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  1. <p>I was thinking of this Rohan: <a href="<___base_url___>/showthread.php?t=14469" rel=""></a></p>

    <p>But, perhaps you've met?</p>

  2. <p>You mean the assassin in the Plaguelands, yes?</p>

  3. <p>You, my friend, should trade secrets with Rohan (mis-known as Rohanith) as I believe you have a few things in common.</p>

  4. Basically, this is a group of characters that claim membership to the legion of religious zealots faced in the SM instance - and various quests in Tirisifal Falls, Plaguelands, etc. IC - there is no true affiliation with the Alliance or Horde, although there is a specific dislike for the Forsaken and all other forms of undead. A good background history can be found at Scarlet Crusade - WoWWiki - Your guide to the World of Warcraft. Although in the game most of the Scarlet characters tend to be human priests or paladins - all races and classes will be accepted into this guild. It is not too strict - you won't have to memorize lore or anything like that, just try and adapt your character style so that it fits reasonably with the theme. Currently, warlocks and shamans will not be accepted, as these two classes are kind of religion based and probably wouldn't join a church based group. This is first and foremost a RP guild. Guild chat will be strictly IC, and it is preferred that members stay in character at all times - although I won't be monitoring city trade chats or anything like that. I'm not concerned with specific PVP rules or PVE elite raids - as I am kind of piddling along at level 56 myself. It is discouraging how there is very little RP to be found on the Alliance side of TN, and most guilds emphasis either PVP or PVE. Keep in mind that this is primarily what this guild is for - a fun idea for those on the alliance side who would rather stay in character then talk about myspace, school, work, etc in their guild. It should be interesting to play as the 'enemy' and I plan to keep this theme, even though blizzard may make us change the name. We aren't going to be giving out gold to people or grinding instances to power level anyone. If you find items it would be nice to throw them in the guild bank, but not required. I don't expect this will end up having any sort of graphic / sexual themes so there is no age requirement (or level). Just know how to role play (or be willing to learn). All speech in guild chat is from the character's perspective. No ' lol ' or anything like that. Actions should be in some sort of brackets ::like this::. OOC in parenthesis or a separate channel, depending on how frequent it is. Just play and have some fun. Guild tabard is required, I'll pay the 1g for you to get it. Or you can use the official SM tabard found in the armory if you're able to get it. We encourage such things as standing in the middle of Stormwind, yelling at people to 'burn in righteous fire'. Have fun.