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  1. This came up recently with a few of my friends. We couldn't find an answer ourselves. How long has each warchief ruled, starting with Blackhand?
  2. Me too. I've used cooldown as a way to tell which rabbits I have bred. Ie: "That buck can't be used today, he is on cooldown from yesterday."
  3. Warrior hands down everytime. There just something about charging in with a huge two-handed weapon that never gets old.
  4. Congratulations. It was a great story.
  5. Last day for voting guys. Good luck to all!
  6. Kerchak: My favorite book happens to be Tarzan of the Apes. Since Tarzan happens to be a famous name, Blizzard disabled it as a name. However, Kerchak is named after the bull or king of Tarzan's tribe. Before Tarzan takes over of course. And since Cairne Bloodhoof was my favorite character from Warcraft III it was only natural to use that surname. Brinks: Was created as a guild bank before they were added into the game. Everyone I knew had names like Posbank, Ibedabank, and the like. I decided to go with an armored car company. Finding a shamanic surname was harder. Since a lot of players
  7. Nodding her agreement for company through the thick, wild and often dangerous jungle, Zarja swallowed her mouthful of food. “Ya, dat’s a good idea. Da jungle be a rough palce ta be alone. We gonna wait for da weather da clear up a li’l afore going. An mi goin’ need a new weapon. Dis dagger is ok, but could use somthin’ with more reach,” Zarja said. “Mi used ta know a goblin around here dat built good weapons at reasonable prices, if he still lives. An mi only need a li’l of da bloodvine, so any extra we get, joo can keep.” She continued. Returning to the food, Zarja ate in silence.
  8. Maybe I should have said that it's releasing onto DVD and Blueray. I saw it the day after it was in theater. Plus I got two free accounts, which was cool. My Mom, her High school friend, and my cuz all enjoyed it. And none of them have any background in gaming or much less Warcraft. I think that says something about the film in itself.
  9. ((Nice work, and funny. Most of my alts know each other, in fact my oldest character was married to an alt. Sometimes I wonder if I might have a split personality. My meeting would go something like this:)) Thunderbluff outside the bank near the mailbox. Zarja: “Oh hey Kerchak nice meetin’ joo here. How it be goin’?” Kerchak: “Its good.” Zarja: “Dat’s it. All joo got?” Kerchak: “Well … ok maybe it isn’t good. My class has changed so much since I started adventuring. Between figuring out all the changes and trying to build up engineering to get the motorcycle for you
  10. Well thank you. In other news the movie is great. I was truly worried about it as we all know that movies based on games are usually bad. However I didn't play Ors & Humans, so I can't say how close the storyline is. It's releasing September 27th, stateside, for those of you who missed it in theater.
  11. Two male trolls stand within the ring of the Gurubashi arena. The first one is of average build with flame red hair. He stands with his axe gripped in his left hand. Two thin trails of blood run down that arm to pool at his knuckles before dropping to the sand covered floor. The cuts, one on the forearm and the other on the bicep, are deep. His left eyelid flickers as the blood from a cut above drips into it. One finger of the right hand points out perpendicular to the other, clearly broken. The second troll is no better. He wears his black hair back gathered in a large ponytail th
  12. (( Written, but not typed yet. Found it in a pad I misplaced.))
  13. (( place holder. Not written yet. ))
  14. A lone troll stands in the center of the gurubashi arena. Hundreds of fellow trolls sit in the stands watching as a larger troll enters the circle before them. This new comer begins to circle the first troll. As Ner’ja stood there with sword and shield at his side, he looks up into the crowd searching. Unable to locate his wife of daughter, his eyes return the ring. Dropping to one knee he mutters a pray to his Loa. As the warrior is kneeling, the larger troll sees an opening and charges forward. Seeing this movement out of the corner of his eye, Ner’ja leaps into action. Bring his sh