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  1. Selash


    "The boss orc and I go way back...Always thought he was a little strange given some of his choices in life, but...knowing my own, I'm one to judge." Smirking before continuing, "I consider him a rival, a friend and a leader worth following."
  2. Selash takes an angry drag from his cigarette, "That bitch better be watching her back closely. The moment I find out there's a price on her head, she's mine." The hunter's tone turning dark as he slings his rifle onto his shoulder. He flicks his spent cigarette into a nearby brazier as he starts walking away, "She can hide under that purple banner all she wants, but it won't disguise the fact that she's more of a rabid dog than any member of the Grim could ever hope to be."
  3. Choosing Your Gear: Agility should always be your first and foremost consideration when choosing gear upgrades. It increases your ranged attack power and therefore the amount of damage you do overall. Secondary stats, it gets a bit different in Legion since things have changed so much since Draenor. In order from best to worst: -Mastery: Sniper Training got a major redesign and is far more useful now in Legion. Increasing mastery increases the overall damage of your focus consuming shots as well as increases your maximum shooting range. -Haste: Increases your focus regeneration, re
  4. Since everyone I know and their uncle is playing BM, I figured I'd do a quick writeup on how to play marksmanship. It's my favorite of the specs, and in my opinion at least, requires the most thought and is also the most fun of the three. I'll update this thread as things inevitably change but if you're looking to make use of Thas'dorah and its awesomeness, read on! In a Nutshell: Legion Marksmanship revolves around the management of a single debuff called Vulnerable. The dubuff functions either as a gradually stacking, long lasting debuff or as a short, potent debuff, but both apply th
  5. ((Big thank you to Faelenor who helped write this part and the last part!)) The forsaken would lead them through the twisting halls of the keep. The guards on patrol eyeing the blood elven girls warily after all of the casualties and damage they had wreaked during their attempted escape. Eventually they'd reach a spiral staircase leading downward, guided by the torches on the wall as a source of light. The blonde never taking her eyes off the undead in front of her. He'd speak to them both as they descended down. "I hope you can come to understand my rationale for not being able to s
  6. Months later, a seemingly abandoned Alliance keep off the rocky shoreline of Tol Barad. The injuries the girls sustained from the closing rift were immense. Both had been comatose in the time since their fateful arrival to our Azeroth, and the subsequent explosion caused by the collapsing rift had left them battered, bruised and near death. But those that had found them, least of all the one identified as 'Raven' had seen to it that their injuries be mended and that they be cared for respectfully. Both slept peacefully in a private quarter that had been reserved for them. The strawbe
  7. Blackrock Mountain, six months ago. A battle raged within the hellish interior of the home of the Dark Iron dwarves. The mountain angrily spewing volcanic gasses and magma as it lit the interior in angry fiery hue against earth that contained it. This time, however, it was not the dwarves involved in the conflict. It was a battle between timelines; Between existences. In our realm, Borrowed Time was waging a battle against a foe from another Azeroth. Drakonids pouring in from a mirror-like rift as their focused remained on two like-looking individuals and their forces, trying to push t
  8. Selash


    "Oh, sleepy? That's his name?" The hunter laughs, "He's dodged two gunpowder snooters now. Lucky bastard always wakes up."
  9. "I've known Kailei for years. She wasn't always cold and emotionless, though she's definitely gotten better in recent months." The hunter pauses, "My kid probably helped her a lot in that regard..." Selash would proceed to screw a cigarette between his lips and light up, taking a long drag before continuing, "Light help the man that falls for her though, threatened to castrate me multiple times before her sister and I got married. And that was a threat I knew she could easily keep."
  10. "Fael and I go way back. We've had our disagreements over methods, words and women, but all the same, he's an honorable man and as fine of a Farstrider as you'll ever get the chance to meet." Pausing to take a drag from his cigarette. "Now if only he'd just stop trying the 'cunning linguist' bit..."
  11. "That girl is every bit her mother's daughter; Stubborn, follows the beat of her own drum, doesn't give a damn what anyone else thinks. At least around me." The hunter would say as he reclined against a wall while taking an idle drag from his cigarette. "She could be better in both her machine work and her shooting if she'd just listen to people like me who are her senior." Smirking as he spoke with the burning paper tube bouncing between his lips as he spoke.
  12. Selash would shake his head as he took a drag from his cigarette, "Lil' ol' sparky? You want me to talk about him?" He snickers darkly, "Has a habit of running his mouth, for one. Two, he had the stones once to take something from me. And three? Well, let's just say there's a nice price on his head." The goblin would inquire further, Selash bursting into laughter, "What? You didn't know black dragons like him fetch a nice price? You should look into that if you want a -real- story to report." He takes a long drag from his cigarette, "Just a matter of waiting for him to piss off the wrong
  13. ((Took me a while, but bio is finally up to speed to current events!))
  14. So I recently dug up my old profile thread in Character Bios for Selash (the one I posted back on the old TNG way back in the day), and I noticed that it's no longer editable. Is this just a bug? Or is there some hidden way it can be made editable? If I have to start over with a new thread, that's fine, I'll do it. But I'd like to save that thread if possible because of the history associated with it. Mortica?
  15. I never really got to know Drinn much, interacted with her a few times in various spots around the server. But I can say that what few interactions I had with her were awesome. Hopefully now she'll be able to find some peace and comfort being free of the illness that took her.