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  1. I have two half-cliches. Which make one cliche, and its one cliche per post, so I follow the rules. 1/2: People who are so tough they can withstand any amount of drink. Or, when you hit them, they always grunt through the pain. Noone ever feels even a slight bit of fear or 'oh shit, this may cause me to puke/bleed!' 2/2: Male characters who are totally badass until a female toon walks into the scene, in which case all efforts must be made to impress and/or protect this delicate and helpless female Rper.
  2. So, Ive been a long time Alliance, over a year and a half. I am tired of my Alliance. My guild, which I was guild master of, and I all transferred to a new RP server and over the course of a few months gradually I was replaced. I have dabbled in Horde on this server before, on various alts with the highest being a lvl 33. Zarjak, Vodin, Velanth, Gilaine, Colivanth.. not names that anyone prolly recognizes. I jumped in with an irl friend to Sanctuary and a couple others, too, though I never really got into the server. Well, since I made a troll death knight, and by the way trolls are the shit, I am thinking about transferring here and starting a new slate as Horde! I am wondering if the Rp is as awesome as this forum site suggests. Id like to be able to play alongside my IRL friends, and PvP again, but Im also very big on Rp- it keeps me playing WoW to be honest, so do we have this here in spades? And is a troll DK something that would be an acceptable main or are DKs shunned for Rp seriousness in general? Input will be greatly loved.