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    "The boss orc and I go way back...Always thought he was a little strange given some of his choices in life, but...knowing my own, I'm one to judge." Smirking before continuing, "I consider him a rival, a friend and a leader worth following."
  2. Selash takes an angry drag from his cigarette, "That bitch better be watching her back closely. The moment I find out there's a price on her head, she's mine." The hunter's tone turning dark as he slings his rifle onto his shoulder. He flicks his spent cigarette into a nearby brazier as he starts walking away, "She can hide under that purple banner all she wants, but it won't disguise the fact that she's more of a rabid dog than any member of the Grim could ever hope to be."
  3. Choosing Your Gear: Agility should always be your first and foremost consideration when choosing gear upgrades. It increases your ranged attack power and therefore the amount of damage you do overall. Secondary stats, it gets a bit different in Legion since things have changed so much since Draenor. In order from best to worst: -Mastery: Sniper Training got a major redesign and is far more useful now in Legion. Increasing mastery increases the overall damage of your focus consuming shots as well as increases your maximum shooting range. -Haste: Increases your focus regeneration, reduces the global cooldown on your abilities as well as the cooldown on abilities like Sidewinders and increases the chances you have for Marking Targets to proc. -Critical Strike: Increases the chance that your abilities will hit critically. -Versatility: Increases all damage and healing you do and reduces all damage you take. Talent Notes: Tier 1: -Lone Wolf: Fairly straightforward. Trade in your pet for 18% increased damage. If you hate managing your pet, choose this and enjoy the bonus damage. -Steady Focus: Every time you use Arcane Shot 3 times in a row, your Focus regen is increased by 25% for a limited time. This is a good choice if you have problems managing your focus, and if you choose it, using Sidewinders will always trigger Steady focus. -Careful Aim: Your main focus consuming shots gain 20% bonus crit while your target is at or above 80% health and they do damage over time for 8 seconds when they crit. This is good for boosting your overall DPS output at the start of the fight but becomes worthless after that. Tier 2: -Lock and Load: Your white hits have an 8% chance to trigger two free Aimed Shots that are instant. This is a great holdover from old survival hunters and the free shots you get benefit from Vulnerable. Use them the moment you get them, ideally on a Vulnerable target. -Black Arrow: You get an extra DoT ability and temporary minion. If you take this, just use it on cooldown in your rotation. -True Aim: Gives you a stacking debuff that increases Aimed Shot and Arcane Shot's damage by 2% up to 8 times on the target every time those abilities are used. This is good for single target DPS but makes switching targets very painful. Tier 3: These talents are purely personal choice, as they deal with movement boosts and have no bearing on your rotation whatsoever. Just pick the one that works best for you. Tier 4: -Explosive Shot: Slow moving projectile that moves straight forward with potentially high burst AoE, deals more damage the closer targets are to it when it detonates. This can be cumbersome to use, but if taken, use on cooldown and try to be close enough in range that you can hit your targets immediately by just double tapping the button. -Sentinel: Immediately marks all targets in range when used as targets for Marked Shot. You can use this to offset bad RNG, but the trick is not to use it when you aren't already buffed by Marking Targets. Use as often as is possible. -Patient Sniper: Removes the stacking component of Vulnerable and changes it to a 6 second long 150% damage increase for your signature shots. I highly recommend this talent because not only does it power up Vulnerable and makes it less painful to switch targets, it also increases your maximum focus by 30, giving you a much larger focus pool, meaning easier management of your abilities. Tier 5: -Binding Shot: AoE tether that stuns enemies if they try to move more than 5 yards away from the arrow. While the stun is attractive since it isnt really breakable, in PvE situations I've found very little use for this since it's not reliable as a form of CC. -Wyvern Sting: Direct CC, castable while running and knocks out a target for 30 seconds. Damage can cancel this, but that's about the only major drawback for this. Best CC option of the three choices. -Camouflage: You stealth like Predator and get 2% of your health back every second for one minute. This is not a form of CC and is highly situational in Legion. At best in a raid, its a pocket heal. Tier 6: -A Murder of Crows: 15 second DoT that resets if your target dies while its active and is castable every minute. This is great for single target DPS since it hits for a lot of damage very quickly and you should use this as often as you can