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  1. Character: Gabriel "Motive" Motivari I am a: 80 Undead Death knight Male Seeking: Any kind of Rp really. I enjoy playing hired help as Motive is sort of chaotic neutral and has no real goals of his own other then fantastic butchery. More about me: A bit of a psychotic and a poet in one, Motive seeks the artistry and beauty that exists in the kill. He has little to no emotion alive in him though he does hold a fierce sense of loyalty to the Dark Lady and his only known relative, Spike. Misc. notes: Emphasis on subtlety and struggles. I'd love to hang out with anyone, very much, but I'm looking for some good veiled rivalries. Lianthos is not what he seems, and popping out with every weakness all at once is really disappointing. Contact me through: PMs, this site or ingame Character: Ahmet Lohr Chordbreaker I am a: 80 Blood Elf Paladin Seeking: Again, pretty much any Rp. I don't mind being hero, villain, best mate, drinking buddy, lover, thorn in your side, etc. More about me: A bit stoic at first, Ahmet is quite friendly and easy going. He tries to live within the light but often finds himself taking the easy way out with things insted. He comes from a long standing but not well-liked high elven family. Misc. notes: OOCly- I am very relaxed and easygoing, fully willing to go along with and add to whatever you may have going on.
  2. Ahmet smirks, "I had the pleasure of running into this priestess... had a bit of fun with her."
  3. ***********************WARNING!*************************** ********************** MATURE CONTENT********************* ***********************FOUL LANGUAGE********************** Motive probed deeper into her slick-soft corners. Fingers finding every perfect deviation of flesh, every hot hidden place; a crooked-hanging smile slipped across his leathered face. His fingers found the spot. With perfect pressure and one swift jerk, the Forsaken spread open the chest of his felled foe and stared into her unchanging gaze. There was an odd softness in his eyes as he slipped his hands into the Night Elf girl’s insides and raised them to his mouth. A thick steam rose off each fistful of flesh that touched the cold Borean air. Ahmet stared at his companion, the heavy knot of disgust wrapping itself in the pit of his stomach. “The way you fuck your food is beyond my comprehension. I’ve seen your likes cannibalize before, bu-“ “Save your lectures for the simps you find wandering about Silvermoon all day. The Light and I parted ways years ago, paladin.” Motive brushed a few strands of hair from the paling purple cheek. Streaks of blood marked her face where his touch had been. “She and I are closer right now than you and I would ever be, Bloodelf. You dishonor us both by talking of her as a mere meal.” The Forsaken leaned into the still girl and smelled the cavity now pooled with red. “And,” his eyes closed. “I cannot allow you to call it ‘fuck’ when it’s so obvious,” his eyelids snapped open again and he smiled playfully at Ahmet. “It is love we make.” “Truly, I meant you no disrespect.” Ahmet chose his words carefully. He knew full well Motive’s brutal reputation and the ease with which he could end Ahmet. “I was merely noticing the care you were taking with her.” The paladin’s features were a stone calm as always but his insides raged with apprehension. “I suppose my point was that she seemed like more to you then a just chance to fill your belly… just worded poorly, that’s all.” Motive was already ignoring Ahmet again. He slowly let a handful of her slip into his mouth. Even that short banter had seen a change in her temperature. He swallowed the cooling flesh and shot a cold glare at the paladin. “Ugh! See how you wrecked it! Every second she loses life to this snowed ground!” He plunged his hand in for more, and shoveled it in with a squish. A dribble of blood escaped down his chin. Red smattered the white snow as his hand splutted into her again and rose to his crooked maw. “Now I have to eat with haste to have any chance of enjoying her!” “Really, I’m sorry. I won’t comment again on your habits. I-“ A dry gag suddenly overwhelmed Motive. He began to hack and point at his throat. “Are you choking?” Ahmet asked with widening eyes. “Is that even possible??” The Forsaken was on his feet now, dancing back and forth with the force of each cough. His arms clawed at the air around his throat. Ahmet flattened his hand and wound back his arm. He slapped firmly his companion’s back, who lurched forward under the blow. A sizeable green stone slick with innards and sputum made a soft landing in the snow at their feet. “What in Azeroth or Outland can that have been doing inside her?” Ahmet puzzled. “Maybe she knew I was coming, that I would take her from this world.” There was a child-like wonder glinting in Motive’s eyes. “Perhaps she left it there as a gift to me.” Motive picked up the stone and rubbed the filth off of its contours. There were small runes etched in three rings around its circumference. The language was obviously of some manner of magic unknown to either of them. “Whatever the reason, I’ll let you hold onto it since it was your throat that found it.” After a long, tender look, Motive slipped the stone into the neck of his plate and under the padding- next to his stilled heart.
