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  1. wait, so... are photo manips of bloodelves considered stolen?
  2. Thanks, though while I was away I've been doodling nonstop and I'm alot better! Maybe I should scan some pics soon...
  3. *was gone a REALLY LONG TIME and isn't sure how much she can get on*... Hello.
  4. gimme a minute to grab my scanner... I can post tauren chibis!!!
  5. I am sooo doing this... *cracks knuckles and grabs pen*
  6. Dear Journal, Haven't had time to write, I'm busy trying my best to keep Ferdie safe. He's currently sleeping, and I thought I should scribble a few things in here. I'm out of hiding, for now, and got a unique souvenir. I usually would never trust goblins, especially after they "accidentally" dyed my hair auburn. But I temporarily let that go and got them to perform surgery on my eyes, so I could see better in the dark. It's strange, I know, but I need to be able to see any attackers at night that may want to hurt Ferdie. I see daylight a little differently now, but I'm getting used to it. Gotta go, baby is waking up. ~Zavierra Nailo
  7. aww, thanks. I'll try to work on something really pwetty for next time I can get comp time! I keep stealing my friends computer for now...
  8. hmm... maybe if I get more comp time I can participate in this? ;P
  9. back! won't be on much cause I'm moving, but back somewhat!
  10. Oh wow, these are beautiful!
  11. The excuse I've always heard was "It helps me move faster"...
  12. Hello from Camp!!! Can't post art, but I can say HI!
  13. but yeah, will be gone! Supposed to be back on the 22nd!
  14. She... uses really bright lipstick... Lovi is supposed to be like that, wears face eyelashes though she has no eyes, wears lipstick on her only remaining lip...