on as many targets as you can. However, if a target is going to die in 2 seconds or less, then it becomes a waste of focus. Overall, best for focusing on single target DPS. -Barrage: Sprays a target with bullets or arrows for about 3 seconds and hits other targets infront of you for half as much damage as your primary target. This works both for AoE as well as single target and should be used on cooldown as much as you can. -Volley: This works similar to a rogues' Blade Flurry by charging you 3 focus with every white hit while its active to hit all targets in front of you. This is a great way to boost your AoE DPS output if you need additional AoE, just make sure to target the center-most enemy in the group. Tier 7: -Sidewinders: On its own, Sidewinders is a nice talent already. This will replace both Arcane Shot and Multi-Shot with an AoE splash damage shot with 2 charges that applies Vulnerable and gives you back 55 focus. When you combine it with Patient Sniper, however, your shot priority changes dramatically because then the goal becomes putting as many Aimed Shots into your Vulnerable windows as you can (usually 2). This is currently the best way to play marksmanship because it maximizes your DPS output and gives you downtime between shots. Best choice of the three if taken with Patient Sniper. -Piercing Shot: Hits your primary target hard and all targets between you and them half as hard. Damage dependant on the amount of focus you have at the time its cast, so more focus you have, the more damage it does. Use on cooldown if chosen. -Trick Shot: Doesn't alter your rotation, makes your Aimed Shots hit multiple targets, if there are no other targets to hit, your next Aimed Shot hits 15% harder.
  4. Since everyone I know and their uncle is playing BM, I figured I'd do a quick writeup on how to play marksmanship. It's my favorite of the specs, and in my opinion at least, requires the most thought and is also the most fun of the three. I'll update this thread as things inevitably change but if you're looking to make use of Thas'dorah and its awesomeness, read on! In a Nutshell: Legion Marksmanship revolves around the management of a single debuff called Vulnerable. The dubuff functions either as a gradually stacking, long lasting debuff or as a short, potent debuff, but both apply the same effect of increasing the damage of your signature shots. (Aimed Shot and Marked Shot) Vulnerable is applied primarily by Marked Shot and Sidewinders. Marked Shot is activated by your autoshot whenever you proc Marking Targets as a buff on yourself while Sidewinders applies Vulnerable directly to the target. Your goal should be to dump focus via Aimed Shot while Vulnerable is active on your target. Recommended Talents: -Patient Sniper -Sidewinders This combination of talents makes Marksmanship very easy to manage because it gives you both far greater control over where and when you apply Vulnerable as well as very steady focus regeneration; Each use of Sidewinders generates 60 Focus. In addition, Vulnerable becomes far more potent by removing the stacking mechanic and immediately giving you 150% increased damage with Aimed Shot and Marked Shot. Suggested Talents: -A Murder of Crows -Wyvern Sting For PvE, I personally prefer A Murder of Crows as a talent since it's easier to use in high end content without risking breaking any CC effects on other targets. For Wyvern Sting, this is your best control talent choice since it's direct and is also very reliable as CC, unlike Binding Shot. Artifact Talent Suggestions: -Bullseye -Rapid Killing Bullseye gives you a stacking crit buff that grants 1% bonus crit up to 30 stacks or 30% at its maximum. You gain a stack every time you use your damaging abilities on a target that is at or below 20% health. Rapid Killing syncs up nicely with it by increasing your crit damage by 50% while Trueshot Aura is active. When combined with cooldown reductions to Trueshot Aura, this becomes a very nice DPS increase during the final leg of a boss kill because you should have Trueshot Aura ready to use again by the time your target is in range for Bullseye to activate. Selash's Build: -Steady Focus -Lock and Load -Posthaste -Patient Sniper -Wyvern Sting -A Murder of Crows -Sidewinders Opening Rotation: -Pre-pot with Potion of Deadly Grace -Pre-cast Windburst -Activate Trueshot Aura and start autoshooting. -Cast Barrage/A Murder of Crows -Cast Sidewinders -Cast Marked Shot -Cast Aimed Shot until you run out of focus. Depending on your haste and if Bloodlust/Heroism is active, you should be able to get at least 3 Aimed Shots in before Vulnerable expires. -Cast Sidewinders -Cast Marked Shot -Proceed to normal rotation Normal Rotation: -Cast Marked Shot when it's available.* -Cast Barrage/A Murder of Crows on cooldown. -Cast Aimed Shot while your target has Vulnerable, but make sure that your Aimed Shot will get off before Vulnerable expires. If it won't, save your focus. -Cast Windburst on cooldown. -Use Arcane Shot/Sidewinders when you proc Marking Targets, or can't do anything else.** * - If your target is already Vulnerable and you're using Patient Sniper, ideally, you should use Aimed Shot instead of using Marked Shot when it procs. Use Marked Shot after Vulnerable falls off your target to reapply it. ** - If using Sidewinders, you should instead be using it only to consume Marking Targets procs or to prevent yourself from capping at 2 charges of Sidewinders. If this means using it without consuming a Marking Targets proc, that's fine.