  4. Full Name: Ahemt Lohr Chordbreaker Nicknames: Omelette, Marble Age: appears about 20 Race: Bloodelf Gender: Male Hair: Auburn Skin: Light tan Eyes: Green Height: about 6' Weight: 169 lbs. Place of residence: No stable home as of yet. Place of Birth: Eversong Known Relatives: All deceased Religion/Philosophy: Follower of the Light Occupation: Blacksmith, Brewer and Distributer of fine grog Group/Guild affiliation: For Grog and Glory Guild Rank: Guild Master Enemies: Alliance, Scourge, Amani trolls Likes: Quiet mornings, Grog, a filled pipe, interesting nights Favorite Foods: Beer braised meat of any type Favorite Drinks: Cherry Grog, mead Favorite Colors: Red, Gold Weapons of Choice: whatever works for the situation Dislikes: Desolace Hobbies: brewing Physical Features: perfect face, full down curled lips-seems always to be frowning slightly giving the impression he's perpetually pissed off which is not the case Special Abilities: can tie two cherry steams into one knot with his tongue Positive Personality Traits: an unwavering companion, even tempered Negative Personality Traits: can become rather licentious while drinking, drinks often Played by What Famous Person: Henry Cavill Theme Songs: Map of the Problematique by Muse History: Ahmet was born to a high elven family rich in devotion to the Light but wealthy in few other ways. He, like his father, Aurieas, trained in the ways of the Light and how to wield it as a paladin. With his extremely stern father often overseeing his progress, Ahmet's childhood was a rather humorless one marked with discipline and strictness. It showed in the boy's demeanor. Some of his teachers quipped that he was as stone-faced as the statues and called him "Marble" as a joke. In his early adulthood, Ahmet's skills flourished. He spent most of his days gaurding the borderlands of Quel’Thalas in defense of any possible attack, serving beneath his own father. However, Ahmet began to distance himself from Aurieas and his all too serious view of life, often sneaking away during off times to mingle with the elven laypeople and enjoy tavern life. He developed a hefty love of the drink and an infatuation for a young barmaid named Lylia. He never professed any feelings for her but became on obvious regular at her tavern, only taking a seat when she was behind the bar. With the coming of Arthas and the Scourge onslaught, Ahmet was amongst the many defenders pushed deep within the gates of Silvermoon during the fray. With the undead masses pouring in with seemingly no end, there came a point where there was nothing more that Ahmet could do other then protect his own life and watch the others die around him. In the aftermath, anyone close to him was gone or missing including his father and Lylia. With the loss of the light given powers of the elves, Ahmet became a Blood Knight like so many others and learned to use his powers despite. He tried to maintain full loyalty to the light but knew in his heart he was losing his true connection to it. Depressed and disillusioned, Ahmet left Eversong and since wanders Azeroth with an orc hunter, Vargronak, whom he befriended in a random skirmish on the roads of Dustwallow. The two have a similar love of the drink. They maintain a small Cherry Grog brewing business in Vargronak's home of Durotar.
  5. Full Name:Gabriel "Motive" Motivari Nicknames: Motive Date of Birth: July 3rd Age: 29 at time of death Race: Forsaken Gender: Male Hair: White-Blonde Skin: Pale, serious damage to the left side of the face Eyes: Hazel in life, a glowing frost blue since becoming a death knight Height: About 5'11 when unhunched. Weight: about 90 lbs in clothes Place of residence: Currently staying in the sewers of Dalaran Place of Birth: Westfall Known Relatives: Spike(cousin, also Forsaken), Rathius Motivari (Spike's son) Occupation: Artist in both life and death, in one form or another Group/Guild affiliation: Infection Guild Rank: Leper Enemies: Any Scourge, Alliance or Enemy of the Dark Lady Likes: the hot spray of blood in his face, and a heavy implement of death in his hands Favorite Foods: All the squishy goodness inside the cracked chest of any alliance member Favorite Drinks: The blood of a drunken dwarf Favorite Colors: Red Weapons of Choice: Anything he can use to carve his art through the flesh of his enemies Dislikes: Alliance, Scourge, lies, having the advantage Hobbies: "painting", Inscription Physical Features: Skin on the left side of the face is torn, bone slighty crushed underneath, left side jaw dislocates often leaving his mouth agape. Positive Personality Traits: Very loyal once he's put you in his trust. Negative Personality Traits: Not very trusting. Misc. Quirks: Gets very enamored with what he considers to be a beautiful kill, so much so that he can lose all focus during battle to admire his own work Played by What Famous Person: Michael C. Hall Theme Songs: The Horror of Our Love by Ludo History: ((Coming very soon))
  6. I just started mine. Only a few rough things up. http://themotivesofeltigre.deviantart.com/
  7. Nice. I like the way the grip on the handle is done.