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  1. Oh, I didn't think of that. "Hello rock." "Rock? This no be rock." Gorthus would say the other bit.
  2. "The Grim are going to kill you." "Peace through annihilation."
  3. Personally, I tried out rune tap, played with it for all of a day, got rid of it, because I rarely used it and felt it was just a waste. I never had downtime issues, I started out blood/frost and then switched over to frost/blood, switched back and forth a few times. When I needed some health, I just ran up on a solo mob and started doing deathstrikes. I never EVER felt like I had to stop and eat or bandage. The frost survival talents really offset a need for runetap, and I felt it was just more fun to play. All in all, I'd recommend trying out the different spec's for a day, and settling in on whatever feels THE MOST FUN above all else.
  4. There is no 'pinkskins suck ass' option. Edit: Not intended to be confrontational or anything, I'm just not intrigued to play as a human, dwarf or an elf. I hate gnomes to the extent that I will always try to kill one and I get confused and frustrated when I'm an alliance character because for some reason I cannot attack gnomes and it takes me a second to realize why. And those blueskins, those are just freaky.
  5. Kazthul

    High Noon

    Gorthus set foot across the marketplace. There were notes littered about as usual, no one paid any attention. Threats and other madness had been made upon such trash this way before, no actions had ever been carried out to prove the resolve of whomever had written them. The rumor mongers pondered if it was just some deranged commoner with delusions of grandeur. The butchers wrapped their meats in the worthless papers, tradesmen wiped their hands clean, smearing whatever mess they had created all over them, the children pulled the noticed down one after another folding them into paper hats or flying machines. It was good to see them like this again, after all that had transpired with the recent assault on Northrend most of them found few moments to run and play as they did now. The eyes of everyone in Orgrimmar spoke to anyone who dared to look into them. These people were unafraid, battle tested, survivors, and they would always be just that.
  6. I didn't really know Skafloc much, I'd seen him around plenty as I was running to wherever and I thought, I should stop and say hello, but I was busy doing whatever it was I was doing. Its only now, after that moment has come and gone a dozen or more times and never will again, that I realize how much we take for granted. Every moment of every day is precious and shouldn't be squandered on the mundane or trivial, but we're just too busy and oblivious to notice. It leaves a sadness in my heart.
  7. To each their own I guess, I have 5 orcs and only 1 blood elf and I didn't have a choice in that one.
  8. The staggering part is that on our server, there are almost more BE DKs than all the alliance races combined.
  9. <p>The best part about the dramatic, Braveheart-esque response in 'To the Grim" was staring at your avatar while reading it.</p>

  10. Gorthus tore a banner from the wall, stared at it with the piercing blue that were once his eyes and sneered. His hand reached to his side and found his horn, he drew it to his lips and unleashed all the death his lungs harbored. The booming howl of his horn disturbed the onlookers and drowned out the rumor mongers. The blast of his horn pounded through the streets of Orgrimmar again. The morning shopping ceased, there were no footsteps, no hammers of blacksmiths, no sound at all save the loud looming rumble. There were no eyes on banners or notices, for all eyes were now cast on the lone Death Knight and his horn. Gorthus held up the banner so all could see it and then he spoke. "I care not for your trust or redeeming myself to you, I have already stared death in the eye, lost, and await nothing more. We, the Grim, shall not turn among ourselves, we serve something more meaningful than anything you will ever fathom in your lives, perhaps your deaths will allow you to realize this. You can watch and wait, like cowards if you like, but I call you out now, today, tommorrow, forever. Bring out your pitchforks and torches with honor, and bring me the sweet taste of death that was stripped from my lips if you can, for this, what you wish to bring me, I would treasure for all eternity. Give me this and I shall bleed for you in this very street and you may dance upon it." The armored fist wads the parchment like trash and casts it upon the ground beneath his feet.
  11. As a vegas resident, I can assure you that it does not.... It is far too bright. Otherwise, excellent strip bar.
  12. Kazthul


    Yeah, I type in my password and it immediately states "Disconnected from Server" So my solution, go to the technical support forum and raise hell. Yeah, but I can't even get to the forums. So yeah, sweet. I want my 50 cents for not getting to play today. I reserved next tuesday through thursday as I probably won't get to play today days, this is my time.
  13. Kazthul