  5. ((Big thank you to Faelenor who helped write this part and the last part!)) The forsaken would lead them through the twisting halls of the keep. The guards on patrol eyeing the blood elven girls warily after all of the casualties and damage they had wreaked during their attempted escape. Eventually they'd reach a spiral staircase leading downward, guided by the torches on the wall as a source of light. The blonde never taking her eyes off the undead in front of her. He'd speak to them both as they descended down. "I hope you can come to understand my rationale for not being able to simply let you leave. Things here unfortunately aren't quite what they seem." He says during their descent. "You could start by telling us where you found us along with how long my partner and I have been unconscious." The blonde would pipe up in as politely of a commanding tone as she could manage. The old forsaken keeping his composure as he replied. "Do not be alarmed, but you both have been asleep for approximately four months. The portal you both came through within Blackrock Mountain collapsed and sent you flying into the cavern's walls." He paused, "The impact left both of you critically wounded from both the impact and overloading of energies being released by the portal." "And removing our armor and weapons from us?" She continued, never taking his eyes off of him. "An unfortunate but necessary step in order to treat your injuries. Not only for our protection but also to allow us to mend what your armor obstructed amongst your injuries." He continues in smooth reply. Thus far, he had no problems providing them answers. "Perhaps we made unfair assumptions and jumped to conclusions that a simple question could have clarified, " The other girl paused, taking a short breath before exhaling with a sigh. "And I wont presume that you have knowledge of the hostilities we are accustomed to, but...given the state we found ourselves in, it was only natural that we stab first and ask questions later." She reached up to brush loose strands of pale crimson hair behind her ear, eyes shifting between the guards and the old forsaken crow. "Most would not treat our wounds out of the kindness of their hearts and I will assume no differently with you. It isn't personal or anything...just something I've grown to expect." There was a silent, piercing pause that filled the air until she spoke out in question. "Will you be different from the others, old crow? Or are my expectations accurate? You offered us leniency towards our hostility in exchange for a chance to talk, but you have yet to agree on releasing us should we not care for what you have to offer." "So impatient." He comments with an amused smile as they reach the bottom of the stairs, the forsaken opening a locked door with a key to reveal a study of books stretching to the ceiling in two sets of imposingly high bookcases, a plethora of alchemical equipment, including several tables of glowing and flowing flasks, vials, beakers and test tubes connected in a seemingly infinite tangle of hoses and tubes, burners hot in what seemed like key locations. And away from it all, a cleaner, simpler table with four chairs which the forsaken made his way over to, seating himself as he extended an open palm to motion to the open chairs, indicating his desire for them to sit. "And here I had hoped that the younger generations were still being taught the value in being able to sit for good conversation." Watching them as the blonde's eyes would widen with interest at the alchemical equipment before slowly, cautiously taking a seat at the table. The forsaken would then snap his fingers as one of the guards would approach them with a silver platter, on it would be an elegant looking tea set with three cups, and a set of scones. As the tray is set on the table he proceeds to pour himself and his guests a cup of tea and offer it to them, "To answer your question child, in time, I will allow you to leave and keep good on my word. But I have questions first for the both of you, just as its obvious you both have questions for me." The strawberry blonde would take the tea cup offered to her, watching the forsaken drink it as she'd bring the tea to her nose, taking several long sniffs as she closed her eyes, picking apart the brew in her mind. "...Green tea." She comments idly before taking a sip, satisfied it wasn't altered. The darker haired girl looked at the cup placed in front of her and shook her head. She held a hand out to politely decline the tea before shifting her attention to the forsaken. "Impatience and the need for certainty are two very unmistakable qualities. We've agreed to listen to