aliens, and cool spaceships to fly instead of land-rides. I want the cyborg implants of Anarchy Online. Instead of player housing we could have player Millenium Falcons. Clys could be the evil Duchess Palpatina and I could be Barba Fetta, the evil elvish rogue with a crafting addiction..and...and...cyborg implants in my long ears to detect the electronic signals of traps and bombs but they look like really pretty earrings that match with my (cuz they gotta match, dammit) skin tight leather spacesuit that's reinforced with mithral boning that I got during my smuggler run through the Ganklethorn Asteroid Belt. Yup...Could happen! It could! *twitch*
  7. Now see, I LIKE the changes they made. I didn't like EQ2 right after it came out. And when they nerfed the f*&k out of my fav crafting profession and I couldn't make quick loot anymore, I was crying even more. But anyway. I like it better now, and I LOVE the colors of the new continent has. Clys and I had Ogres for a short stint in EQ1 when our fav server was down. My ogress was named Creysie ((get it...Crazy))
  8. And P.S.....I'm a hawt 49 yr old gamer at that. *PREENS*
  9. Dude, that's exactly why I didn't want to bring up. People feel compelled to bash whatever game they are NOT playing. I beta tested EQ2, I played it before comeing to WoW and in between. I've played 13 mmorpgs and beta tested 6 of them. I'm 49 years old and been a gamer forever, and I've been playing mmorpg's since 1999. I raised 3 of my 4 daughters to gamers. 4th one is still a work in progress. I know what I'm doing, k? So no bashing games in my thread.
  10. Nah, it's Antonia Bayle. I didn't actually mention EQ2, because I don't want anyone jumping in and starting a bashing war between one game or the other. I like 'em both, but the other has content I haven't done that I want to do, and I can do it while chatting with my girls. I'm close to my daughters.
  11. Clys is still here and having fun. He's able to play both games where it's harder for me to divide my time between two games. The Immortalis stories will continue, but without me. Just as Danlily retired to her suite to knit human sinew into baby blankets, we can assume that Danyxandra is just busy with running the vineyards and the silk plantation, and keeping the Nex'Cruor domestic staff in line. It's sad that we waited all this time for an expansion, and there is no "middle" added to the game's world. We have new starting zones up to level 20-25ish, we have new lands to explore after 60 with Outlands, but they really dropped the ball for me from level 20-60, and I level slowly. That 40 levels would be hell for me to grind out....yet again. Thanks for the best wishes, gonna miss you all and will stop by from time to time. *group hugs*
  12. It is with sadness that I am saying my goodbyes. I have to say that of any mmorpg I've ever played, the roleplayers here in this game on this server have truly been the best. I love Twisting Nether. I love the Gazette community. I am not loving WoW. I was really, REALLY looking forward to the belfs, and I DO love them. I, in fact, bought the Collector's Edition of this game because I was so jazzed about the expansion. For me, however, at getting out of Ghostlands, I found myself grinding the same Hillsbrad/Thousand Needles, etc that I have quested with Danlily, as well as half a dozen other characters I'd had on Silver Hand. I am very dissapointed that the new races don't have quests that go further into the game rather than dumping me back into the same-old-same-old. I don't want to spend the next two months grinding myself through Desolace and Ganklethorn. I don't even enjoy PVP, I was here to play with my husband and because of the friendships and roleplay here. There is NO better RP than what I found here on Twisting Nether, but it's not enough for me. I have to enjoy the game I'm playing along with all that great RP. Sure, I could grind myself silly and get my belf to Outlands, but I just don't want to go through all that again. The game, itself, has lost its glow for me. On the other hand, three of my four daughters and a son-in-law are playing another game, one where the expansion takes me from Level 1 to 70 and I can do it while talking all night to my girls and their husband/boyfriends. I will miss you, I will miss the story writing and reading all the talent this community puts out, and I hope to see you sometime in the future whenever another game comes out that we happen to meet upon. ~deFafnyr
  13. Smurch shambled to Danyxandra as she was stacking the old journals she'd written hundreds of years ago in another lifetime onto a table to be placed among the other books in the Nex'Cruor library. Smurch grumbled loudly to get Danyx's attention and handed her the message. Breaking the seal, she quickly read, "O', dearest of friends, though we have seen bitter times, I come to you with an urgent warning. Two Night Elves of dubious motive and origin have plotted to despoil and plunder your holdings here in Eversong. I would not put it past them to go as far as to launch an assault on your very homes! They are dangerous and untrustworthy, as all of these hateful Alliance bastards seem. But, as it happens, I have sent my personal spies to track their every move and report it back to you! Oh, no, you mustn't think ill of me for it, for I have but the welfare of my neighbours in mind. We simply cannot have filthy Kaldorei scum mucking about our beautiful woods, let alone attempting to ruin our business! I will send word the moment I know their whereabouts and plans. With sincerest regards for your safety, - Morlethien Sto'Rabhan " With alarm she bounded from the library and raced throughout the manor for Morgauth and Clys. They had to be alerted at once!
  14. ((*weeps for Skae* Very moving))