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  1. I don't see player housing ever being implemented, which is sad because WoW is such a huge influence on other MMOs that it just perpetuates the lack of housing in MMOs. I see the issue more generally as the lack of players actually being able to influence the world (at least when talking about un-instanced housing). If I move a character from one server to another there's no real difference between the servers. Players like being able to actually leave their mark.
  2. I don't quite get what all this is about. Simply trolling? Does anyone actually believe more females will proportionally play RIFT (or will play RIFT) then WoW? Do you disagree that the reason is in part due to the art design?
  3. I don't see your connection between saying "non-grimdark games are more likely to have a higher female population" and "women are dumb." Women are less likely to play as orcs (source). If you think that makes women as a gender "dumb" that is on you.
  4. AION probably has a higher proportion of female players than RIFT ever will, and I bet FFXI and LOTRO do as well. Do you seriously think art design doesn't play a part in that and these things just happen arbitrarily through random chance?
  5. And then Mr. Garriot helped bring Lineage: The Blood Pledge out west, yes. Of course there's nothing wrong with looking outside of western RPGs for inspiration, there's a lot of wonderful ideas that are entirely ignored because developers just copy/paste from WoW. I would love to see another game use skill chains from FFXI, and I would like to see more games using positional combat in relation to other players. Simply because WoW is the dominant MMO does not mean WoW is the only MMO to find inspiration in. I imagine the population of RIFT is going to consist largely of people who have a tendency to try out most MMO releases as they come out. It'll drop off significantly when the next big release comes out. I don't think developers give the Warcraft setting and art design as much credit as they should; and as long as you take a game in some sort of "gritty" or "dark" route as we've discussed, you're not going to pull in the fairly sizable number of female subscribers that WoW maintains. Right now I can't switch over to a different game without convincing Domni to also give the game a try. I do apologize that this is getting a bit more abstract and off topic, but I imagine we all play MMOs because we love the genre in some essential way. MMOs are precisely like drugs in that you're always looking for a new MMO to give you the feeling of sheer awe you got from the very first one you played.
  6. I played the last beta, but haven't touched this one. I see how it may vary more from WoW in higher levels, but it's still variation on the same formula and little to nothing taken from non-WoW MMOs. I see the soul swap system (which are really just getting to choose your talent trees) as sort of a dull variation for customization, and from what I played none of the classes seemed to feel as well or intentionally-designed as the WoW counter-parts. Want to buy more MMOs with skill systems.
  7. The WoW style crafting system doesn't really lend itself to a stable economy in the first place, so there's that. But why doesn't Blizzard do much to fix the situation? Who knows.
  8. You will regret these words! (Embersilk incoming, and yet I forgot to include any text in the mail.)
  9. Sejarki

    The Golden Keg

    I feel like I haven't been seeing nearly as many griefers around lately, the RP Alliance side has really been going strong. My issue has always been that when you DO get a bunch of people in a spot, that it gets really hard to separate the different conversations and such. So I imagine if all goes well this will have to spread beyond the Keg itself. Either way I'll try to be there if nothing else arises.
  10. I honestly agree they should change the honor system in BGs to something more tangible. They (Blizzard) want to do something with dungeons so it shows players the how and why when they fail at a boss in a Heroic for example, why not apply something similar to BGs and PvP? Reward people for playing effectively, and show them what they're doing that is effective. I'm always sad whenever I feel I've actually done a lot to help lead to the teams victory and my honor reward doesn't represent that in the least. And isn't this something FPSes have done for some time? BGs are little more than basic FPS play styles re-purposed into WoW. Maybe take it another step further: allow the players on a team to vote for an MVP who gets a small bonus award. This idea has a lot of flaws obviously (that I'm sure will be picked apart in posts to follow), but I think there should be some way to reward those who ARE helpful and are trying to take the charge in order to win!
  11. Would you feel bad for the fact you were taking away from the experience of other players? What if one of your friends was in that BG playing for fun (or helping to gear a third friend) while you were botting and thus not contributing? I really don't like the cheating is wrong argument, since it's far too ambiguous and "cheating" is relative. Botting is wrong in the same way that running a raid and snatching (ninja-ing) a piece of loot is wrong. Playing this game is a social experience one way or another, and you shouldn't contribute to the issue of people being jerks. Grinding is more or less a part of WoW (and the MMO genre) and if you really don't have the time anymore then don't do it, there are other activities within the game, and there are other games out there too that require NO grind. I don't think "I don't like the design of this game" justifies botting though, it just makes me wonder why you're playing at all (which botters aren't, evidently). More importantly if you bot I'm totally never going to be your bestest friend.
  12. Well part of the issue is those who choose to bot are making it that much worse for those who are actually willing to grind it out via BGs or (gasp) want to do the BGs just for fun! I wouldn't mind Blizzard lightening the grind, but I don't think it justifies people ruining the game for those who do want to play it. No one enjoys losing because their team is 1/3 bots and the enemy team lucked out and has none.
  13. My issue is how many people have MULTIPLE casters sitting at 60+? Or multiple 2-hander wielding melee? I suppose the benefit is you only have to level archaeology on a single character, but really that's just a sign of how droll it really is. Argh. I also disagree with adding a new gold faucet via archaeology, inflation is already fairly bad this expansion with fewer gold sinks to remove the money from the economy.
  14. Yet of course the issue is they undermine BGs being played as part of the game, and not as just a grind. I suppose the answer in the end is then simply: do rated BGs with your guild. And yet I can't help but feel bothered by issues that keep me from interacting with new people outside of the ones I already know. I can't but help favor the view of people who simply want to play the game as a game, and in turn I look down on those who are willing to ruin the experience of others for their own selfish desires, which is the real issue.