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  1. <p>>> I am back, where are you?</p>

  2. I haven't been here in forever, but a buddy of mine finally got her first music video. Hooray! Not too shabby for an Okie.
  3. I switched my diet to an organic/vegganish sort of diet. Shopped at whole foods and farmers market hopped. NYC has tons of them on the weekends, just gotta know where to go for what. By knowing what to buy and how to buy I can usually get two weeks of good for you hippie bullshit food for about 60-100 bucks.
  4. Sounds like he is a cheap whiney ass mother. Can't he afford to not fly wal-mart ghetto? isnt that why he said he flies southwest? Seriously...you pay for what you get. Freaking quit being a cheap sob and take all that sell out money and get your ass a first class seat... ...fatty
  5. Had to join in the pet pic posting. Since Wilson is most likely going nowhere...she is now a part of the family. This is one of her favorite things to do. It starts with a peek over the book...then it pretty much goes downhill from there.
  6. Full Name: Scaramouche Nicknames: Scara, Scar Age: She won't tell Race: Elf Gender: Female Hair: White, length varies. Skin: Darker than most Elves, but fading as she spends more time In Northrend Eyes: Green Height: 4' 8" Place of residence: Stays in Dalaran, but has a permanent residence in Stranglethorn Vale with the Zandalar Tribe Place of Birth: Tranquillien Known Relatives: Parents deceased. Brother - Unknown. Boudika (ward) Religion/Philosophy: Occupation: None Group/Guild affiliation: None Enemies: None Favorite Foods: Most recently, chicken soup Favorite Drinks: Teas. Favorite Colors: White Weapons of Choice: Staff or Mace Dislikes: Arrogance Hobbies: Currently sewing Special Abilities: Makes a mean cup of Bloodthistle tea Positive Personality Traits: Is very accepting of almost all races, horde or alliance. The exception being most humans. Negative Personality Traits: Misc. Quirks: Often forgets things. Has extreme mood swings, and moments of dementia. History: Scaramouche came from a relatively unimpressive family in Quel‘Thalas. Her father, in an attempt to curb his addiction to the sunwell and magic tried his hand at farming. He moved the family away from his addiction and took a small plot of land in what is now known as the ghostlands. During this time he discovered the bloodthistle plant, and learned that by cultivating this he was able to help sate his addiction. Scara grew up as a farmers daughter with little or no contact with the Elves of Quel‘Thalas and Silvermoon. Instead, she was privy to a life from one market to another, listening to her father bark and barter his various produce or wares acquired from his travels. Her father ran one of the largest caravans in the Eastern Kingdoms and was well respected by humans and many other races as well. He abhorred the use of violence and Scaramouche followed in his footsteps in that regard. Although he was a very well accomplished Warlock, he would only use force if absolutely necessary. He began to teach Scaramouche what he knew in the manner of healing, and helped strengthen that knowledge by educating her in the making and use of potions and elixirs. After her fathers retirement, then natural passing, Scara tried to make a home in Silvermoon to continue the healing training that her father had touched on with her. Even though her family had prospered under her fathers enterprises and a very good life was set out for them, she was unable to accept or tolerate the hierarchy and caste system that the denizens of Silvermoon operated under. She decided to leave the Elven lands and run the caravan again. She continued her fathers old routes in the eastern kingdoms (even created a few of her own) with the help of a young warlock she had met in Silvermoon. She rarely, if ever, made trips into Quel’Thalas or Silvermoon for trade, that type of work was left to her brother and his wife. Scara ran the caravan for about 15 years when she decided she had had enough. When the caravan had reached the southern tip of the eastern kingdoms she removed herself from the caravan and gave the reins of it to a dwarf named Maddon and his wife. She was in the one place where she felt comfortable again. The jungles of Stranglethorn Vale always held her interest. Perhaps it was the relationship she had created with the Zandalar tribe or the overall climate of the area just suited her. When she finally reached the small familiar outpost, she found them suffering under the weight of many obstacles. The humans were expanding, and disrupting many of the troll territories, and they were also experiencing many internal conflicts. She immediately got to work assisting the priests there, and under their tutelage began to excel. After the trolls had regained a semblance of uniformity, she was ready to move on. She had learned much of the Priestly arts from her stay there, as well as primitive remedies. She was able to create potions and elixirs from many of the native plants and herbs. Much more than what she had ever learned from her father. Shortly after she left the tribe, she headed to Ironforge to meet up with Maddon for a visit. While there she received a dictate from her brother (who had ingratiated himself into the High Elves) that her family was to support the humans in the upcoming battles against the Orc invasion, and offer her services in whatever capacity she could. Despite her loathing of war, Scaramouche, was now a member of the High Elf war contingency, supporting the newly formed "Alliance". Scara worked with this new Alliance in many ways. After working in the internment camps for a bit, she decided that didn't suit her and asked to be transfered to a more mobile unit. Her knowledge of herbs and Alchemy benefited the Alliance immensely, as well as her knowledge of the terrain. Her time spent with the caravan gave her experience tracing roads and routes that might not be obvious to a soldiers eye. Within 3 months of being in the mobile unit, it was obvious the commander and herself did not see eye to eye on many occasions. When the opportunity arose where she was able to extricate herself from this group she did so, and found her way back to the Trolls of Zandalar. About 20 years later she received another notice from her brother. This time it was the young prince Arthas that required the aid of the Elves. She knew this time it was different. She prepared herself, and then said goodbye to the only people she considered her family. She stepped into the portal provided by the messenger, and found herself at the gates of Stratholme. Arthas made a noble impression on Scara. She could see in him a young man who was burdened by the responsibility of defending his land and people. The cost of that, she knew, would be a part if not the whole of his soul. Perhaps a part of her own would be lost as well, when she willingly followed him into Stratholme. After the debacle at Stratholme, Scaramouche made her way to Revantusk village. Although not as friendly as the Zandalar she had in her possesion a small tablet given to her by the the Zandalar elders which allowed her safe travel and haven through all of Troll territories. The Revantusk were able to procure her a trip back to the Zandalar where she was able to convalesce under the supervision of the learned priests. When Scaramouche got word that the Elves of Quel'Thalas had broken with the Alliance, and that Arthas himself had destroyed her homeland, she made her way to Kalimdor. It was there that she decided to make a new home for herself and her ward. Tossing aside any of the pretensions that come with being a newly named Blood Elf, she embraced the unity of the various tribes of the Horde and considers herself only a member of the Horde. She currently spends her time in the arenas and assisting small bands of adventurers in their quest to bring down Arthas.
  7. <p><span>If your friend is interested, refer her to these two sites</span></p>

