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  1. <p>Hon...it's approaching 2 years. I can't believe you've been gone that long. I miss you more than you could ever know. What else can I say other than I love you with all my heart. I miss you with from the bottom of my very soul. You will always mean everything to me. Forever. XOXO</p>

  2. <p>You crazy man! : ) You still can make me laugh. Thanks for showing yourself the other night. It meant a lot and I hope that you do it again. Soon!! Love You! Love You! Love You! It's nice to smile when I think about you or even encounter you on the odd occassion. xoxoxoxoxoxo</p>

  3. <p>Had my second birthday without you yesterday. Missed you, tons! Love you and miss you every day!! xooxoxoxoxo</p>

  4. <p>Been thinking about you a lot, lately. Crazy dreams about you, too! I miss you every second of every day. Things just aren't the same anymore. Miss you! Love you! xoxo</p>

  5. <p>Merry Christmas Honey! We all miss you very much. Love You!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo</p>

  6. It's true.......Rick certainly will have his work cut out for him up there. Someday, when he and I are together again I can laugh as I watch him tackle God's IT Network. Knowing him as I do he's taking it all in stride and not getting the least bit upset by it.
  7. Hey Guys, As far as having my husband's character memorialized within the game I would prefer that not to happen for several reasons. However, if you still want to have a memorial bench in his honor or assist me with having his stories published that is fine with me but please don't feel obligated to do so as I don't want anybody going to any trouble or expense. I know my husband better than anybody so believe me when I say that he's beet red from embarrassment right now knowing that you guys even suggested at a tribute to his gaming character. I'm sure he's telling God how humbled he is by your kindness. Besides, I have 2 wonderful memorials that he left me with - our children. There are no better tributes to his legacy than our son and daughter. Their strength of character and the wonderful people they are will always reflect Rick's true character. Before I sign off I'll share something funny with you all and you'll probably think I'm a nut but who cares? About a month ago I had a dream that God was walking towards me. In my dream I became very angry and confronted God about taking Rick away from me. I told him that he took my children's father away and also my husband. I told God how angry he made me by taking Rick and making him suffer when Rick never deserved that sort of ending to his life. I told God that Rick was so sweet, kind and caring and there are so many nasty and evil people in this world so why would he choose to make Rick suffer in the way that he did? God put his hand on my shoulder and explained that he needed a new IT Network Security person for his new computer system that he just had installed in Heaven and Rick was the only one on Earth that filled the requirements. Have a nice day everyone. Remember to tell your significant other that you love them cuz you never know when it'll be the last time. Thankfully, those were the last words that Rick heard from me. .......Natasha xoxo
  8. <p>Happy Anniversary, Baby. Love you.</p>


  9. <p>Missing you, Baby!</p>

  10. Oh, okay. Well, thanks for cheering. I know you guys use your character names so is there a Lori Fransisco who plays? He had so many friends on this server that it's hard to keep track of everyone. I'm probably wrong anyway, she's probably a friend of the family in Ontario - they are big on making memorial donations. Hey, I love your character name. It's hilarious. Take Care.
  11. Ohhhh.......are you Lori?? If so, thanks.
  12. Hey Guys, I've just received a donation notification in Rick's memory from the Brain Tumor Foundation of Canada from a Lori Fransisco. If she is one of you please accept my deepest thanks. I've received donation notifications from many organizations in his memory and there are some people whom I don't know, usually they are distant extended family and friends in Germany and Ontario and it takes me some time to find out who's who. So, if she is one of you guys then thank you Lori, it's very kind of you to remember him in such a generous way. .......Natasha
  13. Thanks Villayna. I wish every moment of every day that he was still with us. I miss him like crazy. Malorii, I like what you said about tombstones. It's very true. You'd like ours. It's black granite. On either side there are two doves. Between the dove is our family name, below that is a heart surrounded by flowers. Within the heart are two hands, a man and a woman's, entwined. On one side is Rick's name birthday and date of his passing. On the other side is my name and my birthdate. Below there's an inscription reading "Living Forever in Our Hearts." I'm crying now so I'd better sign off. A good day to you all.
  14. Thanks to you all. I will certainly tell him "Hello" from all of you. There is one thing I never shared with you all and it has taken me some time to do so. I would like to share it with you now if it's ok. One evening my neighbor Lisa was over to check on Rick. She's also a nurse and helped out considerably with Rick's care. I don't know what I would have done without her. She was truly amazing and a great source of strength for me. She told me that she was surprised at the strength with which Rick was holding on. I asked her why he was hanging on the way he was. I didn't want him to go but I also didn't want to see the love of my life suffer. Lisa explained that sometimes people will hang on due to some unfinished business, whether it be to resolve a dispute with someone, or they need to say good bye to a friend or family member. It was then that it hit me. As Rick's family we all privately said what we needed to say to him, as he did to us. However, you guys on the TNG never were able to do that, nor did he get the chance to do it. That is when I sent Kim, or should I say Evanthe, a text telling her that he was being so brave, but he was going. I didn't know what to say to someone I'd never spoken to so I just said that. I then went upstairs to our bedroom to tell him that I got in touch with you guys to tell you all how amazing he was being. He squeezed my hand. I guess that was his "Good-Bye" to you all. For some reason it struck me that night that I should do that. He spent a considerable amount of time getting to know you all so I thought that I should do that one thing for him cuz it's what he would have like me to do. I'm glad that I did cuz when Evanthe received the text message I then received the nicest phone call from her and her boyfriend offering their condolences on Rick's passing. It was a nice gesture on their part and it meant a lot to me to hear such kind words about my husband. Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you. I hope that you don't mind.
  15. Good Morning Everyone, I thought you would all like to know that Rick's, and mine for that matter, Tombstone is now marking his resting place. I've had both our names engraved as that's where I'll be someday, but hopefully not for quite a while. It was quite sad to see it there as reality hit hard when I saw the stone. It was a reminder that all of this is permanent and definitely real - he's not coming back. It's going to break my heart when his sister, father, and step mother visit him. His father never should have had to bury his son and his sister never, ever should have had to bury her big brother at such a young age. He adored her beyond belief. It's heart breaking. I can't go visit him with anybody yet although I've brought his dog, Schroeder to visit him. I'm sure that he's shared stories with you all about Schroeder, his demon Dachshund dog. It was rather nice to bring his little dog because even though I didn't tell Schroeder that we were going to see "Papa" it was like he knew. I carried him over to "Rick's Place" and Schroeder started to yelp excitedly and shake and quiver all over just like he would when Rick would come home from work. That's when I told him that we were visiting "Papa." He then became even more excited. By the way, if Rick knew, and I'm sure he does now, that I told you all that he was "Papa" to the dog he'd kill me. They were very devoted to each other. Anyway, I thought that you'd all like to know that his final resting place is now marked with a loving monument. Sunday would have been his 43 birthday. I didn't want to bring him flowers cuz that would have made me cry. I wanted to bring him something fun that would have made him laugh. So, I brought him 3 balloons - a firefly, a bumblebee and a sunshine with a smiley face. He'd appreciate that just for the silliness of it. RavenReverand, in answer to your question - definitely chocolate. Chocolate Cheesecake or Chocolate Pecan Upside Down Cake. The latter of the two is what I made for his birthday last year. He loved it. .......Natasha