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    Full Name: Tiregwar Nicknames: Date of Birth: Age: 33 Race: Dwarf Gender: Male Hair: Red Skin: Pale Eyes: Green Height: 5'1" Weight: 287 lbs Place of residence: Stormwind City. Place of Birth: Just outside of Menethil Harbor. Known Relatives: Religion/Philosophy: Once seeking the path of the light, circumstances have made his desire for religion meaningless. His only purpose now is vengence and duty. Occupation: Soldier of the Stormwind Milita, Mercenary. Group/Guild affiliation: Guild Rank: Enemies: Extends a strong dislike for Night Elf, Draenei, Blood Elf, and Undead alike. Undead becoming the focus of his lifelong rage, after the destruction of his family lineage at the hands of their armies. Likes: Favorite Foods: Tel'Abim Banana Favorite Drinks: Flagon of Mead Favorite Colors: Blue Weapons of Choice: Sword, followed closely by a large blunt object of any sort. Dislikes: Elfs. Draenei. Undead. Hobbies: Long Runs around Loch Modan, Milling about Stormwind Trade Quarter. Physical Features: Scarring across neck and back is nearly insisible, missing left pinky finger and extensive damage to adjoining ring finger. Special Abilities: Positive Personality Traits: Loyal, Dedicated, Driven. Negative Personality Traits: Mildly Insane, Angry, Alchoholic, Prejudice. Misc. Quirks: Been losing his mind for quite some time now, often can be heard mumbling unintelligible mutterings under his breath. Quick to anger over nearly nothing, yet just as quick to simmer and point his blade to the task. History: There was a time when Tiregwar lived a somewhat normal life. His father and mother raised him in a small farmstead in the hills outside of Menethil. His father was a strong man, with a stout heart. A former soldier in the Ironforge Regiment, the lessons learned there were not lost on young Tiregwar. His childhood became a source of much joy to him in later years. Like most potential Dwarven soldiers he was sent to military instruction school at his coming of age date. (15 years) He continued to recieve training until the age of 18 when he was allowed to return home before his career in the standing army began. He hadnt heard from his parents in nearly three years and was greatly anticipating this reunion. Upon his return he could not believe what he saw. His farm was desolate. The fields were overgrown with thorns, the house where he was born was more of a stone monolith than a home. There was no sign of his parents, and the only clue to their demise was a medallion stamped into the ground near the house. the medallion of the scourge. He immediately set off for Ironforge to inform the King of the incursion so far into Alliance territory. He then proceeded to Stormwind where he swore his fealty to the King, and dedicated his remaining years to purging the scourge from the Eastern Kingdoms.