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  1. Thank you guys for your help! <3 I wanted to read these again really badly.
  2. Wasn't sure where else to ask so I figured this'd be a good spot for it. I was taking a look through some RP Short Stories I'd posted on Nether Legends awhile back and I realized they're not there anymore? I'm looking to dig up some old stories if I can for some inspiration and I don't actually think I backed them up anywhere. The ones I was trying to get back in particular are Required Lies 07-26-2010 02:31 AM and Nourishment For The Fallen 02-01-2013 04:21 AM Thankfully, my third one, "Mandatory" Patrols 02-08-2013 01:53 PM seems to still be up and viewable. Thankst in
  3. As a Death Knight, I feel like I have the most creative freedom available to me here in the form Runeblades. The trick would be to distinguish this new one somehow and working out those specifics is where I'm stuck. Not to mention, Catilyn is a second generation Death Knight and I've had some difficulty researching the exact differences between the creation and nature of Runeblades wielded by the different generations. See, while I have some ideas of my own to reference Catilyn's past through a personal Runeblade of her own; it might simply be more practical for her to seek out a new Ru
  4. I heard there's an accompanying achievment to be earned with these guys as well but I can't find what it's called to look it up. Does anyone have more information?
  5. Monday and Thursday conflicts with regular weekly guild events that <Eternal Aegis> does. We also have a storyline plot we're continuing on Tuesday. And Tuuroto and the rest of <Cup and Blade Caravan> hosts events every Wednesday. If we do end up using Monday/Tuesday/Thursday though, <EA>'s event is mostly internal so that MIGHT be rescheduled a little if people feel comfortable with it. I can't speak for everyone of course - Marrus would be able to offer more insight, there. *Looks over* If Monday/Tuesday/Thursday doesn't work for people then I'd suggest Friday. To my kn
  6. Catilyn - Alliance TN and I'm not sure if this one applies, but... Leilen - Horde Wyrmrest Accord
  7. I would like to participate as an independent mercenary (until I find a new guild to call my home).
  8. Hey, all. It's been a long time! Basically, I'll be resubbing and I'm looking for a quick run-down of how the server's been over the past 6 months. Back when I was still playing there were alot of concerns that Twisting Nether was dying out. Is that how things panned out in the end? I havn't yet been able to get a sense of the land as it stands now so I'm not sure if I'll server transfer or not but either way, I'll naturally be looking for a new guild. Btw, for people on Ravenholdt; some of you might remember me as "Leilen" - the organizer of the old Coven of Tainted Minds cross-faction RP
  9. <p>Death Grip too stronk :<</p>

  10. <p>Are you still subbed these days? I also went over to Wyrmrest Accord.</p>

    <p>My battletag is Catilyn#1239 <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile.png" alt=":)" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p>

  11. Bump for all you nostalgic peoplez.
  12. Been getting into League of Legends, as of late.
  13. omg Araa <3 All the memories right there.
  14. Main RP Toon: Catilyn Llandalor / Leilen Chaosvale Horde Or Alliance? Both, but mainly Alliance. Guild: The Dusk Watch / The Nightingales What was your favorite RP event or storyline? Probably everything I did on Catilyn. I poured so, SO much into that character. And had alot of amazing interactions with loads of people along the way. Who is someone that you used to RP with and haven't heard from in a long time, that you miss the most? It's sooo hard to pick just one single Alliance memory, but I really miss all the IC guild interaction during my involvements in Sword of the Morning, Fo