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  1. Let me make it clear, we are yet to make this guild, but we are looking foor intested people Children of the Great Makers Alliance guild We are the Children of the Great Makers, the first beings to enter the universe who created the titans and warped the nether, we will follow them to purity, power, and paradise. Charter Holder: Joshypoo * How large/active is the guild? Yet to be formed, it's up to all of you. * Is RP required? Heavy RP only. * Do you have a level restriction? Only that we do not take Draenei. * Do you have a guild website? Not yet. * What is the backstory for the guild (if any)? Im going to make a post below with the Lore. * Is there an initiation process before you are tagged? All we intent to do is have Joshypoo RP with you, yes bhis name is silly, in character he is Josh. * What would you say is the average level of the guild? We are both level 70 paladins. * How would you classify the guild in RP terms? Chaotic Nuetral *That night at the inn, something that almost felt like a presence shook you from sleep all night, not like being watched, but similar to the feeling of being around a Naaru, with a dash of the haunting of a shade. Finally in frustration you grip the edge of the bed and surge yourself to a sitting position, not knowing how hard you jerked things. The bed slams against the wall behind it, and a book falls from a place hidden to your eyes, but you hear it’s thump. Reaching out across the floor you feel up it’s spine and grasp the book and bring it to yourself. Using your choice of illumination whether it be flames from your fingers or a gnomish lighter, you see the tome in the dim light, it reaches to the size of a training mages spell book, though thinner then one, it still stands a thick spine, as you open the brown leather front a small note slips. You grab the slip before it flies away, on it is just the word “Josh’s”* Part One-Creation Part Two -The Titans Part Three - The Rebellion Part Four - Aftermath Part Five - Renewal Part One. The universe was created by one being, it was the Being, it shot forth all the energy and matter and gave birth to two things to form the universe, the Great Makers, and the Twisting Nether. The Great Makers were to be as the name said, Makers, and the Nether was made to be the source of all energy for the Great Makers. The Great Makers set about, seeing themselves into colonies onto the planets they deemed worthy, but the Great Makers were incapable of the manipulation they wanted, beings as the form they chose. For reasons hidden as part of the Great Makers model, they took the shape of tiny octopus like creatures with one eye and a webbed claw hiding a small beak. Part Two. So the Great Makers drew upon the Nether to create minions, they named the creations the titans, and set them forth to shape the worlds to their accord, and they all did so, for untold or imaginable years the titans shaped the universe to their masters specifications, but one day they decided, let us, create our own things, being beasts of pure Nether, they could create, like the Great Makers. On one world they made their own life form, different from the stationary unthinking life the Great Makers made before it, this small life form, was an animal, it was named Eredar, and the world they populated, Argus. The titans continued this blasphemy unknowns to the Great Makers, making other races like the Nathrezim, Naaru , and Sayaad, countless others, after much time, the Great Makers lost sight of their children, thought them perished, and made new things to labor for them that would never die, more experienced the Great Makers used the nether not to create, but to form, and formed the Elementals, and had them shape worlds they were put on. The titans too forgot of their masters, and thought themselves independent races, and walked world to world, until they came to the world of Azeroth, the first Great Maker world since the separation. They landed in a ship and took the first step onto the world, instantly the titan who step foot was engulfed and locked beneath the dirt for reasons unknown to his companions, who quickly drew back from Azeroth to an observation distance, waiting for a response. And a Great Maker appeared in the vessel of the Titans, with the captive titan, who turned out to be a rather young titan named Sargeras. The Great Makers name was Eaboulah, part of the Feilou of the Great Makers, who he taught them were their old masters, and were one and many. And explained the hostile acts of the elementals, the talk of old gods was not but Eaboulah. Over the process, the titans rejoined the ranks of the Great Makers, who were rejoiced to have their original children about, until they saw the many creations of them. Immediately the Great Makers demanded the creatures sent back to the Nether, the shocked Titans, did as told, but under some reflection, at the moment of the time of dismantlement, one titan spoke up. Part Three Sargeras spoke