your words, old crow. All I asked was that you provide us with reassurance and you have." She shifts in her chair, adjusting herself to the discomfort before continuing. "You have stilled our weapons and have our undivided attention. Please, enlighten further with what you have to offer. Time is precious and we've already wasted four months of it sleeping." The forsaken smirks, "Very well. Perhaps then you would be willing to explain a bit about how you arrived here." The blonde elf looking up at him as he mentioned their arrival, "It is no secret to my associates and I that you both arrived here through a portal of some kind. It's energies are what brought us to Blackrock Mountain in the first place. Are you from another location in Azeroth? Perhaps a different time?" The blonde elf slowly lowers her tea cup, remaining silent for many moments. Not once taking her eyes away from the glowing yellow eyes of the forsaken watching her through his mask. "We come from Azeroth." She replies simply. "I see." The forsaken replies coolly, "This Azeroth or another?" "What difference does it make?" The darker haired girl spoke abruptly. "We could be from a whole different planet and it still wouldn't change a damned thing." She crossed her arms and sat back into her chair, turning away in embarrassment at her outburst. In a soft, whispered tone, she mumbles to herself. "Its all gone anyways..." "Gone?" The forsaken mulls in thought. "Interesting. So the Azeroth you came from is gone, therefore you have no Azeroth of your own to return to." He takes a drink of his own tea, "...So what then of you both? Sent here to prevent its collapse then?" The strawberry blonde would remain silent for a moment before finally deciding to speak, "...It was to save this Azeroth. But as my partner said, what does it matter to you? The threat is over, and now we're stuck here." She says, looking away, bitter. "Such a tender subject. " He comments idly, "I understand fully of your desire not speak of it then, but what of the allies you were sent to assist? Do they know where you are?" "Its been four months since we had any sort of contact with anyone that made it across. We've been here...no way to communicate or get a hold of any of them. Considering we've been unconscious, I'd say it would have made it difficult to know where they are." She rolled her eyes at the old crow, light sarcasm chipping at her guarded nature. Even in her new found sense of comfort she kept vigilant watch of the guards. "But that doesn't stop them from looking for you if they know you're here." He continues, "I would rather hope that it wouldn't come to blows should they come here looking for you, so it would be in my best interest and yours to know who they are. That way, I can instruct my men not to attack." "Wouldn't their claims be enough? Who else but them would know who we are? Is this world just as bad off that you would resort to shooting first before asking questions?" The girl peered at him for a moment, examining his response before continuing. "Or as you said before...this place isn't what it seems to be." She tenses in anticipation for his answers. "It is for that reason that we deliberately choose to defend ourselves first. One can never be too wary of the threats that lurk outside our keep, especially those from both the Alliance and the Horde." He says with a bit more confidence now that he seemed to sense that they had at least some idea of the world around them. "It is also for that reason that we do not trust others by hearsay alone. Surely you are old enough and wise enough to understand that." She let out a drawn out sigh, impatience itching at her as she spoke to answer him. "It's been four months... if they were interested in finding us they would have done so already. The fact of the matter is I learned long ago never to expect anything from anyone. It's less painful that way." She turns to her lighter haired companion waiting for a similar response. "Agreed." The blonde would concur, "And I think unless you have any other questions for us, we're done here." She says, rising. "And since you insisted that you would allow us to leave, we're going to hold you to your word." "Of course." The forsaken raises his hands and begins to channel Fel energy as incorporeal fel shackles surround their limbs and necks before being slammed against the wall in the study. A sadistic grin beginning to spread across the forsaken's face. The strawberry blonde's eyes would widen before grunting as she's slammed against the wall, glaring at the forsaken and attempting to struggle feebly. "Let us go! You promised us you would let us leave, forsaken!" "Indeed, I did." He'd reply, rising from his chair, walking towards the both of them, beginning to channel shadow in his other hand as the first continued to channel fel energy. "...But it was never discussed how." He'd finish with a sickening, dark tone. The pleas of her companion brought a snarl to the darker haired girls face. "You'll regret this Old Crow..." With nothing more to add she closed her eyes. There were a pair of screams.