    <p><a href="http://www.underourskin.com" rel="external nofollow"></a></p>

    <p><span>Under our Skin (It has excerpts and showtimes for the documentary)</span></p>


    <p><a href="http://www.ilads.org" rel="external nofollow"><span>Ilads</span></a></p>

  8. <p>So basically, one of the reasons its more prevalent now is that because of the many ways it can be contracted, and due to the lack of information, thats its kind of just gone ape-shit in....getting caught? contracted? I mean 30 years ago living on the farm/country regions, I dont' think I even knew of 1 person who had gotten it. The fear was just pounded into everyones head that crazy precautions were taken. Much akin to the swine flu panic I suppose. Every old wives tale for keeping the buggies off had been used at least once or twice by everyone I knew. </p>

    <p>It is unfortunate that more information isn't out there in the world about it. I have a buddy who is the head of a non-profit community health center, I should she what she has to say about it, or if she can find out some info from some of the doctors she works with. </p>

    <p>Just seems like such a nasty little situation, that its not more in the forefront of health care. Especially since it does seem to actually be more common thant folks think.</p>

  9. <p><span>To answer your question, more directly, about Lyme. So basically it goes like this, Lyme has reached such proportions because you can get it from more than just ticks, it also masquerades behind many diagnosis (Vaal, myself and Svet all had some sort of neuro-muscular disease diagnosis that turned out to be Lyme). It is widespread because it is vector borne, meaning flies, fleas, mosquitos, ticks all carry it, there is even a theory that it can also be sexually transmitted. On top of this the Medical community (Esp the CDC) neither wants to admit nor help those who go all these years suffering the morbidities of late-stage, undiagnosed Lyme disease. There is a lot of money to be lost, because when you start finding a pathogen behind some of your main money marketing diseases... well, you do the math. </span></p>

    <p><span>Thank gods for ILADS.</span></p>

  10. <p>screen name foolio</p>

  11. <p>Gesundheit.</p>

    <p>What did that mean?</p>

  12. <p>Hey you, I finally got an AIM, what's your SN so's I can add you!</p>

  13. Alright then, I suppose im not as big a nub as I thought I was. I do use the AT like you had mentioned...situationally, and if Im desperate for mana. I am also curious about the effect it does have on the DK abilities.