to his fellow titans “Why destroy them? When we can hide them! The Great Makers may have made us, but we can stoop them! They can not order us.” They did so, hiding all the races in the Nether, and returned to the Great Makers, demanding independence. The Great Makers held a counsel over the demand, and told the titans they too needed dismantlement, they were not perfect as they should be. Sargeras outraged ordered the creations of monsters to war on the Great makers! And henceforth the titans made the Earthen, Trolls, and Whales to war on the land of the Great Makers, the great makers seeing the elementals fall, being but workers and not warriors, felt they had no choice, a perfect life had to be made, they rose the Goliaths. The Goliaths, giant amphibious lizards, slaughtered the creations of the titans, and warred on the titans themselves. The titans knew if they did not act quickly, they would be done, and made the greatest beasts they could, Dragons, and the Dragons surged forth, slaughtering Goliath, the battle turned aginst the great makers, who made a new life form to battle these dragons, they summoned forth the birds, who warred on the dragons, and the war came to a stalemate, and at this time, the Goliaths emerged again, and slew all but a few of the titans, who turned to run, but Sargeras, stayed for a moment, took his fiery sword, and threw it to the center of azeroth, leaking the power of the Nether to corrupt the world. Azeroth stood a stalemate between the dragons and Great Makers though, the dragons ruled the land., and over time the races settled, peace was there, ultimately, the titans were gone, and Great makers began slow remaking of the races. Then Sargeras’s enchant came to, a small well of water formed over the canyon he made, and it turned black, a group fo trolls came across it, and they fell into it, coming out doused in the taint of the nether, changed, and they stayed, loving it, The great makers never saw of the elven taint until almost too late, they sent forth there most cherished shaped creature, Cenarius, to instruct them of nature. But it was too late, the firstborn of the titans walked onto Azeroth, the demon, and began warping the elves further, the demons would have overwhelmed the world, but in a final climactic battle, the Great Makers used all the energy they had to seal the canyon, splitting Azeroth in two. Part Four Azeroth was in two, many things that sunk to the ocean floor were shaped with what little energy the Great Makers had into things like Fish, Naga, and Murlocs. The Earthen fell into a deep sleep with the shattering of their makers taint of the world, And the Highborne exiled to a different land. Again the Great Makers reached out, and helped cure the taint of the highborne, turning them to better things, Humans, and turning the Earthen to Dwarves, the Night elves became druids in the wake, but the Great Makers were weakened by all they had done, they ordered a group of mages with Twisting Nether Energy to help guard the world, the Great Makers needed to rest. Seeing this Sargeras launched assault after assault, but was driven back by these guardians of Azeroth, but his final plan came about, he let himself be defeated by the most arrogant of these guardians, letting himself join into her, and corrupted, her child. Even this was not the end of his treachery, he led the lies the titans were the creators, that the elementals old gods were fiction, and he possessed the child Medivh, and had him bring forth the Orcs to destroy Azeroth, but the races united, and sent the orcs back, and enslaved them! After a time, the orcs broke free of the taint of the demons, and settled in a land far from the alliance. But already even more treachery, a plague of undead set about to kill of the alliance, turning the humans greatest champion on them. The scourge, rebelled against the legion, and claimed themselves independent to corrupt Azeroth. One final plan temped Sargeras He send forth a group of Eredar, and guised them with a false history of the Eredar and Argus, and the Naaru being the true divinity that gave the races their magic. When the titan ship was close to Azeroth, it woke Eaboulah, who saw this as a problem the mortal races could not face, he used the nether to tear the ship apart before it hit Azeroth, but still it hit, and some Eredar survived. Part 5 The Great Makers watched as the Eredar spread their lies, became befriended by the alliance, and tricked them to launch suicide attacks off world in Outland, The great makers searched for a way to communicate to the mortal races, when on the eve of the battle that killed off over half the titans, two paladins, a Master and Student, were in outland, the master was unsure of the Naaru for a long time, and when he slept back in Azeroth, a dream was sent to him, he and his student were sent to a tower in the sea, and there they were given this book, being shaken to find even this chapter. Follow the path of the Great Makers my children, I am Eaboulah.