  6. Months later, a seemingly abandoned Alliance keep off the rocky shoreline of Tol Barad. The injuries the girls sustained from the closing rift were immense. Both had been comatose in the time since their fateful arrival to our Azeroth, and the subsequent explosion caused by the collapsing rift had left them battered, bruised and near death. But those that had found them, least of all the one identified as 'Raven' had seen to it that their injuries be mended and that they be cared for respectfully. Both slept peacefully in a private quarter that had been reserved for them. The strawberry blonde elf stirring first as she sat up, her shoulder length hair tumbling into place as bleary eyes began to focus through narrow lids, slowly. Their room coming into view before looking down at herself. Her armor and weapons had been removed, but she was clothed. Her darker red haired companion looked to be the same as she would stagger out of bed, taking a few cautious and drunken-looking steps over to her. "Wake up." She'd state in a quiet, monotonous voice. Commanding but trying to stay hushed. The slightly darker haired blood elf rose quietly into consciousness, feeling for her usual defenses but finding little in the way of her swords and armor. She turned her head towards the soft spoken voice and replied in a liquid thalassian that flowed as quietly as her companions. "Im up...how long have you been awake?" She looked around the room examining her surroundings as she waited for a response. "Only a few moments." She says, rising again. The room had little to it; Their beds, a few wall mounted torches for light, and a closed door. "Any idea where we are?" Taking a few more steps around to analyze the stone walls and wooden floor. "This obviously isn't Blackrock..." Continuing to look around for some kind of window or opening. With nothing out of the ordinary she lifted herself out of the bed and helped look around. "Obviously not..." she spoke again quietly while she felt over brick and panel of each wall to search for hidden passage. "We are someone's captive...and I'm not fond of the idea." With a slight snarl she moved to rummage under the bed, reaching for the possibility of a loose spring or something long forgotten that could aid in their escape. With all else tried, the strawberry blonde tries the door knob; Movement. It was open as she slowly pulled the door open with a quiet creak before peering out with her glowing fel green eyes. There was a hallway left and right. No one in sight, and the hallway was identical to their room. Plain stone walls, torches for light, wooden floor and ceiling. "Captives wouldn't be kept in an unsecured room." She continued in thalassian. "You could have told me you hadn't checked the door yet..." Her eyes closed in accompaniment to a sigh as the darker haired girl stood up from the floor to brush herself off. "Captives or not...don't let your guard down," she spoke in mild irritation as she made her way towards the other, following behind to cover their flank. The strawberry blonde would just scoff before pushing her way out into the hallway with her companion and closing the door behind her. If they were going to make an escape, she was going to at least make it look like they hadn't left where they were expected to be. She would slip along the side of the wall with silent strides, flattening against it as they'd reach the corner, taking a peek around quietly as she could hear the echo of two pairs boots against wood. Two robed guards would be walking away from them, clad in black robes with a dark purple and gold runed trim. They looked more like cultists, but they appeared to be armed with spears. She would watch them a moment, "Robes...?" She'd question, "Cultists of some kind..?" They swapped places using the flickering of the torches as their guise in the darkness between each flare. Strands of pale crimson peaked out first as the dim green shine followed in examination. She turned her head back to her companion and nodded in agreement. "Have you ever known strangers in black cultist robes to provide a welcoming experience..." There was a playful smirk that reflected from her face every time the light flickered in her direction. She was thoroughly entertained by the prospective thrill of their predicament. "No, but starting something here and now? Two of us, who knows how many of them." She says, narrowing her eyes at their potential targets, she lets out a growl, "Quietly." She stresses before starting to slink along approaching the guard on the left and leaving the one on the right for her. The guards would notice their impending fate