    ((I have to give this Kaz flair. Its only right.)) Kaz'Thul looks at a piece of parchment curiously. He glances at the goblin standing behind the counter and then back at the paper. He pulls it up towards his face, clearly not reading it whatsoever. "What you mean me fill?" he asks puzzled. The goblin sighs, obviously impatient with the orc. "I already told you. You need to fill out the form so that way we can let everybody know about how big and great you are." The orc smiles. "Me be.." He is cut off by the goblin. "Yeah, yeah.. You be Kaz, you be strong and shaman. Whooppeeee. Fill out the form already. Time is money friend." "Me no can do. You be do for me, Kaz will pay." "I got what you need." Replied the goblin. -- Full Name: "Me name Kaz'Thul." Nicknames: "No, me be Kaz. Me no be Nick." Date of Birth: "Me be born before." Age: "Me be.. me be no know." Race: "Me be orc." Gender: "Me be have male stuff." Hair: "Me be have red. It be up. Wild." Skin: "Me be green." Eyes: "Me be no can see me eye." "GREEN you idiot." "Ok, Green." Height: Kaz puts his hand on top of his head. "This." Weight: He pats his belly then holds his hands up high. Place of residence: "Kaz like shiny cave in Ungor, but me be have tent on top in Orgim." Place of Birth: "Village. Me be miss. No can go. Shadowman take us away." Known Relatives: "Zan'Grul. Dar'Khul. Me be miss." Religion/Philosophy: "Me be know spirit. Me shaman." Occupation: "Me skin. Make coat." Group/Guild affiliation: "Grim. Me just come from make new." Guild Rank: "Me be small as most can." Enemies: "Me be hate Ears, Beards, Littles and Hums." Likes: "Skin enemy. Make coat. Orphan only can wear Littles. Big Mage. Fool Warlock. Shadowman. Small panda bear. Chingaso. Dead pinkskin. Axe. Hammer. WOOD FRIEND!!!!!!" Favorite Foods: "Kaz like fish. Cake. Ells tell Kaz, Sko-lo is cake." Favorite Drinks: "Me have many drink. Kaz know which is like. Tavern." Favorite Colors: "Kaz like shiny." Weapons of Choice: The orc holds up an axe and a mace. "Fist good too." Dislikes: "Anyone who think Kaz fool. Kaz is no fool. Me no like enemy. Me no like orcs in Orgim who kick and spit Kaz when Kaz hurt. Me be want burn shop and home. That show. Me no want forget Uppy Shaman. You be know who you be. You be want keep smalls down. Me be big someday. You old. You die soon." Hobbies: "Skin enemy. Make coat. Fish. Ride boat in sky. Jump from stuff. Run like wolf. Fight. Drink. Eat. Watch busy stuff. Kaz like new thing. Chop stuff." Physical Features: "Me be have lot scar." Special Abilities: "Me shaman." Positive Personality Traits: "Uhh." ((Kaz can possess the innocence of a child at times. He is curious and good spirited and loyal to those whom he befriends and would fight for whom or what he believes in to the bitter end. He has a huge heart and means well even if things go amusingly wrong.)) Negative Personality Traits: "Me is what?" ((Kaz is not from the known world of Azeroth, but an island far away where he cannot return. His seeming stupid due to the fact that just about everything is wonderously new for him and he has a barely passable knowledge of the orcish language. As such, he can be emotionally unstable, brash and is prone to violent outbursts due to frustration. He is angered by some of his experiences in the new world and bares extreme distaste for those whom he believes have wronged him.)) Misc. Quirks: The orc appears distracted, staring off into the distance at something. ((Kaz can, will, and most certainly will be distracted when something interesting is said or when something catches his eye.)) Played by What Famous Person: ((Uhh.. No idea.)) Theme Songs: ((Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm Of The War Drums - A Perfect Circle)) History:The Fool
  14. Kaz make list of ten name. *Very crude writing on a scrap of what looks like elf skin* 1. Ears. 2. Deadears. 3. Kazhateearssosmashfacewithaxe. Die. 4. Pinkears. 5. Kazskinearsmakecoatfororphan. Die. 6. Chop. 7. Shinystuff. 8. Shi....ny...