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  1. *Sighs as he seats himself in the corner of the room, his eyes studying his journal as he opens it and writes a few words.* What could I have done to satisfy her... Alonia Quel'Ivan, A beautiful woman indeed... She was kind and gentle, caring and thoughtful... And she seems to have lost interest in me.... I thought we were doing well, being together... We always enjoyed eachothers company, but it apears she only wanted me for a time before rushing into battle with the forces of the Scourge.... She wanted to fight Kel'Thuzad.... She wanted to slay him.... She was jealous, I think, that I reached him first.... I will miss her, I know I will... Theres nothing more I can say but this. I love her still... But its hard to love someone who sees other goals ahead of you... I know I may sound selfish in writing this, but one feels selfish when something you have come to cherish is out of your grasp and theres no way to reach it... I hope she lives well. I hope she destroys Kel' Thuzad with the Knights.... She fled from them once to my arms... Now she returns... I'm beginning to wonder if she just wanted our help for gear then to return and continue her conquest against Kel'Thuzad with her old guildies... Some questions may never be answered.... I was promoted to Soothesayer in the Pale Heart.... Though, that honor truly doesn't seem so high to me right now.... I love you, Alonia Quel'Ivan.... I always will... Keep safe and fight for honor. -Wolfe Wolfenslash Sakause -Soothesayer of the Pale Heart -Senior Sargeant of the Horde
  2. (Alonia broke up with Wolfe, so had to put that in there.)
  3. *Sighs from hammering his weapons, trying to fine tune them, and make sure they are up to date, when a goblin moves infront of him repeating a question he has said to many and thrusting a picture in his face, " Ah...The woman close to the fire... I have seen her before...She apears to be a interesting woman... A bit dark and mysterious... But interesting indeed.... Perhaps even lonely...Judging by how much bourbon she was gulping down.... I managed to keep her from collasping into the fire...I hope I do not have to see her there again so close... I do hope to meet her again... Now begone while I finish my work..."He resumes hammering, the goblin trotting off.*
  4. Naxxramas The frozen cathedral above the skies...Once again beckons to feel the horde in its embrace.....The soldiers I travel with are dear to me as I have known them for most of my time in this pointless war.... We traveled in and successfully continued bashing through the lines. One by one, the corporals and captains fell to our blades, our axes bashing into their skulls... We conquered every wing with ease, Construct giving us a bit of a snag, and slashed through the lines. We obtained many rewards, aswell as many memories. We saved many that we hope... We finally entered the room that many fear...The Dragon of the Undead Skies.....Sapphiron.... We battled and fought fiercely.... Almost losing many had we not the proper priest and druids.... We vanquished the frozen enemy of the skies.... Hopefully, we will see him gone for good... But the Lich King has his powers... We came against the Lich King's right hand man, Kel Thuzad.... Rumors say, that this Lich King was the one that turned the Lich King.... Some say he tried to keep the human away... Many rumors and theories... Many unsolved.... We battled against him and had taken many losses which I hope will return with the will to live....And we cut the frozen heap's head off..... He deserved the pain.... He had no right to live..... It was a true victory for the Horde and the Pale Heart that I was with, including help from outer sources from the Alliance and a few others... Alonia and I have not seen eachother in some time...I fear the worst.... She is a hunter that knows not to do something that will most certainly kill her.... I am only hoping she will contact me soon, before I begin to mourn.... Her brother, Duroxas, tells me she is fine... But I am not so sure.... That is it for now... -Wolfe Wolfenslash Sakause -Soothesayer of the Pale Heart -Senior Sergeant of the Horde
  5. (Updated and put some color to it. Was bored with the bland look...)
  6. *Sighs casually as he massages his arm before moving to the fireplace in the Filthy Animal, His pulling out his journal, reaching and grabbing something to write with, he begins to write down some things.* Time I have been confronted with many things at once that have made me think. I currently am deciding on whether some friends should be kept and some friends should be released. Friends are friends until they abuse their loyalty....This is what I have been taught and this is what I follow.... Many cling to my loyalty and swear they will never break it...While some break it as if its just a simple toy... I see many approach me with their problems, and I am glad to put my views and actions to use in their presence...They really seem to enjoy my time, It really makes me feel useful, and not like a weak, enclosed creature that needs assistance.... I hope to see this happen more in my life... It feels good to help someone lead their life well and not feel the sorrow they build... Alonia and I are getting better...She seems to be a bit busier now adays...I will admit, I miss her. She seems to roam off quite alot and only comes to me when she finds the time... I do hope she can make time to be with me as I am currently working my hardest to make for her. Shes a great girl... I just hope I am enough to keep her from searching elsewhere... That is all for now. -Wolfe Wolfenslash Sakause -Soothesayer of the Pale Heart -Senior Sargeant of the Horde
  7. (Hehe, Keep up the good work, I'm still hoping on finding you in WoW sometime.)
  8. (Hahahaha Very nice indeed, Sir Kained and Sir Illisade....Take it to the battlefield and prove who has the trash talking ability though...*Winks*) *Tilts his whiskey canteen to his lips before confronted by the goblin as he looks to the goblin with a calm gaze seeing the picture and obtaining some information,"Hmm....No, I have not met this woman....Though one can never have too many friends...She sounds like a very fine woman that would be very interesting to talk to...Perhaps some day..." He shoos the goblin off relaxing before the battle commences once again.*
  9. (I really hope I'm doing okay on this, I'm not much of an author.... If I'm just taking up space, someone please tell me and I will stop this writing.)
  10. *Sighs calmly as the wintery cold whips at him like a knife, the icey cold air of Icecrown trying hard to vanquish the intruders upon its land. Wolfe calmly ignores the wind and resumes to write in his tent, the fight having taken a time to rest.* Naxxramas We ventured back into Naxxramas last night and defeated this 'Heigan the Unclean' fellow. He was not a difficult warlock at all... Or was he a mage.... No, I believe he was a warlock... So many that its hard to distinguish them... His slime was not so easy to handle, but we managed to defeat him, none the less... Loatheb was a curious creature, indeed. We came across him and no matter how many blades went into him, how many arrows went through him, how many spells entered him, he just kept on going! He never did relent... After about 5 minutes of constant impalement, he finally began to weaken and then fell to our might.... In a way, I felt sorry for him... He was a mindless creature reborn to a world of war.... That was all we could venture, The Scourge began to arise and we had to return to the battlefield outside of Naxxramas. It was a well done victory which we hope to return and vanquish the murderers destroying our kin. We have dealt with the majority, only time and training will tell. Alonia and I are getting along better now, her brother recently became my brother as well. He is a fine warlock, no matter what his father says. His father was a heartless man to be devoted to a religion even to disown his own son.... But, nevertheless, we are proud to have Duroxas Quel'Ivan as our brother in battle and Alonia Quel'Ivan as our sister in combat. I do hope Alonia Quel'Ivan is doing okay, I talked with her yesterday and she seemed rather distant about a few things... I am sure she is just having one of those days. Till next time. -Wolfe Wolfenslash Sakause -Soothesayer of the Pale Heart -Senior Sargeant of the Horde
  11. ( Perhaps we should rp sometimes so your posts can become more happier!*Pats Mharren's back.*)
  12. <p>Ah, Xenorin, My bad Sir. I really did not mean to call you something you are not. Please forgive me.*Bows his head to him nodding.* I read the picture, not the profile...</p>

  13. <p>I is not a gurl! D:</p>