too late as the first elf grabs the guard's head and gives it a violent twist to the painfully sounding reward of crunching bone and sinew. The guard's body starting to slump to the knees and then forward. The guard on the right only had a moment to react, wasting it on a futile attempt to compose himself by reaching for his spear, before his body lay lifeless over the others. The same crunching noise followed, sounding like an accompanying echo in the empty hallways. She took the spears and removed their tips to make a pair of daggers before handing one off to her lighter haired companion. "We need to move quickly...no time to move them." They would only have a moment as guards down the hall would spot them, quickly arming themselves as one would point at them with a yell in common, "Hostile!" before a platoon of them would rush forward. the blond glaring before charging headlong into them, parrying and dodging blows as best she could before finding openings and aiming right for the throats of each guard she could get her hands on with the makeshift dagger while using blows to disable others, moving very fluidly, as the dagger would shift easily from hand to hand. Not at all encumbered by suddenly switching between left and right. As she made her way down the hall, there finally was an opening to the courtyard as her fel glowing eyes glanced outward to the courtyard a moment; There was sky above them. Stars and clouds, night over their heads. They were indeed someplace above ground. Cleaning up after her companion was never dull. With swift and fluid motions she carried herself through the halls behind the onslaught of robed figures. What ever was left behind and continued to breath soon found itself ejected from existence as the makeshift dagger plunged into the soft flesh of each throat. There would be no survivors left to speak of the incident and only the that would lead to them would be that of dismantled and discarded corpses. With a flick of her wrist and a swipe over her coverings the spear head was clean of all mess. She smirked as she approached closely behind her lighter haired partner and peered out from behind. "This is where it gets tricky..." A warning bell ringing from a tower could be heard. More would be coming as plated footsteps and the flow of robes could be heard coming through the hallways. "You don't need to remind me." And with that she makes a leap from the edge of the opening to the courtyard, aiming and reaching for the branches of a dying tree nearby before leaping again to another tree and finally to the ground. The guards quickly readjusting themselves before rushing in to the courtyard as the lighter haired elf would in the same way continue to make quick work of them, slicing what soft parts she could and dislocating and breaking the limbs of what she couldn't. "Its not so much a reminder as it is a--" The bells cut her off as she rushed to leap after. Her strides were elegant, matched only by the grace of a feline. She made it down with a soft thud and pulled her makeshift dagger from its sheathed position to clear up the rear of any guards that may have closed in behind her companion. Each swing of her dagger appeared as a blur but the movements were like a dance, strutting and ducking through the clash of blades and armor. It was a crescendo of sound that accompanied the rhythm of her flow. Soldier after soldier would fall or be disabled, but eventually the two would find themselves back to back, surrounded with bladed polearms pointing at them. There was nowhere to run now, except for into the blade of a waiting weapon. A moment later they would he a slow clap as the black-beak masked man would step forward towards them, the guards making way for him as he approached. "Get to the point, let us go, or end us here and now..." the darker haired girl snarled as she pressed her back to her companions. She watched the surrounding guards with a careful, calculating eye as she continued to hold up her makeshift blade in front of her. "But spare us your monologuing..." The mask wearing forsaken would laugh bemusedly, "Monologuing? Please, child. I do not wish to harm either of you. Do either of you know or realize how long you both have been asleep for? Or even where you are?" A pause, approaching them with hands raised to show he was no threat, "My men only are reacting the way they did because you were the ones to openly attack." He motions for the guards to lower their weapons, and slowly, they do so. "Now," He continues, "I am willing to overlook the fact that you've either murdered or incapacitated about two dozen of my men. In exchange, all I