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  1. Just wanted to note randomly, regarding the "amazing adhesive properties of cloth," that it's incredible what a well-fitting strapless clothes and a few properly done side seams along with interior dress structure can do with fit like that. That outfit could totally happen in real life. Just a totally random thought from the world of bridal consulting.
  2. If I had money, I'd so have you do a commission.... as it is, I will poke Ansha about it, as he is the one spending all my money on his gas to and from Indy. And I have a sneaking suspision that Ansha drawings prompted the need for more markers......
  3. I really don't know what I think of my husband being called "miss"........
  4. Ooooh, prettiness. I like that one.
  5. Mmmmm... Snow, and evergreens. : )
  6. Augh! Small, chubby Qarma-gnome? *runs in fear!*
  7. Awwww... Chibi Alec is sooooo cuuuute!
  8. Ice cream stealing voidwalker makes my day every time I see it! <3 Masquewraithe
  9. I love the shopping bag with the loaf of bread alongside weaponry! <3 Masque Chibis *pinches Ansha's cheeks*
  10. <p>I read your bio, silly!</p>

  11. <p>How did you figure this out madame?</p>

  12. <p>I just realized Qarma and Faelenor both grew up in Suncrown. Interesting!</p>

  13. I really like the snow and background on that last one, Al. So pretty! Also~ How much would you charge for a signature for the forums?
  14. Loves it! And loves the name! But poor Wraithe! Qarma would be so horrified if she found Masque doing this to the banshee! Wraithe is almost like a little sister/daughter/niece in Qarma's mind- she's a bit protective!