ask for is your time and a chance to talk. Which I'd say is very generous given the circumstances." Stopping in front of the both of them. The strawberry blonde would study his motions carefully, her calm demeanor hiding an urge to simply attempt to kill him. "Three dozen...but who's counting..." she smirked as she turned to her companion. "We don't have much of an option anymore. I say we listen and hear what he has to say...if we don't like what he has to offer then we make mess of things." Her blade remained raised as she turned away from her partner to face the surrounding guards, back pressed against the sturdiness of her only ally in the grand melee. "Speak then, crow... the floor is yours." "Agreed." The blonde follows up, "We'll listen, and then we'll make our decision whether or not we stay or we leave. Clear?" Staring down the beak-wearing forsaken. "Very good. Now, come along. The middle of a courtyard is hardly the place for conversation. I'll have tea prepared for us and we can speak comfortably in my study." He says, motioning for them to follow, the guards moving aside to allow them a path.
  7. Blackrock Mountain, six months ago. A battle raged within the hellish interior of the home of the Dark Iron dwarves. The mountain angrily spewing volcanic gasses and magma as it lit the interior in angry fiery hue against earth that contained it. This time, however, it was not the dwarves involved in the conflict. It was a battle between timelines; Between existences. In our realm, Borrowed Time was waging a battle against a foe from another Azeroth. Drakonids pouring in from a mirror-like rift as their focused remained on two like-looking individuals and their forces, trying to push them back through. The battle was desperate, and one that could have easily gone in either direction. Above them, a troll, a goblin and a forsaken, clad in dark cloak and robes, stepped through a small arcane portal that opened itself behind a cliffside. Once they were through, they took their perch on the edge of the overlook a safe distance away, and watched. Their black attire hinting at a desire to remain hidden, and the intricately runed trims of their robes indicating a dark calling. The individual centered amongst the three was the forsaken. He was distinct with a long, beak-like black mask adorned with glowing yellow eyes. Its bill pointing downwards, focused on the portal and battle with great interest, remaining silent as he watched the battle unfold. He would scan between the figures in our reality, looking amongst them for someone, but seeming to fail in finding the indivual they sought. "So dis be what led us here, mon? Watchin' what'chu call a great disturbance?" The troll amongst the three asked as he looked at the bird-masked man. "If any battle wit' magical energies be a disturbance, we should be chasin' battles in Azeroth or Draenor! Dis looks like a colossal waste!" He continued in disgust as he raised his arms in frustration as they would look down from their perch within the caverns of Blackrock Mountain. "We be needin' massive energies, ya know dis!" "Hey! Don't be so quick to judge!" The goblin would pipe up, stepping around the figure between them to face the troll with an accusatory finger, "Raven here knows what he's doing and if you even had half a brain for this stuff, you'd know that this ain't just any form of energy down there!" Turning to look at the massive, mirror-like portal that seemed to act as a barrier between the two forces fighting. "That's a temporal disruption, and a big one at that!" The goblin would continue before looking back at the mirrored rift, its instability growing as the battle continued and a few non-drakonids came through and began to assist against the drakonids. "Could be from another time, another planet, even another dimension entirely." Pausing, "Whatever's causing it has to be a massive source of power. You don't just drop one of these portals like a two bit mage does!" "You are indeed observant, my little green friend." The forsaken would comment to the goblin, his voice elegant, carrying an air of aloofness to his more human-sounding voice than forsaken. "But I've yet to see a rift like this one." The glowing yellow eyes shifting to the portal itself. "A rift of this magnitude may be boon or blessing, depending on where it leads and what powers it." His eyes shifting back to the battle, which now seemed to be raging to a near climax. The goblin would look back to the forsaken, following the look of the glowing eyes from behind the mask. "Yeah? You think those idiots down there spawned this? They don't exactly look like the types to be ripping realities. I mean, they look like thugs and mercenaries. Not exactly the kind that possess the brains to that kind of stuff." As the goblin would finish his sentence, the enemy they appeared to be fighting would be pushed back through, the rift's instability would grow, sending bolt upon bolt of energy around the cavern, nearly striking the cliff they had chosen for observations a few times with wild arcs of purple arcane. But as the rift began to close, two figures would emerge through as it began to collapse and then finally explode behind them, sending them upward towards the three. Their bodies colliding against the stone behind them before falling to the ground as a pair of slumped figures. Their features feminine, but faces and other features both concealed by headgear. Each would be desperate to try to get to their feat with propped arms, hands and limbs before finally collapsing and succumbing to unconsciousness. The troll, goblin and forsaken turning to the sound of the thud and watching their struggle and failure to resist their injuries. The forsaken taking slow steps forward, observing them both as he looked over their armor. "The rift may be gone... but I'm sure these two would be able to tell us about it and everything else that happened." The forsaken said with a start, kneeling to check with brushes to their necks for signs of life. They were motionless, but breathing. The goblin would draw a set of shackles from underneath his robe as he approached the unconscious figures, only to be stopped by an extended hand from the forsaken, "There is no need for those. Especially when we may be able to convince an enemy that we are an ally..." The forsaken concluded, his eyes narrowing as he stared at the two infront of him.
  8. Selash


    "Oh, sleepy? That's his name?" The hunter laughs, "He's dodged two gunpowder snooters now. Lucky bastard always wakes up."
  9. "I've known Kailei for years. She wasn't always cold and emotionless, though she's definitely gotten better in recent months." The hunter pauses, "My kid probably helped her a lot in that regard..." Selash would proceed to screw a cigarette between his lips and light up, taking a long drag before continuing, "Light help the man that falls for her though, threatened to castrate me multiple times before her sister and I got married. And that was a threat I knew she could easily keep."
  10. Selash


    "Fael and I go way back. We've had our disagreements over methods, words and women, but all the same, he's an honorable man and as fine of a Farstrider as you'll ever get the chance to meet." Pausing to take a drag from his cigarette. "Now if only he'd just stop trying the 'cunning linguist' bit..."
  11. "That girl is every bit her mother's daughter; Stubborn, follows the beat of her own drum, doesn't give a damn what anyone else thinks. At least around me." The hunter would say as he reclined against a wall while taking an idle drag from his cigarette. "She could be better in both her machine work and her shooting if she'd just listen to people like me who are her senior." Smirking as he spoke with the burning paper tube bouncing between his lips as he spoke.
  12. Selash


    Selash would shake his head as he took a drag from his cigarette, "Lil' ol' sparky? You want me to talk about him?" He snickers darkly, "Has a habit of running his mouth, for one. Two, he had the stones once to take something from me. And three? Well, let's just say there's a nice price on his head." The goblin would inquire further, Selash bursting into laughter, "What? You didn't know black dragons like him fetch a nice price? You should look into that if you want a -real- story to report." He takes a long drag from his cigarette, "Just a matter of waiting for him to piss off the wrong people so he winds up alone somewhere remote..." His tone turning dark.
  13. ((Took me a while, but bio is finally up to speed to current events!))
  14. So I recently dug up my old profile thread in Character Bios for Selash (the one I posted back on the old TNG way back in the day), and I noticed that it's no longer editable. Is this just a bug? Or is there some hidden way it can be made editable? If I have to start over with a new thread, that's fine, I'll do it. But I'd like to save that thread if possible because of the history associated with it. Mortica?
  15. I never really got to know Drinn much, interacted with her a few times in various spots around the server. But I can say that what few interactions I had with her were awesome. Hopefully now she'll be able to find some peace and comfort being free of the illness that took her.